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  1. festus

    GCA at Greenback

    rivalry thursday.....&^#@!>??/
  2. festus

    Battle of the Bridge; AC vs Clinton

    Yah, more than one of us old codgers wanna know?
  3. festus

    Battle of the Bridge; AC vs Clinton

    Yip, there's a video, that is if you want to wait till the 20 second commercials are over. https://www.wate.com/sports/altercation-between-anderson-co-clinton-football-coaches-results-in-suspensions/1434270779
  4. festus

    Greenback at Oliver Springs

    Olivers might stay within 10 to 14 points of Grainbeck in the first half but the Cherokeys bust it open in the 3rd quater.
  5. festus

    Hixon Host Anderson County

    AC 54 Hickson 6
  6. festus

    AC or Greeneville

    Greneville's a good 3 tushdowns better than AC.
  7. festus

    Wartburg @ Oneida

    Onieda 52 Wattbird 6
  8. festus

    Greenback at Sunbright

    I perdict Grainbeck 73 Sunbrite 6.
  9. festus

    Kingston vs Oliver Springs

    Kinkston by 17 they,ll be riled up because they blowed the Hairmann game.
  10. festus

    CAK vs Greenback

    Cack dont have a chanch. Grainbeck by 30.
  11. festus

    Anderson County host Carter

    andresen county by 4 or 3 tushdowns.
  12. Grainbeck by 4 or 3 toutchdowns.
  13. festus

    Coalfield @ Wartburg

    I think somewheres between Lexington Kanetucky and Chattanoogie.
  14. Grainbeck beets Cornorsvills by at leased 30.