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  1. What happened to Coach Arnett?
  2. Several solid seniors.....they will run the same motion action and play a lot of zone...
  3. I know that Centerville is a little out of the way, but this is a great lineup of teams with some major college talent. The people of HCHS do a great job with this event. The CPA vs Dickson and Ensworth v Union City should be a great ones.
  4. Is there a limit to the number of yellow cards you can receive in consecutive matches? If a player recieves a yellow every match? ok Also, does receiving a red card counts towards future games' suspension, etc? Is the set at the district level or broader? Thanks
  5. Cannon County was by far the most today with McMinn Central second....Riverdale was the biggest in AAA with Blackman next....
  6. Went to the AAA games today, and I wasn't impressed by anyone. It was bad basketball. Missed ft, poor shooting, poor shot selection, sloppy ball handling were evident everywhere. The A and AA games were much better to watch. Riverdale has the most weapons, but 34 did not finish. Could be big.. Science Hill survived Clarksville's mental checkout for 30 minutes...Graves should have taken over especially after SH's center fouled out. Overton versus Wilson Central was painful. Memphis Central has great quickness and are tenacious defensively. They should win. Their coaches' T was a joke. Prediction: Riverdale v Central, repeat for RHS
  7. It has been my understanding that a student enrolled for example in Ezell-Harding, a school that is K-12, may advance an eighth grader to the varsity. The athlete will not be eligiblle for anymore middle school or jr. high participation once the move is made. The repeating rules are fairly clear...this should only affect those privates and smaller A community schools.
  8. Forrest High School, Chapel Hill, TN---Nov. 6 $100.00 for 3 Games 931-364-6631---Jeremy Jean
  9. JV Pro out of Illinois. Nice people, quick turn around, and they will bundle scorers chairs.
  10. Ironton, Ohio......or is there a new school in TN.....
  11. Franklin County Opening Does anyone have any info here?
  12. Looking for a tourney,playday, etc for the weekend of May 7th. U-16 Girls----not looking for a qualifer, etc Prefer Middle Tennessee Area
  13. I was at Cannon Co. last night The fire marshall had to be on vacation. Kids and others surrounded the court and stage area. Great atmosphere, good fans, great teams. Good luck to everyone in Murfreesboro.
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