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Everything posted by BCsportsfan

  1. You know what will happen on the offensive side...........same plan........the defense will need to win it.
  2. The Defense will have a big test in week 10.
  3. You talking about the canceled game?...............how did Red Bank have anything to do with that? Only GOD can make Lighten in the sky, and TSSAA officials to see it? My guess, is RB would have won it? unapproved website agrees............. neutral field [2019] Red Bank (Chattanooga, TN) 35, [2019] South Pittsburg (TN) 17
  4. Red Bank is looking very good, so is Loudon. The RB and Loudon game in week 10 will tell us a lot. Outside East TN, Pearl Cohn is looking very good. Alcoa is Alcoa, but this year something is a little different? Not got that power running game, but the offense is throwing the ball well. Defense is rolling, but still not a fan of the 3-4 defense in HS......
  5. No, that's a quality win. The Indy game @ Indy will be another big game, like Alcoa's upcoming game with Dobbins-Bennett. Atleast, it will prepare both teams late for the playoff run...........
  6. Let them play MBA..............
  7. It's looking like Red Bank maybe the real deal, Their win over a good Rhea Co. was big. They play Loudon in week ten. We'll know even more then.
  8. I don't take Sonny Moore's poll too serious, so this is just for conversation......... 12 GREENEVILLE 4A 5 1 0 99.36 128.48 15 ELIZABETHTON 4A 6 0 0 98.72 126.19 To estimate the score difference of a game, compare the two teams PR and add 2.00 points to the home team for the average HFA Take the power ranking 128.48-126.19= 2 point game? Playing at Besty +2 points? Wow, this is going to be a good one!
  9. 1. ALCOA 3A 6 1 0 101.96 133.96 2. PEARL COHN 3A 7 0 0 113.17 133.35 3. RED BANK 3A 6 0 0 99.11 126.71 4. COVINGTON 3A 6 1 0 97.68 122.02 5. EAST NASHVILLE 3A 6 1 0 98.37 119.62 6. UPPERMAN 3A 6 1 0 95.93 117.62 7. GATLINBURG-PITTMAN 3A 7 0 0 75.14 117.09 8. SOUTH GIBSON 3A 6 1 0 102.60 116.81 9. LOUDON 3A 7 0 0 81.32 116.04 10. MILAN 3A 4 3 0 103.47 116.03 Upperman and Gatlinburg-Pittman are too high, & Loudon too low.
  10. That beat down Red Bank put on a good Rhea County team was an EYE OPENER! The Lions claw thru the Panthers! That week 10 match-up with Loudon will tell a lot in 3A.
  11. This is a good Redskin team this year. I don't see Sweetwater making it a close game. Skins..........35, 14
  12. Yup, Always enjoy the Kingston band. It will be great to be back home on Goddard field also!
  13. The Honey Bees? Wildcats pound the Honey Bees!
  14. Ha! Did you look in the mirror to come up with the reply?! Always crying about Alcoa having some advantage. Open zone cheating....blah, blah....you have been owned and now the the best you can come up with is to completely sum up yourSELF whining and your post above IS YOU!!!
  15. Wrong again! Alcoa has 65 football players Freshman thru seniors. 18 Freshmen this year. What are you going to do when you can't come up with a reason why the honey bees can't compete?! Called TSSAA?,......the FBI?....anyone that will get those bad Alcoa Tornadoes for beating them honey bees 75-18!!
  16. You called TSSAA yet?! You can whine all you want sissy boy. Alcoa has destroyed all it's 3A competition and they would the honey bees! I just don't see Upperman getting by teams like Loudon or Red Bank this year? Wish they could!!.....just to hear you whine some more! Ha!
  17. ......and how many times has the honey bees beat Alcoa? Yup, that's what i thought! Ha!
  18. You hope! Them sissy honey bees ain't got a chance!
  19. 75-18 ! Was Madhatter Jr part of that beat down?, or does he get a taste of it this year! Go Honey Bees!........Please make it to the third round of the play-offs!
  20. ..........then whines all day long about a program that FOOTBALL is king. clown shoes.............
  21. I love it when them Upperman sissies get nervous! I sure do wish they was as good as they think, and get another chance to travel to Alcoa in the play-offs Us GOONS would love to see all them upperman clowns trying to bring their own seats to the game!
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