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  1. Peachtree Ridge beat a consensus top 25 team in the country in McEachern tonight. CPA beat a PCHS team that will do well this year. Any word on Alcoa tonight?
  2. So does this game count as a loss for McCallie?
  3. Watched the webcast. CPA controlled the game from whistle to whistle. They were better coached, better prepared, in better shape, tougher, smarter and hustled more than Peachtree Ridge. The only areas CPA didn't have an advantage were individual talent and depth. Peachtree Ridge was already tired after the first drive and by the end of the first half, they didn't want to be hit anymore. Outside of the first drive of the 3rd quarter, the defense was stout. Some of the best one on one and open field tackling I've seen in a high school game, especially on special teams. CPA needs to improve the FG kicking, but that was one of the few areas of weakness last night. Great effort by the Lions.
  4. I played football and basketball for Ricky and never heard him use profanity.
  5. Can't help it...east TN hill trolls are the worst
  6. Fulton has played a grand total of three teams with winning records including a 6-4 Gatlinburg Pittman squad.,....super impressive resume beating up on all those cupcakes
  7. Which also happens to be the last year that Ryan beat MBA alone.
  8. Pepvol, Here's the link to MBA's streaming events page: http://www.montgomerybell.edu/podium/default.aspx?t=126720&rc=0 This has to be MBA's best match-up vs. EHS in several years. It'll come down to turnovers and big plays.
  9. You're under the wrong impression if you think MBA is concerned with having the wealthiest Nashvillians' kids roaming its halls. The fact that many of the parents of MBA students are wealthy is a function of the tuition, which is expensive. MBA does not, however, target any Forbes list for its students. It wants great students who fit its well-rounded motto regardless of their financial position. When I look back at my classmates, most of them were upper-middle class families that made big sacrifices to send their kids to MBA. Admittance is about the quality of the student, not the bank account of the parent. I would point out that having wealthy parents does not equate to being a gifted student. As for MBA alumni, you first have to consider that a large number of them do not matriculate back to Nashville after college. Of the ones that do come back to Nashville, many of them do want to send their sons to MBA. Some of them don't. Some of the don't have sons or don't have kids at all. Not all of them can afford it. Not all of their children can get in. The school isn't the right fit for everyone either. I know some MBA alumni who had sons and daughters who sent their kids to EHS for the conveneince of having them at the same school. Some of their kids went to Ensworth for elementary school and really wanted to continue on for high school. There are lots of reasons that a parent might choose one over the other, but I can assure you that MBA doesn't have any problem filling its classes, and a large number of alumni are still very interested in sending their kids their if they are so able.
  10. What year is #60 for Maplewood? He was impressive all night. Also, #1 looked like Cam Newton Jr during warmups but didn't see the field? What's the deal there?
  11. I loved to see the improvement in the defense from latst year, and I was glad that MBA came out and was more physical than Trinity. Trinity has some very impressive players, especially in open space. It's never good to lose the game, but a lot of positive take aways for the Big Red. I was most excited to see Jamie Redmond on the sideline.
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