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  1. Turtle, Turtle, Tostise... I know your whistle isnt hung up, I saw the red life guard sting hanging out of your pocket on Monday nite. I cannot wait until tonite for the game and watch Fulton fly high tonite. Turtle, Turtle, Tostise... I know your whistle isnt hung up, I saw the red life guard sting hanging out of your pocket on Monday nite. I cannot wait until tonite for the game and watch Fulton fly high tonite.
  2. Whats up 4MySister and Turtle. Now 4MySister, you already know that Turtle wants to be a Falcon soo much that he has been coaching baseball, basketball, and football for the Falcons but he is in denial and needs to go to rehab with my saying that Graham is a good coach, he is still living off there former coaches players and dreams. I remember about 2 weeks ago see Turtle in a Falcons shirt with the Chicken City logo on the back, and who does Chicken City support, yeah them Fulton Falcons and where Turtle works supports them Fulton Falcons also. So Turtle, I am gonna check you into a DENIAL REHAB CLINIC for a couple of weeks and then maybe with all of your group meetings you will stop with that Beep Beep junk of yours, then you will be saying DONT YOU WISH YOU WERE A FALCON!!! Now onto the game, I think this will be a very good game and Fulton will pull this one out and get the first win of the season, mistakes have haunted Fulton all year but I see them cutting down on those mistakes and pulling this one out by 13, yeah 13 because the field goal kicker is 50% on the year. But I will see everyone Friday night at the Falcons Nest and see DEM FALCONS get there first win of the year. By the way Turte, those Roadwalkers better watch out for Carter because those Roadwalkers arent very strong this year. Remember Caleb ran all over them last week and who knows Carter might just do the same. So holla at cha boi... ShaneC
  3. Guess Who's Back... Now to "4 my sister" how are you doing and why are you continually arguing witht that FAKE ROADRUNNER, he is a WEST REBEL and will never be a Roadrunner, he is a Turtle and you know there is no running there. Now to you "Turtle" always running that mouth and talking about DEM ROADRUNNERS, you will never be a real Roadrunner because you never went to AE, remember your past, you went to school on Sutherland Ave. not MLK Blvd. You on the opposite side of town talking trash. You mite be an IMPLANT Roadrunner but never a real Runner and you have no desire to run with how slow you move. Just wait until October when Fulton lays the wood to AE then you cannot talk anymore until next year and I cannot wait until that mouth of yours is shut.
  4. Well I dont have much to say on this thread except, get off of my nephew, Devrin Young's back. He is only a sophmore this year and everyone is either blowing him up to be the next great thing or someone is dawging him like he is nothing. In time, Devrin will be a amazing athlete and a big time play maker for Bearden, but remember he is only sophmore and he has 3 more years of high school football. So everyone just chill out on the Devrin topic for now and just watch to see what he does over the next couple of years before you judge him, whether you believe in him or not, just let him do his thing and stop blowing him up and he will do just fine.
  5. I am back and ready for the 2008 Fulton Falcon football seaason. Everyone keeps talking about Style Jr. going to Fulton, like everyone keeps saying, One Man Doesnt Make A Team! That is a very true fact, but I know this Styles Jr. is a good athlete, with good hands, a knack for the ball, and he is a big weapon on the offensive side of the ball. He will definitely be a match up problem for anyone, he is like 6'4" 210 or so and can run. Now to my boi Turtle, Fulton has a solid line that will be able to protect Mr. Winters and Mr. Winters is going to make a great high school football player on both sides of the ball. Also, Mr. Winters was well groomed in youth football and played against some very strong competition across the southeast, by traveling and playing in alot of the biggest youth football tournaments in the nation. Holla at cha boi. ShaneC
  6. Yes the initials would be C.S. That is just what I have been hearing for the past 2 weeks. So it what I am saying, is what you been hearing Knoxville21? By the way I think I know who you are Knoxville21, but what are your initials? Holla at cha boi ShaneC.
  7. Well the word that I have heard from his family members is that he is wanting to finish his high school career at Fulton, that is coming from a very close source to Jock. I have family of mine that is very close kin of Jock's and I am a former coach of his and I believe that in the end he will be back at Fulton in the 2008 season and now that he has a close friend of his that went to Central and is now living in the Fulton, leads me to believe that he will be back this year at Fulton and could really help a very good young Fulton team, but might have a various position change in mind. Well tell me if anyone hears this and I believe that he will be at Fulton because of various reasons and remember his younger brother is a sophmore at Fulton. Holla at cha boi.. ShaneC
  8. Honestly, can you truly tell me that you know how physically and meantally tough this kid is? I mean I have known Devrin since the day he was born and I know this kid as good as anyone, he is a family member of mine and I coached him in basketball and football during his life. Devrin traveled all over the south with me during his youth career playing with my team and he was one of the top players at every tournament he competed in and has played hurt numerous times, in 8th grade he broke his ankle and came back played 6 weeks later. Devrin has always been one of the smallest players on the field but as the same time he has always excelled on the field because of his heart, physical ability, and determination. So before you judge this kids ability just see what he can do and remember he is only a sophmore and has 3 years left in his high school career, and I guarantee by the time he is done with his high school career, that you will change your mind. So do your thing Devrin, and that coming from his uncle, because I know exactly what this kid has inside of him and that heart and determination. So tell me at the end of his high school career that he is way too hyped up and see if you have a change of mind about Devrin. Holla at cha boi... ShaneC
  9. May i saw that Knox Catholic has one of the best high school football web sites that i have seen in a long time. Just cannot wait until October 17th, Catholic @ Fulton, should be a very good game this year. Alot of potential on the field at one time.
  10. Well Knoxville Area spohmores to watch for: Devrin Young (Bearden RB/DB) This kid runs like the wind and has the ability to stop on a dime. I coached Devrin for years with the Knoxville Falcons and matter of fact he is my nephew and if he grows will play division 1 football, he reminds people of former Fulton standout and University of Tennessee player Dennis Rogan. Brad Reid (Knox West OL/DL) This kid is a beast and has a motor on him where he goes full bore until the whistle blows and is strong as a ox. I coached Brad for years with the Knoxville Falcons and he has the ability of dominate the O-Line and D-Line. Demetrius Thomas aka: D-Man (Fulton QB/RB/DB) This kid has the makings of a true game breaker at every position and has a mean streak in him. I coached D-Man for years and if he keeps his head right he has a great chance to do big things in his football career. Mychal Cason (Fulton OL/DL) This kid is probably one of the smartest lineman I have ever coached and he is has good foot speed and good technique. Mychal has the chance to be a big recruit by his senior year and if he keeps growning he could become very dominate lineman, he is got a great work ethic and has a chance to do some good things in his career. Ben Winters (Fulton QB/TE/LB) This kid has a motor on him like I have never seen before and he likes to hit and I mean he really loves contact, he also has a great football mind and is developing into a dominate player at Fulton. Ben is probably one of the top 3 football players I have ever coached and plays with alot of emotion and puts his heart and soul into every play. If this kid keeps growing the sky is the limit for him and has a big time arm and brings the wood on every play defensively. Those are just some of the big time players that I know have a chance to do big things in their football careers. Holla at cha boi... ShaneC
  11. Well I definately have a bigger interest in each Fulton playoff game week in and week out. Lets see I will get to see if my former players aka the fulton freshman boys will get that ring they have worked for the past 7 years to get. I see Fulton winning this game 26 to 20. I think it is gonna be a great game by both teams soo much speed on one field. Should be a very competitive game. I see Bubba Stokes being the difference maker in this game, he is if not the best fullback in 3A, the kid has size, power, speed, and HEART. This kid actually tries to kill someone he is blocking, just wait until Friday and some of the hits this young man brings to the table. Good Luck to both teams. Holla at cha boi.. ShaneC
  12. As an offensive player Dennis Rogan stats put him as one of the best in state history. Here they are for everyone to check out. Dennis Rogan In State Record Book As of 11/17/06 Dennis Rogan currently holds these positions in the state records for football. (Subject to verification by the TSSAA) Most Consecutive 100-Yard Rushing Games 2nd 19 2005-2006 Most Points in a Career 8th 528 2003-2006 Most Points in a Season –Individual 3rd 258 2006 6th 220 2005 Most Rushing Touchdowns in a Season- Individual T-4th 38 2006 T-9th 31 2005 Most Touchdowns in a Career T-6th 83 2003-2006 Most Touchdowns in a Season –Individual T-2nd 41 2006 T-5th 34 2005
  13. Knoxville Fulton Starters PG Chris Wiley SG Ricky Wood SF Billy Justice PF John Zimmeran C Marcus Bill Bench Ron Corvette Mark Pinkston Ivan Roper Fred Smith Shawn Green Carlos Cobson Matt Jones Joel Zimmerman
  14. 1A: Dunno 2A: Once again Dem Alcoa Tornados 3A: Dem Fulton Falcons 4A: Again, Again, Again Maryville should I keep going 5A: Farrguat Admirals they got Sterling back
  15. I enjoyed the live @ 5 segment, everyword was straight from the heart. My family has been close friends with the Black family for my entire life and KWalker and I shared a football bond. Every Friday before the game I would call and talk to her about the game and we talked for hours and then calling Turtle and messing with him, use to be a blast. But now back to KWalker when I saw Bob and Debo about breakdown in the segment it just about killed me, it brought a tear to my eye and I just reminised about the times I use to spend with KWalker and the crew. Debo said he felt her when he made the catch in the Catholic game, boy I believe Jock felt it for the enitre 4th quarter that night. I believe that throughout the entire playoffs KWalker was out on the field with the boys and with the coaches. After the game was over Saturday, I believe that I even heard her cheering soo loud everyone in heaven went crazy. KWalker I know you meant the world to alot of Fulton alumni but man you were the true inspiration of a falcon, you always flew high no matter what the situation and you are truly missed each and every day. So to KWalker I really miss the ole day and you are still truly loved by this friend of ours. Holla at cha boy.. ShaneC
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