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  1. This is the best we have competed against Maryville in a scrimmage in a good long time. I thought both teams got in a lot of good work from freshman to varsity. Maryville's starting D is as good as advertised. Rebel running game is very very good. Will be interesting to see if they can stretch the field, but they may not have to with the 2 running backs. We are way ahead of things offensively from last year. Our QBs missed some throws that they made against Fulton. Pass protection was solid. Running game was ok, but against Maryville's D, I thought they hung in there. Penalties need to get cleaned up over the next 2 weeks. Wildcat fans should be pleased with tonight and I hope it is something we continue to build on. Good luck to Maryville on their season and thanks to both coaching staffs for organizing a great scrimmate.
  2. So far, much improved from last year. Still not much depth though.
  3. Pray you and the wife are holding out well. Monitor that O2 and don't be shy about going to the hospital. Going early saved my life.
  4. A big Wildcat welcome home to our next assistant coach Angela Phillips-Wright. Coach Taylor has built a strong staff. Looking forward to next season.
  5. Having been at every Spring scrimmage/showcase(?) for the past decade, let me say it is very typical for an Oak Ridge scrimmage. Which in other words, pretty meh. My understanding is between Track and Baseball that we have about 20 not practicing football. We were missing a lot of production in terms of points and tackles. Remember, everything is new: both on offense and defense. That said, I thought offensively we were ok, but still major problems on the o-line. We are very good at RB and WR. Defensively, we were more aggressive in our pass coverage and flowing to the ball. Again, with new systems being installed, it's way too early to make any judgements as to how well we are going to run them. I'm with Oridgecat, but with the DLine as well. We have a long way to go to get our linemen to be competitive with the top teams in our classification.
  6. Honestly, if they stay, great. If they leave, we wish the young man the best. Gotta play who wants to be here and who puts in the work and buys into the system.
  7. I can understand the hesitancy, but the students picked one of the best illustrations of the absurdities of Jim Crow laws in this country. Again, the subject of the project was "Things that happened in the 60s." I thought the students chose well.
  8. To clarify Willie, the lesson was not on Segregation per se, but on the 60s in general. The students chose segregation as something that happened in the 60s that they considered important.
  9. Got the story. Class history project about things that happened in the 60s and a group of students chose segregation. They illustrated segregation by labeling 2 water fountains. A picture was taken by another student and posted on Snapchat with no context which created some controversy which was immediately dealt with by the administration. Anything to add YB?
  10. Just announced Kevin Day (Strength and Conditioning) and Rusty Partin (OLB) have joined the staff. Glad to have both men aboard.
  11. So..... a former Vol/NFL player as D coordinator isn't going to cut it? Are you making your stand there? With any changes to any program, there will be some turnover. It happens. Also, everything is new, offense and defense. I expect a slow start to next season and finishing stronger. But, I like what I see out of this staff so far.
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