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  1. No way I believe that. Rankin hates losing with a passion. I remember when Rankin was hired. He told Alcoa fans that he wasn't scared of them. He was talking about Maryville.
  2. Maryville was awesome on defense. I think defense is quicker this year. Great open field tackling. Wouldn't trade Maryville linebackers for no one else. Offense moved the ball well. Parker McGill and Brody Sloan played great. Oline was awesome. Great win by Maryville. Maryville has the potential to win state. They need to get better at ball security.
  3. Turnovers killing Maryville. Maryville defense playing well.
  4. 2 things concern me about Alcoa. 1. Their Oline vs Maryville Dline. Maryville Dline has played well so far. But! They haven't faced an Oline like Alcoa's. 2. Alcoa's return game on Kickoffs and Punts. Jr Jones,Emmanuel Sankey and Isiah Cox are rockets. This concerns me more than anything.
  5. Big win for Pearl Cohn. Hope to see them play Alcoa.
  6. Watched that team whip Maryville in championship game.
  7. It's Maryvilles turn to win. 1969 Alcoa 14 3 1979 Maryville 24 0 1989 Alcoa 24 0 1999 Maryville 28 6 2009 Alcoa 41 24 2019 ? Seriously this game will be a knockdown dragout battle. 2 great team going at it.
  8. Congratulations to Whitehaven.
  9. Looks like I will watch this game on the computer. Does Cleveland stream games? Sometimes Scott West video doesn't work.
  10. Sophomore and Freshman classes are loaded
  11. 34 7 halftime. Hail Mary to end the half. Maryville looked so great at times. 4 turnovers and another fumble that was recovered by Maryville. Maryville plays that sloppy vs Alcoa they will lose.
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