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  1. I think Cane Ridge/Ravenwood will be a closer game than the previous game just because of field conditions. Cane Ridge's offense is not built for the rain that they played in a couple of months ago.
  2. Would be a homerun hire but I don't see him leaving the boro. Jameson is set to be QB1 at Riverdale next season.
  3. Actually the cost of upkeep for grass fields is between 20-30k a year with the cost of chemicals, gas and mower upkeep, and paying someone do the job. Not to mention the cost and time for painting the field. The majority of the initial cost of turf is the bae layer. Most turf fields have a 10-12 year replacement life and all that has to be replaced is the actual turf which is less than half of the initial cost. Once you save the money that you would put into upkeep of natural grass and money made for other uses for the turf the replacement cost is offset. Plus you never have to worry about poor field conditions for weather and late in the season.
  4. That would be a heck of a matchup between 2 storied programs.
  5. I don’t know who got an interview but I do know a couple of really good former metro head coaches that didn’t get interviews
  6. I like the play on words there. Lol
  7. Most metro middle schools have their own field.
  8. It’s amazing they have to ask for permission to raise funding. SMH
  9. Not sure anyone in this area knows anything about him. According to the DNJ article he's not a wing-t guy, more I-formation or spread.
  10. He would be a good choice but I doubt he wants to come out of retirement to do so.
  11. I believe the only ones that will get a zone exemption are those that will be seniors.
  12. Not just "he say, she say". I've seen the text messages with my own two eyes on the phones of kids that choose not to listen to the hype. Kids do have the right to choose for themselves. You say the program sells itself but it really doesn't to those that aren't zoned there that's why your coaches do what they do.
  13. Doesn't need to be the head of any program
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