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  1. the owls couldnt beat mcminn county by 60, what makes you think they can beat central by that much. if it wasnt for all of centrals turnovers, they would have beat mcminn by 20. i have seen the owls in action and they do not impress me at all.
  2. central had 4 turnovers in the mcminn game or we would have won by 20. thats called young team. ootlewah by 60 over mcminn
  3. for those of u that dont know the facts about central and are talking alot of trash here you go. first of all, central isnt without 2 coaches from last year, the real coaches are still there. second, you dont know the real deal with jones, so quit trying to lay blame on everyone else. third, ootlewah fans,you couldnt win 5 games until 5 years ago, so what are thinking about? lorenzo meadows never was kicked off the football team just so you know. we have a freshman starting at qb, who is getting better everyday. bradley, the boy you have from central, keep him. oh, about benny monroe, he didnt take the job because of money, i know him personally. central does take care of their coaches very well, if you take care of your buisness. again bradley, boys basketball carries your school and football will never carry you again. have another fine 1 and 9 season. central may or may not win 6 games this year, but we will have fun taking care of buisness because that is what is tought now. ootlewah, until you have that ring on your finger, you need not say anything to anyone, because the teams you are finally starting to beat, everyone has been beating for years. get your nose out of the clouds.
  4. hey tribe fan, how was the cornbread and his little friend? looks like u got some sour milk. just like a kentucky fan chris li, oops sorry about that, dont want anyone to know who you really are. oh, this isnt cornbread neither. glad u guys got to see some real athletes. This is CORNBREAD, we had to scalp a few cherokee's tonight but hey, you got to do what you got to do. As for me I live in L.C., work in athens and drive to Chatt. Central on fridays, can I borrow some money for gas??????????
  5. I'll give some reasons why central will win, athletes, their all over the field. chris newby, larenzo meadows, chris patton, darrius robinson, sean mills. they can lay the helmet on some people very well. another reason, this game means a lot to a certain coach at central. he coached the senoirs that are at mcminn when they were freshman. dont let the baylor score fool you, baylor is pretty good.
  6. i do think so. you said they lost all their skilled players which they didnt. that is two people. they have 10 of 11 starters on defense returning and 8 of 11 on offense returning. robert woods, brent hayes, lorenzo meadows, jamel hambrick, shawn hacker, chris newby, buea weiss, and the list gos on. this is the type of things the pounders have built off of the last 2 years so you people keep talking. there will be a region championship this year.
  7. i know for a fact that it was a tie because i was standing on the field. alcoa score a short pass from about the 5 yd line and chatt. central scored on a 40yd touchdown. again that was their first day in pads.
  8. the excuse is that was the first day in pads for chatt. central. like i said before would have been eating your words if they had two weeks in pads because they score was tied. plus the all state mlb is still out with knee. again, dont say things until you know the facts. and another thing, you guys will never beat maryville so stop dreaming. the best game this coming up season will be chatt. central vs. maryville in state playoffs. good luck to the rebs, the pounders respect you guys and we hope to see you in the playoffs.
  9. i dont know about both teams. alcoa did not dominate chatt. central. if you call that domination over chatt. central, i would hate to see what your regular season would look like. that was chatt. centrals first and only day in pads and they tied alcoa. i would have hated to see what alcoa and mcminn would have looked like if chatt. central had their two weeks in pads. i believe you might call that domination by chatt. central. you had better check into things before you write something like that.
  10. I guess thats why Vandy and UT are breathing down his neck. Dont hate because Central put 53 points on you guys last year.
  11. i argree with you rebelron. chatt. central is returning 10 of 11 starters on defense and 7 of 11 on offense. the defense will be very fast and love to punish people. the offense will have speed as well. they will very tough to handle. but the thing is, no matter who you are, you have to get past maryville. i think it would be an even better game this year if chatt. central and maryville play.
  12. from a personal stand point, i seen the look on the rebels faces when the pounders were warming up because i was on the field. i dont think maryville has ever been hit like that before and dominated on paper. i know the score board does the talking, but dont think if maryville faces the pounders this coming season that it will be like last year. 1 person gone of defense and tremendous speed on offense. the defense will be, i dont know how to describe it, great!! it is pretty sad when the home team is the intemidated one because that is what it looked like to me. no disrespect, maryville is the team you have to beat, but every year you guys get on here and talk like you are gods. that you are not, but i guess that is what these boards are for, right?
  13. the reason mullinax did all the coaching was because the coaching wasnt that good. hutchins should not even be listed because the guy stayed one year. i dont care where he lives, he should not have applied for the job at mcminn if he knew he wasnt going to stay more than one year.
  14. who are you? where do you get this stuff about hutchins being this great coach? my grandmother could have took over the mcminn team this past season and won. just please tell me who you are because the guy wasnt that good. you will find out how good he is when he goes to south doyle and loses every year. i know alot of players from mcminn that, never mind. anyway, just because you know him dosnt mean he is god because he is not. if he would have stayed for 10 years he would not have even compared to what coach mullinax did. he was the man. thats why hutchins left because he knew they were not going to that good and he couldnt do with them what mullinax could have done with a team that didnt look good.
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