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    Maryville is Overrated

    Maryville is in your head bigtime.

    Maryville is Overrated

    So you only root for Bearden Basketball?

    Maryville is Overrated

    Crazy thing is KnoxBball should be excited over Bearden winning state. Instead he is worried about Maryville.

    Fulton vs Wooddale..thoughts

    Chandler Lawson was too much for Fulton.

    Bearden State Champions

    They have a great team.

    Maryville is Overrated

    I was happy with Maryville season. 28 4 is pretty good.

    Maryville vs DB... most players in the NFL?

    I am 55 years old. Been keeping up with Maryville Rebels Football since I was 10 years old. I was not born when Knox Ramsey or Jim Cowboy Hill was playing at Maryville. Only player at Maryville I ever seen that made it to the NFL was Danny Spradlin. I think Carl Stewart was a practice player. There is no doubt in my mind if Aaron Douglas would have lived he would be playing NFL Football right now. To me it is amazing that Maryville has had all this success without a ton of High D1 athletes and NFL players. Amazing what great coaching can do. The truth is Maryville has never had a Peyton Manning or Eric Berry type player.
  8. I watched the East vs Brentwood game and the Bearden vs Whitehaven game on replays. East isn't the same team with Dandridge being hurt and Lawson transferring away. Wiseman is a monster. The big center for Whitehaven could be really good if he comes to UT. Rick Barnes and his staff are great at player development. Brentwood is a scrappy team. As a Maryville fan who has watched Bearden the last few years. I think they can win the State Title. Ques Glover is a stud point guard. He is Jordan Bone like. Trent Stephney is good . Drew Pember is so versatile. Roman Robinson is a darn good shooter. Shamarcus Brown is very good inside but will find the going tough against Wiseman. Can't wait to see Bearden vs East. Not surprising that Fulton is playing for another State Title. I think Jody Wright is one of the best coaches in Tennessee. Fulton won't have near the talent Woodale has. Fulton is very scrappy.

    Maryville is Overrated

    After seeing how Bearden and Fulton are playing you can say Maryville is underrated. Maryville beat Bearden and Fulton.
  10. I hope Fulton and Bearden bring home the gold.
  11. I was surprised Bearden beat Whitehaven by 16. Can't wait to see Bearden play East.
  12. Bearden has a great team. Whitehaven is great also. 2 kids on Whitehaven team have UT offers. Ever since I have kept up with the TSSAA Boys Basketball Tournament Memphis team have dominated. Memphis has some of the best High School Basketball in the Country. I just wish UT could get some of those studs from Memphis.
  13. Bearden is much better with a healthier Drew Pember. Without Pember Maryville beat Bearden by 1 point. With Pember Bearden beat Maryville handily.

    Maryville is Overrated

    As a Maryville fan I am happy with a 28 4 record. Bearden was the better team this year. Maryville had a darn good season. Wins over Bearden,Catholic, Fulton and Riverdale. I expect Maryville to have another good season next year.

    Best Team to Not Make State Tournament

    Your brother did a good job. Humphrey had a bad shooting night.