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  1. A couple of comments and I will be done. First, it is the coaches, not the players, who determine the who, what, and where of positions on the field. Now, if a coach were wanting a player to change positions, I would hope that a real conversation took place about said change. Second, after watching the Wildcats for the past 17 seasons, I can tell you that there are always adjustments (big ones at that) made after the scrimmages. I would guess that would be the same this year. Last year's graduation hit the skill position pretty hard and they have not yet been filled. Our success in the early part of the season will depend on who fills those positions. It sounds to me like a great opportunity for some younger guys to step up.
  2. From my point of view, he was moved so that he and Jackson would be on the field at the same time. He has the best hands of the RB group. Only 1 DB has any experience and his brother was not able to stay on the team. Btw, you also have 1 returning starter at LB. A lot of inexperience there to work out. They have 2 weeks to do it, but I think they will be alright.
  3. Players playing wrong positions? Do tell.
  4. Almost all of them. Only 2 receivers that played last year, played tonight.
  5. Yikes, Obviously a long way to go, I'm glad I wasn't there. Quitting is unacceptable even if you are overmatched. I hope that was not the case.
  6. Sadly, I will miss the first hour of the scrimmage. My expectations are pretty modest given the matchup problems we have with Maryville (ie. passing game). I hope we come out with the same fire that we did with William Blount and compete at all levels of the lineup. Praying that both teams stay healthy tonight.
  7. Cole Adams, Jacob’s younger brother.
  8. Sheesh, I’m just getting home. The scrimmage was 42-21 Oak Ridge. Most of the scrimmage was dominated by both defenses. William Blount’s defense played pretty solid most of the night. We had some trouble getting started early but was able to move the ball after the 3rd series on. I thought all the Governors QBs has a good night. Gibbons started a little slow, but I thought once he got warmed up, he was effective. Jackson and Rowe ran the ball great. Isaiah Johnson did well at both receiver and corner. My takeaways: i thought we played with a lot of enthusiasm and effort. Some of our younger linemen held up very well. The secondary is young and needs to grow up in a hurry. The front seven is very stout. William Blount can be good, but must be more consistent on offense and defend the edges better on defense.
  9. BTW Wildcat fans, former Oak Ridge lineman Alex Stuart has joined the coaching staff, working with the offensive line. Good to have Alex back!
  10. I'm looking forward to the this year's version of our Wildcats. There are still several positions that are up for grabs, especially on defense. So, you should see a lot of guys getting reps. I think the Wildcat nation is going to be very pleased with the running of Kendall Jackson. Look for the increased use to H-backs and Tight-Ends with Jaxson Adams and Trey Rowe filling those spots. I hope for some productive work and no injuries.
  11. Well, it's a take. I'll leave it at that.
  12. Everyone ran away from Mitchell all season. A very similar situation to what happened to Ravel Coffey his senior year. ` He is following Kendall Clark at Garner-Webb to continue his career. One of the keys for the season coming up will be who steps up to play linebacker with #44.
  13. I think Johnny William's son is going to be an 8th grader for Robertsville. He looked pretty good as a 7th grader last year. Outside of him I agree, no J. Grahams or Tee Higgins types on the horizon.
  14. Only if we can get a supporter like Hollingsworth.
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