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Everything posted by BigSneaky

  1. BigSneaky

    Whitehaven vs. Smyrna

    Neely's, Corky's and Rendezvous are for tourists. I would suggest Cozy Corner, Payne's, Tom's, G-town Commissary and Central BBQ. As for the football, I think Smyrna wins by a point or two.
  2. BigSneaky

    South Panola @ MUS

    Can the Owls repeat last years upset victory over the Tigers of Batesville? The tape I've seen of both makes it seem unlikely, but I think MUS can make it a game if they execute in typical fashion and catch a few breaks.
  3. BigSneaky

    South Panola @ MUS

    Tough night for the Owls, but I'm sure they will regroup and get better as the season progresses.
  4. BigSneaky

    Week 1 Games in Memphis

    10 for 10 this week. The Melrose score was a shocker though.
  5. BigSneaky

    Maryville and Alcoa playing now

    TD Alcoa.
  6. BigSneaky

    Maryville and Alcoa playing now

    4th down and 5 yards to go for Alcoa, 2 minutes to go, play of the game.
  7. BigSneaky

    Maryville and Alcoa playing now

    Maryville 31 Alcoa 28 with under 4 minutes in the game.
  8. BigSneaky

    Maryville and Alcoa playing now

    Please tell us this superior team you support.
  9. BigSneaky

    Maryville and Alcoa playing now

    Great game, big plays all over the field.
  10. BigSneaky

    Maryville and Alcoa playing now

    Good game thus far, but that last drive smelled a little of home cooking.
  11. BigSneaky

    Week 1 Games in Memphis

    Arlington vs Frayser Bartlett vs Brighton CBHS vs GTown Houston vs Bolton Ridgeway vs White Station Whitehaven vs Fairley 28+ Central vs Collierville Melrose vs Madison Central 35+ Brentwood Academy vs Southwind 28+ MUS vs Kingsbury 35+
  12. BigSneaky

    most wins in TN HS football history...

    Speaking of all time wins, it looks as if Ken Netherland(St. Georges) will pass Carlton Flatt(Brentwood Academy) in coaching wins at some point this season. Last weeks win gives coach Netherland 350 victories, coach Flatt has the Tennessee record with 354.
  13. BigSneaky

    Who will beat BA next year?

    So are you saying that the Brentwood Academy Eagles would quit trying to win a game if the other team pulled its starters?
  14. BigSneaky

    Who will beat BA next year?

    Hopefully that was a clumsy attempt at being facetious.
  15. BigSneaky

    Maryville Lineman Transferring to MUS

    Not sure if he started, but he did get in some meaningful snaps for the Owls today.
  16. BigSneaky

    Millington vs MUS week Zero

    MUS 28 - 7 Millington FINAL
  17. BigSneaky

    Millington vs MUS week Zero

    MUS up 21 - 0 at the half.
  18. BigSneaky

    Millington vs MUS week Zero

    MUS up 14 - 0 end of the first. The Owls putting on a spread offense clinic. Watch online. My link
  19. BigSneaky

    Big Games in Memphis

    Fiday, August 20, 2010: Melrose @ CBHS Bartlett @ Bolton Craigmont @ Kirby Southwind @ Lake Coromont Saturday, August 21, 2010: White Station @ Briarcrest Millington vs MUS @ CBHS
  20. BigSneaky

    Memphis Dandy Dozen

    Does anyone have the Melrose vs Olive Branch score?
  21. BigSneaky

    Congrats to the MUS Owls Ranked 9'th in the Country!!!

    It's a big secret. Only thing is, everyone in the country knows except you. Hmmmm... guess not, but what I do know is MUS and Alcoa both went 15-0 and both won state. What I dont know is how you can claim to be the best in the state when you didnt play either of the perennial powers in Tennessee, the F5 and maryville. Everybody knows that west tn is the weakest of the 3 sections of the state. it took maryville like 3 undefeated years in a row to crack the top 25 and Alcoa 6 championships in a row to get in top 50. the rankings always favor the privale schools. just something we have to deal with i guess. MUS is ranked higher in the national polls because they beat South Panola, Olive Branch and the White Station team that ran all over Maryville. I say MUS is the better team because I have watched both teams play this season, and believe the Owls have a far more effective scheme, and execute with greater efficiency in all phases of the game.
  22. BigSneaky

    Who will be the next QB in Div II AA....

    When Johnson heads to camps this summer his stock should rise considerably, looks similar to Tyler Bray. Some Highlights
  23. BigSneaky

    Highlights from MBA vs MUS

    I think he might have taken a "Coach"ing position.
  24. BigSneaky

    What's the future of D2 Football?

    MUS has won 4 out of the last 6 championships, I would say they are there. The Owls lost 10 of 11 defensive starters last year and still IMO, had the best defense in Div II. MUS played half the year without McBride(beating Olive Branch and South Panola) and beat 6A champion White Station without Barry Brunetti. I doubt another undefeated season will happen with SP on the schedule, but I don't see the Owls dropping off by a huge margin.
  25. BigSneaky

    Congrats to the MUS Owls Ranked 9'th in the Country!!!

    MUS rankings for the end of year: USAToday - 20 R-I-V-A-L-S - 6 PrepNation - 10 M-A-Xpreps - 7 ESPN - 19 C-A-LPreps Compilation Poll - 5