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  1. my worry is this. if scooter & carson don't play, what will the secondary look like? i think they can survive on offense however. in my opinion, we should leave pewitt at fs; put shiverdecker at db, and let brown stay with lamon. brown has good speed and has a nice vertical jump. did you see his two ints, especially the last one. man, they were sweet. as for the outside linebacker, we should start hoover and allow clabo to rotate. as for the depth in the secondary, we can't afford to take out brown for one series. if we do, lamon will burn us. however, we can use acuff to give relief to shiverdecker and pewitt. brown will just have to turn up his stamia. on offense, when can use shiverdecker, huskey, & houseal. in this game, meadows needs to let jennings have more rest on offense; houseal will do just fine in giving him a break. as crazy as this sounds, jennings should not touch the ball no more than 10-12 times on offense. he will need to give his best effort in his entire highs school career. shiverdecker and huskey can share equal playing time. bubble and slip screens to houseal and huskey will work well. in short, if houston & carson are suspended, jennings, brown, vickers, & reliford will have to have a great game for jeff to win. with houston & carson, jeff 41-14. without them DB wins 24-21. however, if the four players on defense that i mentioned have a great game, jeff wins 21-10.
  2. good. i love attention. what more info do you need skinny. i have gave much and you gave nothing. where is your courage? i don't fear anything or anyone.
  3. 2224 apt. 2 west 'g' elizabethton, tn. 37643 or po box 20533 etsu or email: [email protected] go to etsu.edu and look under find people (benny hance). i don't fear anything. enough said.
  4. now that's the spirit. good job.
  5. if scooter plays, how much money do you want to put on it? i'll take jeff for a $100.
  6. dude, i'm waiting for that day. i want it more than anything, i mean anything, especiall a DB or west fan.
  7. bud, just a couple of days ago you said jeff should be the favorite, by 3. what's the change? oh, skunk, whose sons play at DB, believes jeff will win. doesn't sound like all DB fans are as confident as you are. if DB wins, it wont be by no more than 7. scooter & jennings remember how they beat the heck out of DB when they were freshman (30-0). they are hungry to do this again as seniors. freshman games really don't mean squat most of the time. but they can if the players stay together and get better with each year. jeff is going to win.
  8. well, the experts don't agree with you. i think they know more about football than the both of us together. are you telling me that DB has better rbs than jeff?
  9. that's pretty freaking good against one of the best defenses in the state. oh, how many yards did the trojans have?
  10. honestly, it's all trash talk, nothing more, nothing less. anyways, i think west has an awesome defense. that's not only from me. most all of the coaches in east tn aggree that west has the best defense, and were able to run the ball effectively on them and threw the ball well too when it was necessary. our defense is getting better with each game. i don't believe DB can score more than 28 on us. however, if we don't have our big playmaker (scooter) then i don't see us scoring more than 21. we might still win without scooter, but if we do we will have to put a lot of pressure on DB's qb.
  11. i am so tired of you calling me names and questioning my intelligence. for your information i have a bsss in mass communications. also, i'm currently working on my ma in public relations. my gpa in graduate school thus far is 3.5. enough said.
  12. see, you don't like me to challenge you, but you still like to resort to calling me names. you are so mature--real mature. having said that, why do you think DB is superior to jeff? i mean jeff defeats a team that's defense is a whole lot better than your's. they have over 200 yds rushing and about 75 passing. anyways, if scooter & carson plays jeff 41 DB 14; if they don't play DB 24 jeff 21. oh, be on the vistor side; i will make my name known, and then we shall see how tough you are.
  13. rebelron, have you forgotten that meadows son who was only 14 was dying of cancer and died before the season was over. you should really be proud of yourself.
  14. mr utt, why was you so quick to leave the tribune?
  15. like i said, you will soon find out. just keep laughing; enjoy while you can.
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