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  1. Quarterback will be Carson Jones. He is 6,1 6,2 range and around 200lbs. He can hum that tater. Markell Fortenberry, Cooper Lowe and Eli Cobble should step up at receiver. Nick Dagel is proven at receiver. Parker McGill is an outstanding running back. Watch for Jackson Phillips and Noah Vaughn. Vaughn is so quick. Heard Hagan Webb may play Tight End next year.
  2. Maryville playing great basketball now.
  3. Maryville lost a lot but return a lot of good players. On offense Trevor Abdella returns on the Oline. Parker McGill returns as RB. Nick Dagel is a receiver with lots of experience. Cade Chambers will be missed but Carson Jones will be a great Quarterback. He has a gun for an arm. Other names to remember are Markel Fortenberry and Noah Vaughn. I have a feeling other kids will step up. On defense there will be a lot of new names. 4 starters return but they are darn good players. DJ Burks will be a D1 safety. Lou Burchfield was awesome last year. Zack Braden was outstanding. I have a feeling new kids will step up. Including little Greyrider. The upcoming senior class is small but has some good players. Upcoming junior and sophomore classes are loaded.
  4. Carl Stewart also played basketball his junior year. He had the best dunk I ever seen at Maryville High School. He ran the baseline and caught an alley oop pass for a dunk. He was way above the rim.
  5. Looks like Maryville has got a lot better since the Football guys have started playing.
  6. Gary Rankin has made a huge difference in Alcoa. Alcoa is much more physical than they used to be. Funny thing is a lot of Alcoa fans want rid of him.
  7. Hearing parents cuss and complain because little johnny isn't playing every down.
  8. Lou Burchfield made a ton of big plays. Other standouts that will be back are Zach Braden, DJ Burks, Hagan Webb on defense. On offense Parker McGill will be back. Nick Dagel made some big plays. I have a feeling some new kids will step up.
  9. That 38 0 loss to Oakland in the 2018 semifinal made the 2019 Maryville Rebels Football team better. It gave them a huge chip on their shoulder. It motivated them. A motivated, talented and well coached team is really dangerous.
  10. Awesome win last night. This Maryville Rebels team was really special. One of the best teams I ever seen at Maryville. Cade Chambers played great. Tee Hodge was a monster. So many ways Maryville can win.
  11. That right there proves how great of a team Alcoa is. Alcoa is one of the best teams in the state in any classification. Alcoa and Oakland are the best teams Maryville played so far. I expect Ravenwood to be tough as nails also.
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