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  1. goosevol

    Gibson County v. Midway (2019- Single A Semis)

    Midway is a heck of a team despite being undersized. They play very hard and are fundamentally sound. Wish they could have won tonight, but they have no reason to hang their heads.
  2. goosevol

    Region 4 AA

    I think Dishman had 32
  3. goosevol

    Oneida @ Rockwood

    York is very good.
  4. goosevol

    North Greene Huskies

    Congrats. I'm an Oakdale fan and you guys executed your game plan to perfection in my opinion. Oakdale has been able to get teams into a track meet all year and you guys refused to run with them. Also Oakdale has been undersized in the post all season and no one in Class A really took advantage, but you guys were patient and kept pounding it in to 42. That patience also made Oakdale work a lot harder than they were used to all season on defense. It was a great game to watch and I sure hate it that my team lost, but you guys played well and with a lot of class.
  5. goosevol

    Oakdale Basketball

    Don't sleep on Harriman.
  6. goosevol

    Greenback at Coalfield round 1!

    That's a big blow. Physical player.
  7. goosevol

    Greenback at Coalfield round 1!

    How long is Kelley out for Coalfield?
  8. goosevol

    Greenback at Coalfield round 1!

    I figured they were just saving him for the rematch.
  9. goosevol

    Greenback at Coalfield round 1!

    They were. I wondered if not being tested would hurt them and it did. It's hard to play a 4-quarter game when most games are over midway through the second quarter.
  10. goosevol

    Greenback at Coalfield round 1!

    P. Too many blowouts have hurt them down the stretch.
  11. goosevol

    Greenback at Coalfield round 1!

    He is. That's why no running tonight.
  12. goosevol

    Harriman gets Snubbed

    I wish I could play on a bum ankle in the state tourney and people think I was still good enough to play in college.
  13. goosevol

    Harriman gets Snubbed

    As a whole East Tennessee got the shaft this year. In all three classes only six of the I think 45 players that were selected from East Tennessee. Guys like Pace, McClain and Grace Christian's Connor Arnold are no-brainers for the list, but it sounds like East Tennessee must not have been well represented when they voted.
  14. goosevol

    Harriman gets Snubbed

    The all-state team was voted on before the state tournament, but I was stunned that Pace or McClain one didn't make it. As far as Harriman not having any kids that will play in college, four of the starters have college offers. McClain signed with Bryan College today. Pace and Johnson also have offers to sort out, Pace will have to decide football and baseball as well. Bingham let teams know early on that he wasn't going to play college basketball, but they were still in contact. If they wanted, all four could play at the next level.
  15. goosevol

    Class A Sectionals

    This is how it went for Cosby. It was 13-0 before they scored. When they did score to make it 13-2, Harriman responded in about 5 seconds with a dunk.