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  1. You nailed it right on the head! most of these guys start out early, jr. hi,etc., and have it pounded in their head & body day after day. I have never had the distinction to play for Clint & the Jackets, but have watched practice on a regular basis for yrs., and it is very tough, and some don't make it. If someone walks off, they don't get begged to come back. Our enrollment doesn't support having 60 - 70 players with that kind of dedication, and toughness. I remember when # 24 was a freshmen, and now, also #6 freshmen & now. Major difference! But they didn't quit, and gave their all +. Also, I think most guys want to be a part of that tradition, and part of that tradition, is being conditioned better than most. Also, it doesn't matter who you are.I've seen Clint run Wes's butt ragged several times. LOL WAY TO GO JACKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks, Gen. Got 'er did!!! TCHS Jackets!!!!!!!!
  3. Does anyone know if anyone has vcr or dvd videos of the C'ship games for sale? Thanks,
  4. Congrats, to the Cats!!!!! Watched the game on tv. You guys were awesome. Heck of a game, Cinderela or not. Yellow Jackets 1A State Champs............
  5. Congrat's L A, from an ole TCHS Yellow Jacket fan. We are all proud of you, and will be pulling for you in the 'boro.
  6. Go Blue Devils!!! From a neighbor... Trousdale Co. Yellow Jackets. I worked in Lebanon for about 20 yrs, lived there for 2.. sorta my 2nd home. Glad to see you guys having such a good season.
  7. From an old TC fan.... Congrats to Macon Co. on a great 12-2 season!! All the hard work you talked about earlier paid off. Keep your chin up; see you next season. To Knox. Fulton, a great game, on the way back to the 'Boro. Wish you the best, and get that gold ball for the East bracket. "Little PiGeOn, just a friendly word of warning. My daughter gave birth to twin boys, Nov.8, 03, so we are loading up a new bunch of Jackets for you guys. LOL! Ok, so it will be a year or two, but get ready! Would like to see you all in the 'Boro, but have to work that day. Good luck,
  8. lgw711


    It was widely reported Friday nite, by the Nashville media, that there was a showing of the Northern lights, normally visible only in the far North regions of Canada, etc. This has proven not to be the case, as it has now been determined these strange lights fron the North were actually from the stadium lights in Macon Co. Sources said the mistake was due to observers not used to seeing these lights this late in the year, and regret the error.
  9. Good morning Queenie! Good to see you & all the gang last nite. Didn't see you after the game, but congrats on a great season. Proud to be a honorary member of the "SC mafia". Got a seat on the 50 at the top, couldn't move the rest of the game, so crowded. MC, a great game, it's now up to you guys to carry the banner of Reg 4 all the way to the 'boro & back. Good luck! See all next season.
  10. Hey, thanks, Queenie! What an honor! I think the TC fans will be well represented on the visitors side. I'm going to try to take a vacation day, and have the night off. WOW! I'm getting excited, and don't even have a dog in this fight. Win or lose, I hope the Reg. 4 ball keeps rolling all the way to the house. :usa:
  11. Wow! All you guys & gals are really yacking it up. Like I always say"people have more fun than anybody". I have to put my 2 cents on the Owls, and if I can pull it off, and get the night off, I plan to be sitting there with my ole bud Queenie. Have to agree with Carpet on the K'ville thing. Nobody in Reg. 4 has seen anything like that this year. I hate to admit it myself, but they are on a slightly higher level. SC by 10.
  12. Hey, Queenie! Barring a miracle, I won't be able to attend the game; have to work 3pm - 11pm, but will be listening on the radio if possible. I'm sure there will be several "Troutdale" folks there for support (OWLS) of course. GOOD LUCK! See ya, Larry
  13. Won't venture a guess on the score, but I have to go with the "Queen", and the OWLS this time, probably 6 pts. Best wishes from "Troutdale"!
  14. Folks, I can assure you Trousdale did not overlook Grundy Co. They practiced for Grundy for 2 weeks; hence the outcome of the Jackson Co. game. All this aside, we did not play well enough to win, having dropped 2 TD passes, either of which would have won the game. Grundy has a good team, but the Macon Tigers are easily the better of the two. Best of luck to all Reg. 4A guys! TC Yellow Jackets fan!!!
  15. Both teams played well at times and not so well at times. We(Trousdale) dropped 2 TD passes! Jacket fan Good luck to everyone next week>
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