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  1. Congrats to our guys for clinching the regular season District championship! Unlike the first time, this one was never in doubt from the beginning.
  2. Great win tonight at Karns. Totally destroyed them. Shanklin with a dunk in front of his old team was the highlight of the night.
  3. I am going to reserve judgement until after Friday's game at Central. After playing some poor ball just before Christmas, we have picked up our play. If we come out with a win at Central, then at the halfway point in District play, we will be 2 games up over Clinton and Karns. I think the real battle is between the 2nd through 5 place teams. That is very tight. I could see all of those teams splitting their games between them.
  4. Yes, this team will be really scary if all them start shooting better. She did a great job of drawing fouls early on for us to stay in the game.
  5. Wildcats come on strong in the 2nd half to defeat Science Hill 49-31. Play Miami Sr. (FL) tomorrow at 11:45. Way to bounce back!
  6. Winchester had a great game. Miller missed a lot of shots he has made so far this season. It's a good thing that Stewart was able to pick up the slack. Johnson for us was off as well.
  7. It's the annual transition from AAU to Prep basketball. Happens every year.
  8. The post Guinn era began tonight with a thrilling come from behind victory over a good Meigs Lady Tiger team. 51-42. We are going to struggle early on, but I think we have the makings of a pretty good team.
  9. From what I can find it is radio only.
  10. Michael Williams, just transferred in from Alcoa. He's a Sophomore.
  11. Hardin Valley is a game we really should have won. DB is really good, best team since 2012. West is really good. Should be 6-2.
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