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  1. jsh969

    Boyd Buc vs DCA

    being off in college, i had not been to a BBS game since they lost the state game to CPA in 02. i went to practically every boyd game all four years of high school, and seeing Peardon play against Coalfield, i must say that i have not seen a back that good in all of the games i've watched. he was incredible. that was my opinion of him before i found out today that he won the mr. football award and had rushed for almost 2,700 yards this season. getting a off topic though, i saw a team play this year in FL that would kill BBS or DCA any day. they won state last year and had three guys rush for over 1500 yds and they all returned this year. the game i watched, they beat the team 84-0 and put their second string in with 7 minutes left in the second quarter. it was 56-0 at half time and in the second half, the clock was running the entire time unless the losing team called a time out. it ran even when the team scored a touchdown. i think before saying 1A teams could keep up with any team in any classification, people need to think about how big 4A and 5A teams actually are. the school i mentioned is an example. DCA or Boyd would not compare with either size or speed compared to that school. maryville, riverdale, etc i'm sure are somewhat the same as the school i mentioned. yes, Boyd beat a 4A school, but the really good 4A and 5A schools have both size on the line and speed, which from what i read on this board, it seems these two teams either have one or the other. anyway, this is a useless post, i guess i decided to post since i haven't in about 2 years. having only seen one Boyd game and no DCA games, i can't really say who is the better team. looking at Boyd, it seemed that they were kind of off in the Coalfield game from what i had heard about other games they had played this year, but they did do their normal starting off slow and getting better as the game went along. i guess the main thing i was going to say is that the four years i watched HS football, i'd never seen a back as good as Peardon. good luck to both teams, hope Boyd wins, especially since i still know a couple of people on the team. haha.
  2. I don't know what you're complaining about the intentional for. The only reason he even fouled him was because he was mad that the refs didn't catch him carrying the ball. So that would have never happened if the refs had done their job right. There was also a missed charge that would have also helped Boyd out. What are you complaining for anyway? Your team won. You should be happy.
  3. Well, ya'll are right, we can't blame the refs. They did a pretty good job tonight, but as ya'll said, Boyd hurt themselves. They allowed the come back in the fourth quarter and then paniced I guess. They missed several shots they should have made and that put us in a bad spot. Looking forward to the next game. All Boyd needs to work on is keeping the lead in the fourth and not panicing when they appear to be coming back. If there's another rematch, which there probably will be, Boyd will be fully prepared.
  4. I agree that the officiating at the game was terrible. It's the worst I've ever seen. I think that Boyd would have definately won if it hadn't been for the refs in that game, but Boyd also didn't take advantage of some chances. Boyd lost by 4 to Temple not playing their best and having to put up with awful calls; if both are improved tomorrow night, then it's a 100% win for Boyd.
  5. Would anyone be nice enough to tell the score of the Boyd-Sequatchie or however it's spelled county score? Seems like the scores for Boyd games aren't given unless it's a big game like Temple or something. lol.
  6. Those saying officiating wasn't a problem last night must not have be listening to the crowd's reaction at several plays. When Skogan plowed over Matt Richman there should have been something called there. Everyone seemed to see it except the refs. Then Skogan charged right over Brandon Walker when he put up a shot. It was an obvious charge but the refs called it on Brandon. There were many walks and travels that most everyone seemed to see that the refs didn't. I can understand a ref missing a couple of calls, but when there are that many that are missed, it's rediculous. Temple is a good team. Skogan and Wadley are amazing players, but Boyd was the better team. About the refs leaving after the game, usually you see them stick around near the concession stand or something for a minute after the game. As soon as I got out there (which was pretty quick) they had already driven off. I think they knew what they did.
  7. Final score was 64-60 Temple I think. Looking forward to the rematch, and maybe there will be better officiating there. What is ya'lls opinion of the game? I think that anyone who is serious will say that Temple would have probably not won the game if it hadn't been for poor officiating. The refs knew it too; they went running out of the gym the second the game was over. I don't want to be sounding in the wrong way, but there was no excuse for the poor calls made tonight. I've noticed that other people are seeing the poor officiating at there schools too. Seems like there could be something done.
  8. Last time the game was played it was postponed due to snow, so since schools are out yet again because of snow are they going play it tonight anyway or not?
  9. In answer to RHS. I brought that 3,4,5a thing up because someone else mentioned it. Apparently you didn't notice that someone thought privates won more state championships then publics did. Anyway, that wasn't my point. Apparently that was all you saw. My point was, and it's being talked about, is that if the public schools did better with education, then parents wouldn't want to spend the money to send their kids to a private school because their kid would be getting just as good of an education at the public school they were zoned for. Since this is more of an urban problem then a rural, kids from bigger schools are going to the smaller private ones. Selective enrollment isn't nescessary. Some privates may do it, but it isn't nescessary because of this. I know for a fact that Boyd has no room in the school to do selective enrollment because the school is pretty much filled to the max. Athletes will be in the mix coming to private schools. So all the small rural publics definately are going to have trouble with the private schools because of the players coming in. Like I said before, if the education in urban public schools, then parents aren't gonna waste the money to send them to a private school that offers the same thing as the public. Then the privates will not be nearly as dominate as they are right now.
  10. You are not downing Boyd? All you've been saying is how bad our players are and how our 96 team got lucky going 30-2. Come on. Any team that loses just 2 games is not lucky. That's stupid to say that. Now if a team lost more then 5 I might have to agree, but just 2 is rediculous to say that. I've watched this team and they may not have the talent that other teams have, but they have players that try harder then most if not all. The effort that they put in can win them a state title this year. I'm not saying they will win it, but don't be surprised if they don't.
  11. I don't think that the answer to the problem with public and privates is to split them. The answer is for the public school board to do better with education and other issues in schools. I don't mean to offend anyone by saying this, but the public school system is getting worse and that is why more people are going to private schools. As you can see this doesn't affect larger divisions because public schools won 3,4, and 5a state championships. It is the small public schools that are having the problem, because parents decide to send their kids to a better school, so they send them to Boyd, Ezell, CPA, and schools like that which are smaller. Naturally athletes are mixed in there. Because of that the private schools are getting more athletes and publics are losing them. Of course privates are going to be better because of this. I don't think publics and privates should be split. The school system just needs to get better. If parents don't mind their kids going to public schools after it gets better, then public schools will probably start dominating again.
  12. jsh969

    Boyd vs CPA

    Timmy- What business do you have posting on this thread? You are not a fan of either team, and all you are doing is trying to criticize teams when nobody else but that csense jerk is doing it. Everyone but you two are being nice and congratulating the other team. Make sure your team made it as far before you criticize another one.
  13. jsh969

    Boyd vs CPA

    Why do you think we care about your state championship trophy? It's four seasons old now. Yall are the only ones who care. If we wanted your state trophy, we would have taken it along with yall's undefeated record back to Chattanooga after the game was over this year. Quit trying to make an idiot of yourself and go to a SP thread.
  14. I don't know about the other private schools, but show me where Boyd gets their money for funding athletes? Take a look at their facilities. Not exactly the type that would make any athlete drool to come play at. A football field filled with goose turds, visiting stands that hold maybe 100, locker rooms that aren't all that special. Boyd doesn't have the kind of money that people think they do. A lot of the things they get for sports is from fundraisers. Maybe if public schools had fundraisers they might make a little more money for sports. The reason privates have lots of talent is because more and more students are going to privates. Naturally athletes will be mixed in with those groups. Parents don't like the public school system, so they are either sending them to a private school or are just homeschooloing them. And if their kids are good athletes it doesn't make sense to homeschool them, so they send them to a private school. If the public school system would improve, more students would stay.
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