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  1. coafiield 12 wattbird 0 at hafftime.
  2. coalfied 44 wattbird 12 i hope they ain,t nary litghtning delays or this game mite go to midnite.
  3. kinkston 34 hairmann 12 hope it don,t storm cause them there litning delays make us old folkes stay ups to late.
  4. thanks dragonwagon. somebody fibbed and told me white county beet us.
  5. they is a hardey,s over acrossed the street from wattbird high schoole to but i don,t advice eating theyre. as in the passed, i thimk coafield will walk all over wattbird, won,t even be close even withouts mckiney.
  6. cain,t realy tell from scrimmaches and jammborees, but from what i heared, i don,t thank climton can beet ac. sumbody posted on the other borde last nite that climton tied olver sprinks in the jammboree. they never sayed how we did again white cownty, but ima taken it that white cownty beet us pertty good. i knowed that greenbeck whooped us pertty good in the scrimmach last week. shoodn't hapen aginst single A teames.
  7. anybody got results from the quater played tonite betwene clinton and o.s in that jammboree.
  8. annybody know if oatdale is still sponsering a jammboree and who's teames is playin?
  9. Greneville will win it all aginn this yaer them dern yahoos down in Andersun Cownty done a sayin' theys gunna beet Greneville this yaer in the playofs HAWGWARSH.
  10. AC will probly win all reglar seasen games an make a run in the playofs till they plays greneville then they get beet by at leaste 5 tushdowns.
  11. i heared coalfeild beet monerey 38 to 12 in scrimmach dose anyboddy know thats the trooth?
  12. rivalry thursday.....&^#@!>??/
  13. Yah, more than one of us old codgers wanna know?
  14. Yip, there's a video, that is if you want to wait till the 20 second commercials are over. https://www.wate.com/sports/altercation-between-anderson-co-clinton-football-coaches-results-in-suspensions/1434270779
  15. Olivers might stay within 10 to 14 points of Grainbeck in the first half but the Cherokeys bust it open in the 3rd quater.
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