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  1. We are doing well Thanks You, and I hope the same for you and your family this holiday season. WILDCAT PRIDE and MERRY CHRISTMAS and to all a good night! Sorry I was getting to serious.
  2. David Clary said the Karns game may be video screened. What ever that means. haha
  3. Great game last night! They earned that Gold Ball by working hard from last year to last night. A few crybabies need get a pacifier and give it a few licks and get over it! The folks over to Oke Gridge are proud of our buddies over to Murvil.
  4. Merry Christmas to you LOD and the rest of my friends on the "T"! May next year be a great one.
  5. Thanks guys but the shirts are gone . The players wanted to wear them to school and one teacher thought they were offensive, and the wearers were made to change shirts. We told them they couldn't wear them to school but kids are kids. We can't do something that's gonna get a kid in trouble. Plus they were expensive! haha. Heck I can't even say Wildcat Whoop #### on the T! See? It had a GOOD run though! WILDCAT PRIDE ROLL WILDCATS ROLL
  6. Yeah I'm with you LOD, I can't wait until March so I can say I've had a another birthday. Young folks don't understand that! Merry Christmas Old Friend
  7. Kinda sounds like Karns, don't it?
  8. Willie don't know if you aware of it but Kannon Green is the coach's daughter. Gonna be a pretty good ball player. Course so are her Momma and Dad.
  9. I listened to this one and Oak Ridge had to play the zebras also. Terrible officiating.I think the Pigeon Forge folks would agree! WILDCAT PRIDE
  10. Boy I have a way of killing a threat don't I? haha
  11. That's OK Willie everyone is entitled to one mistake. Just don't make anymore.HaHa I didn't think us Oke Gridgers made mistakes or were ever wrong. But some of these folks on the"T" seem to think we don't know nothing. Oh Well boring Sunday night so I just babble on. All you kids go to your rooms, I'm tired of your smart mouths! Boy I used to yell that at my kids .... didn't scare them or make them go to their rooms but I let of some steam. I'm going to bed nite nite. WILDCAT PRIDE
  12. I think the story of our loss last night was West's two running backs the BIG one and the little one. The Mattress kid is a man among boys, he just runs so hard, he's hard to stop. And the little on is just fast and shifty. But our Wildcats have been together as a team all year and played their hearts out with WILDCAT PRIDE!! So proud of them. If WWA shirts were still around the whole team would have one this morning. Only thing to say this morning is WILDCAT PRIDE we got it!
  13. That's what Mitch told me, but that's a17 year old kid talking. Heading over to Knoxburg gonna go by Deadend BBQ for dinner and some banana pudding. And off to the ballgame! THEN IT'S ROLL WILDCATS ROLL WILDCAT PRIDE
  14. I can't see a coach from Oak Ridge or Anderson County making it at Clinton. Just to close to home, what the rivalries between the schools. Plus maybe a little bad blood for past issues, like running the score up.
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