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  1. I will make a prediction. I bet Clayton Bledsoe doesn't get reelected on the Alcoa School Board. I know the Bledsoe and Marsh name is big. Alcoa Football is big also.
  2. I guarantee you Greenback fans will be happy with Braden Carnes. I remember 2 seasons ago Dylan Hopkins got hurt in the 1st game. Braden Carnes 1st start was on the road vs Oakland. While Maryville lost Carnes played with a lot of poise in a tough environment. He also played the whole 2nd half against Alcoa because of injury. Carnes is a darn good passer and has a lot of poise.
  3. Braden Carnes will help Greenback a lot. He isn't the athlete that Bryce Hanley was. Carnes is a very good passer. As a Rebel fan I hate to see him leave.
  4. Loudon lost a legend in Chig Ratledge
  5. Hate to see that young man leave. Especially since he wanted to stay at Maryville.
  6. I may not make every game but I will go to 90% of them. I enjoy watching High School Games on Rivalry Thursday. It kills attendance though. All those commercials make the game last longer. Some people have to get up early for work the next day. Last time I went to Maryville game that was on TV was 2017 Semifinals game between Maryville and Oakland. I know guys who used to go to every game but now stay at home and watch games on computer. I also think very few fans are hard core like us coacht posters. At work I work with about 60 people. Only a few people there have interest in High School Football. Most guys I work with talk about hunting, fishing and Cars.
  7. If Maryville Oline a d Dline come through they will be tough. Alcoa and Oakland won the LOS in those 2 losses. Skill Players and Linebackers are team strength.
  8. You are right. Larry Headrick and Derek Hunt are 1st class. No one is more hard core Maryville Rebels than those 2 guys. I have known Larry for over 40 years. We graduated the same year 1982. He has always been a great guy. Being Maryville head coach is Derek's dream job.
  9. I know you support Maryville. You are one of their biggest supporters
  10. Most of those are outsiders who really don't care about MHS. The real hard core fans who have been fans for years really care. Like the Rebel fans on this site.
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