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  1. Gosh they hit so good they might as well not even play the game. I guess everyone else can just wait till next year.
  2. Every year Ooltewha is so loaded and should win state. Come on so they dominated in the district but thats only a few games. This is about the third year in a row that they should be winning state. They are good but lets cool the hype down a little bit. I would throw around Burke or at him just so he cant hurt you too bad. Im back for baseball season Grad.
  3. It will come down to Ooltewah and Soddy. Both have a strong core that have played varsity for a couple years. I would go with Soddy because Ooltewah is always hyped up but usually dont live up to it.
  4. EVERYBODY KNOWS THE SYSTEM! I thought Phil said he was looking at a number of people, we were led to believe some were in the NFL, and some of the "canadates" seasons were'nt over yet. When exactly was Cutcliffs season over? November of 04'. He didn't talk to anyone else-who were they? Thus the "easy way out" comment. He has gotten fat and lazy. He put no effort into this, just recycle an ex- coach.
  5. That a baby Phil. Take the easy way out and rehire Cutcliff. You worked real hard on that one. Be careful though, history does repeat itself. Did you just rehire your replacement, Johnny?
  6. Solomon you may find plenty of empty seats in the student section. Why do UT fans have to go back 7-15 years to talk about any accomplishments? Have you been living off of 98' all this time, like Fulmer. Your right he let's his assistants run the show, good or bad. And he leaves the discipline up to the Knox Co Sheriff. Just what exactly does he do? Oh thats right he goes out all over the country and gets these 5 star citizens of high moral character. Someone said earlier that it doesn't matter who the qb is next year. Boy that sounds familiar. Apparently it does matter who is qb.
  7. The problem has nothing to do with who is coming back. The problem is much deeper in the program. Next year will be worse and most of you on here will be calling for a head coaching change.
  8. Tn loses their starting QB (who couldn't play for LSU) and their front seven on defense. But look at the bright side, Ainge will be back. Or you could have a qb that hasn't taken a game snap. Don't forget the hardest working coach in college football. .........and the topic was hope for next season?
  9. Can you say Prophet? Hey Kevb, come out of hiding, we miss you! Next year could be worse.
  10. Cooterhooter is a very smart man. Dobbs is a catcher. What part of the body do catchers have the most problem with? KNEES.
  11. bosox will win cause manny and ortiz in the middle of the order
  12. I think UT people are just amazed that no one loves UT as much as they do. Every year they think they are going to win it all and every year they get mad when no one else thinks so.
  13. I see soddy found a running game and a deffense. I knew their coaches were too good to let the season slip away.
  14. Don't be bitter volman9, pay attention to your Munford team.
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