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  1. I guess taking a knee like most teams do was too much work, than a QB dancing around showing up an opponent which led to the push from BA......... always remember the play before...............the actual events. take a knee and this thread doesn't exist, game over....
  2. When Metro went to Comprehensive schools, it killed the neighborhood rivalries and small knit communities. Now the schools are a bunch of failing, disfunctional academic institutions that is more of a circus or zoo than school. Couldn't agree more. I agree 100% w/that. McGavock's zone goes from Lafayette street right by downtown to the county line/wilson county. Another issue with metro........school board and higher up decision making always adversely affects sports..............no thought put into how their decisions affect sports.... Most recently not allowing 5th and 6th graders play middle school sports at metro middle schools. All county and privates have 7th grade and 8th grade teams on top of 5th/6th grade teams.............. it is a LONG list of scenarious of whats wrong w/Metro school sports...... I was told the Hunters Lane principal wanted to know why the boys team needed more than 2 basketballs.........varsity......non sports minded principals don't help either....
  3. Most people on the outside realize the unique dynamics of a metro job and leave if they take a metro job. It is the reason so many Metro principals hire metro. If you have been in Metro you understand what you are getting yourself into. I went to WC fro 86-90. Hiring from Outside does not guarantee success. Yes Scott Blade won at Hillsboro, but he got the heck out of dodge. Metro's talent comes and goes in cycles, there is NO or very little parental support. These kids don't give a crap if Coach K/Phil Jackson is coaching. The streets are where they are. When I went to WC people played to avoid the streets. Now People avoid sports like the plague. When Law was at WC his team went to the Final Four in Football, but yet they had to wait on their best player before they left for Greeneville. He was busy doing non football related recreation. For those on the outside talking about hiring. It is much more than hiring. WC has gone through several football coaches since Coure stepped down, the one plus he stayed on as an asst. There are bigger problems at WC than hiring on the outside. As bigchief said the last 2 freshman bball teams were awful/good kids though. But good kids don't win you games. They haven't had Freshman football in 2 yrs. Most outside guys county/private are used to great boosters and support from the community. Good luck w/that at WC..... The most important part of Larks resume is he is in the bldg and KNOWS what to expect. That is why they hire metro........in my opinion.....
  4. 2 good 9th grade coached teams square off. should be a good one. with Spears being the previous east 9th grade coach...
  5. I saw East and PC play they are pretty good. Creek is awful. I heard Hillwood was decent. Middle school should be John Early and SCraighead
  6. Good info. 97 points in a 9th grade game. geeeeesh. cane ridge must be loaded.
  7. A little bit about the game. From what I have read we will lose the game on FG kicking alone. We HAVE NO kicker!! We will go for TWO every time!! As far as the roster #1, #2, and #3 are the big play threats. #2 is pretty special if he gets in the open field he will probably score. Overall WC is nothing you haven't seen already in Red Bank or Brainerd for that matter. Each game is separate. Hopefully Greeneville has an off day. Lots of turnovers and comes out flat.
  8. Hello all Greeneville fans! It is a pleasure to get on here and converse with the group. I won't get on here and trash talk because I think it is a great accomplishment for both teams to get this far. I'll clear up some of the conversation that has been shared so far. Yes WC's band is probably similar to Brainerd so you might want to cover the grandkids eyes. WC is a very Jekyl and Hyde team? Coming off thxgiving and no school for two days is not good for us. I'm not making excuses, it is what it is. IF we win, we win. IF we lose, we lose. From what I can gather Greeneville is an outstanding team. The fans on the board have been great unlike the one Red Bank fan who has trashed all teams that have more than one loss. All that matters is who wins the last game.................. After my Cobras got humbled in basketball 3 yrs ago by Maryville, I will NEVER underestimate an East TN team in any sport. BTW, the cornerback you are referring to is Jamie Graham, who is playing at Vandy right now and won't be able to help us. A few notable alumni from WC are Shelton Quarles he played on the Tampa Bay Bucs Superbowl Team. Jeff Powell 1986 UT sugar bowl Team. Frank Omiyale (TN Tech) Chicago Bears. Good Luck to both teams. I won't be able to make the trip to Greeneville. So I'll be keeping an eye on the message boards for updates.
  9. Hunters Lane will be able to hold all the fans. It should be a great atmosphere. Maplewood also has the advantage of actually having a FG kicker.............. Yes the mud affected both teams but Maplewood played smarter, and played field position. WC thought they could throw in the MUD.
  10. Creek wins 27-13. Too much #2 Clifford Jetton and #3 Squeaky Barnes!!!
  11. Yeah Boski, I am several weeks behind on the trash talking. I logged on yesterday for the first time in forever. I saw the LA and WH threads, wasn't much worth adding yesterday. But I'm back in time to counter attack the great Boski. No Mud this time Creek wins!!! Either way I will root for the winner to win the STATE!!
  12. Creek wins 27-13. Maplewood falls behind and is forced to throw..............which they can't do!! Unless WC comes out throwing everydown like they have T. Brady or P. Manning at QB and throw pick 6's.............then Maplewood wins 13-6.............. OF course I'm going with the COBRAS!!!!!
  13. Sewell does a great job at HL. His teams play hard and within his system. Good luck to Franklin at Beech. Should be a good game.
  14. Kegarise has played very few minutes at Oak Hill..........last i checked around a month ago.
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