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  1. Basketball season is upon us. Reminiscing with some old buddies today and had a great discussion. I started watching 8AA 35 years ago. There have been some good teams,players, and games in that period. Please share your memories of the greatest tournament game since say 1985. District,Regional,or sub- state.
  2. Nice win Owls! That was a really good matchup,PATs only difference.
  3. No. Smith starting RB/LB is out.
  4. Home game for Smith, they are required to pay the refs. $100 each and $70 for the ECO. If more money than that exchanges hands, well, I know nothing about that.
  5. Absolutely no need for a shot clock. If you want the ball come get it, if you can't then that is the definition of," I'm better than you." I say this in response to what I perceive is the tone of this thread. That somehow a deliberate offensive scheme is deployed because of an inferior ability. My ability to possess the ball until I decide to take the shot I want is the very essence of a game we call basketball, and lest you forget, the superior team is welcome to come get it at anytime by executing what we call defense. In conclusion, it seems apparent to me that if a team is stalling the ball, that is defensive problem, not the fault of an,"I'm just here for the free hotdogs and popcorn" clock operator.
  6. NoStill reading and monitoring this thread. You can refer to post# 21 where I removed myself from the conversation. We don't see things the same and I not interested in trying to change anybody's mind. I stand by my statement in post#9. In that I don't believe he will be forced to do anything but continue to work and improve the program as he sees fit. Still don't know if he plans to resign I would add that I won't be a part of critiquing the job the staff has done negatively. If the staff stays intact, I will continue to support them. I just don't use the same measure as you to determine success for high school coaches. I use a standard that focuses less on wins and losses than you. Feel free to criticize me or call me names or whatever makes you giggly. I'm okay with that.
  7. I'll start and stop with your #1 If it is your sincere belief that SCHS should have finished #1 in the region just once in the last 4 years, you not only lost all credibility with me, but also with all Upperman, Dekalb, LA and Sequatchie people over that span. Nobody has beaten Seq this year,yet, I repeat nobody. In '13 Upperman lost only to Alcoa. In '15 they lost only to Cookeville,Stone,ND. LA lost only to Hixson and Loudon in'14. Again, if you believe SCHS should have finished 1st in any one of those years, I WILL RESPECTFULLY, remove myself from this conversation due to the fact that I can't have an intelligent conversation alone.2-5 are moot. Pardon me,2-Etc
  8. Well,you should have been more specific, as you never said anything about " on the field " success, so that's on you. As to who cares about how they act in public? That's easy. Me.You were correct, well kinda, when you said every program has those expectations. Sad thing is not all programs get those successes. It probably doesn't prove anything about the staff because a fan said sportsmanship was an accomplishment,as fans say many things that don't mean,well,anything. As for on the field accomplishments,the team defeated Macon Co, Gordonsville, York, Upperman, Cannon Co, Dekalb Co, Livingston, Warren County, Grundy Co. I believe they have made the playoffs every year but one. Unless I misunderstood what you meant, I believe winning games and making the playoffs would be considered successful. Maybe it would help me understand better if you gave me some examples of success they should have accomplished, but didn't. On a side note, are you suggesting that the HC needs to go, or just the staff, or both? I did check the TSSAA site and it did say the purpose of high school was to develop character, integrity, sportsmanship, and team work. The TSSAA is the governing body of SCHS athletics. It also specifically said the primary purpose was not winning ball games. So as l reflect on our conversation so far, maybe you just didn't have a clear understanding of the job those coaches were hired to do.
  9. From the best I can tell:1. All players have graduated 2. The program has not been cited with a single TSSAA violation 3. The staff has stressed the importance of sportsmanship 4. No unsportsmanlike penalties( may be redundant of # 3) 5. The players have represented their school respectfully on public appearances ( Actually heard that they had been commended for behavior on 2 separate occasions while visiting restaurants) Did you see those successes?
  10. I don't believe the HC will be let go. There may be changes in the staff,and I can't speak to whether or not the HC may resign, but I don't believe he will be forced to do anything except show up and be ready to work toward progressing and making the program better. I will add that I believe there have been successes under the current regime.
  11. I wasn't at the game, not being associated with either team. I went to see SC/MC. I wasn't aware adjustments were made. So I guess CHS coaching staff did not have their team prepared, but was able to figure it out in time. Good thing Upperman's staff didn't have time to adjust to the adjustments or they might win by 40.
  12. What do you base that on. They played and it was 8 points, seven days later it would be 40? Pretty easy to throw that out there wasn't it. Chew on this: the score for 2015 will always be 34-26. Cookeville will never beat Upperman by 40 this year.
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