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  1. Well today was the first day of practice and word?
  2. I heard the Dead Sea was just sick when you were born.
  3. I wonder how many parents, who's kids don't play ball anymore, still go to the games?
  4. The fans are getting older and there isn't as much interest among the younger folks. Now if it rains or is cold the season ticket holders stay home. The students don't seem to care like we did when I was in school. I never missed a game unless I had to work, then I went just to catch the 4th quarter. Now there are a bunch of year round sports drawing off players and fans. It may cost more now but I don't think TSSAA is the main cause. There's a whole new mind set among the fans now. Parents of players don't come to the games.
  5. Ya know Sweets if we didn't have the "Bonker" and the "Opster" around it would be awfully boring right now!!
  6. Being insane keeps you from going crazy!!
  7. Probably been a Big Ed's pizza mixed in there some place, if you want Barney. Course we don't have to wait till then if you happen to be in town sometime.
  8. The team is putting American flags on graves of veterans this weekend. So PROUD of these young men! Thank You
  9. If Cactus Jack said it, you can bank on it! No hear say as Sgt. Joe Friday said "Just the facts, Ma'am".
  10. I'm pulling for Darel also, I'm surprised he is making it in JuCo but good for him. He's had his issues but is a good young man. Plus he's one of our WWA guys! Hope he makes it over to the Large Orange campus and gets to play. And show everybody how good he can be!
  11. Man wish she could of come to the secret club's Good Fridays Luncheon! My Trophy Bride and MommaSTARS cud a talked bout being married for 30 years.
  12. Oke Gridge hosts Murvil aug. 9th up to "The NEW Ship" Get to show off our new turf and all that stuff. Boosters may charge admission ... gotta pay for the turf somehow! haha
  13. Nope the "rumor" is it will be in during the summer. And the new fence around the field before the season starts. Hope we do better with the Jombotron than Farragut ... all they do is show commercials and a few replays.
  14. The price I heard was $500,000. As for the Big Ed's menu probably could do it for a donation of a few pizzas but whoever did it would have to be a whole lot smarter than me to do it. haha But this is all hear-say. Like LOD would say "If it ain't on paper ... it didn't happen."
  15. Heard a corporate sponsor has been found for a "Jumbotron" to be erected on the berm on the north end of "The Ship".
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