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  1. Now, you have to let Old Dad use his reverse psychology on ya'll. He is trying to get those Govs fired up, while wishing for the outcome he wants. /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />
  2. Just following my routine, sorry about that. The full story will be available online Monday, as well as some added information I believe. I am told to do an update on the game Friday night, so I did. But basically, it's what you know. Written reprimand, which isn't exactly a slap on the wrist in the education field. There are a lot of issues with tenure, etc. when one of these is placed in your files, but that SHOULD be covered Monday. Again, sorry. And what the heck does SOP mean? /tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":P" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" />
  3. I was walking up the path, heading to the top when a security guard, or officer was leading a large group of Clinton kids on to the field. I heard him say, let's celebrate on their field. That puzzled me, because moral victories are rather lame. But I turned and watched what was going on. There was shoving ... there was some colorful language, but are you sure you saw Stevens shoving students ... or are you trying to make more of an emotional situation?
  4. I think Kirkpatrick is back at full capacity, hopefully he stays that way. My take on Irby, that's a tough one. He throws such a gorgeous football in practice and warming up, but appears to "squeeze" it too much in games, causing some floaters and ducks. He hasn't done anything wrong, as of yet, but great defenses are coming up (like Friday) and I hope he can gain the confidence and throw the ball how we all know he can. No doubt, Oak Ridge will need a passing game and they have the weapons at receiver to have an effective one. Daniels Mulholland is going to be a real factor down the road, in that controlled passing game you talk about ... he and big ol Josh Gregory who has made tremendous strides since the pre-season.
  5. More friendly corrections ... it's Kevin SUMMERS, Demarcus ROGERS and RALPHEAL Coffey. As for your post, it's pretty much spot on. David Irby is the big quarterback and Clark's name is Tyler. Tyler looked good Friday night throwing the ball, once they got over some problems he had taking the shotgun snap.
  6. I heard it was VERY close to Blankenship Field, which is inside Jack Armstrong Stadium, which is across the street from Big Ed's Pizza, which smells really good when passing by.
  7. No. 10 is Marcus Underwood, and I have yet to see a scrimmage, jamboree or game that he hasn't had at least one "ooooh" hit.
  8. Actually Tad, when I was talking about the source ... then I said OK, I made a mistake. Again, it was me being sarcastic. There was no source ... I was saying I simply made a mistake. Like I said before, sorry about that ... it happens. Of course, you can still make a dozen more posts about Cobb actually playing defensive end, because thanks to you I will never make that mistake again.
  9. But what if someone from Fulton's staff told me he would be playing linebacker this year ... or what if I had one of those mysterious sources that told me he was a linebacker now ... or ... OK fine, I made a mistake. That's the first one ever!
  10. I understand, and again sorry that it hit home. As a writer, you actually want to invoke emotions in a way that doesn't reflect bad upon yourself or the organization you write for. Trust me, after doing this for nearly 20 years now, I have never and would never bash young men or women who represent their schools. While I enjoy stirring things up from time to time I also want to make it perfectly clear that I want nothing but success for the Oak Ridge program this season. I did NOT enjoy being off from the playoffs last year.
  11. I agree that picking up sarcasm in my column isn't always easy, but please don't say I am bashing the football program. Heck, I was making fun of those bashing the program. But, I am sorry if you felt I was doing that.
  12. When I get a column from David, there is always a problem. One, I can't edit any of it because it is full of great information and it's very entertaining. Two, I can't run it as one column, because when the voice gets typing ... he can't stop. I hate I have to break it into a series, but that's the only choice I have. For the record, I got MANY calls and e-mails regarding this particular series. There was just one that was concerned that it may be used as bulletin-board material for the Falcons. Of course, I don't know of any team that has used old newspaper columns to win football games. All of the other calls, e-mails and conversations agreed with David 100 percent.
  13. /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" /> My editor gives me a certain chunk ... I try to get bigger chunks, but he says we are all chunked out.
  14. What? I know there has been a game or two when stories have not got to my by the new deadlines, but you are saying the baseball team isn't getting good coverage? I mean, everyone is entitled to your opinion and perhaps our differences in the past sway yours, but Scott Monger has done a wonderful job of getting stories to me and thus, in the paper. There have been some really good photos of the team throughout the team, I took up a huge chunk of the page today with a special photo spread for the seniors. What more do you think I should do for the on-going baseball season?
  15. To be honest, I thought it was common sense. I didn't know there was any "required" participation, but I just figured that he would use this as a way to get his skill position people some work on the track, to get faster, etc. And there are some big boys throwing the shotput and discuss around as well. Just to tie some things together, from my point of view. After reading, talking and plain old observing, I don't think things are as bad as them may seem. However, maybe they aren't as good as I think they "could" be either. I am very anxious to see the make-up of the coaching staff for football and the numbers that will be out come Monday. I also hope we start things up with the Oklahoma drill for like an hour!
  16. Owns property ... need to hire anyone to look after it for you? I am always looking for odd jobs ... /wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" />
  17. Bounder -- my rib-making friend -- you are saying someone has to actually live here or come see firsthand to understand what is going on with the "demise" of the Oak Ridge football program? If that's the case ... I better not read one more negative post from my CoachT.com buddy from Florida. /laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":lol:" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" />
  18. While the problem in the "virtual" world will never be solved, I took care of it on my end in the "real" world. When someone would start bashing coach Stevens, or start rambling about booster money issues, I would pull out my recorder and simply ask: "Would you like to go on the record about this, maybe we can get something done?" And the conversation would get changed ... but coach bashing is nothing new, it just shocks me knowing why some of them are actually doing the bashing.
  19. I really don't know for sure, but I could see a running back by committee situation. I could see Vaughn, Rogers, Stephens, plus a couple of more that could be effective in certain situations. We all know the amount of dangerous athletes Oak Ridge should have, it's just finding ways to get them the ball and the blocking. It should be interesting to see who steps up as well, there is always a player or two that surprises you when spring practice rolls around ... looking forward to seeing if that trend holds up. The lineman are getting bigger and stronger. I saw a few of them tossing the ol shotput for the track team and there was a visual difference with their bodies. It is very apparent these guys were hitting the weights hard, as I have heard most of the team was. Depth ... will be lacking in the trenches, unless a few of the whispered surprises pan out. I just can't wait to take some dang football photos and see some hitting!
  20. I doubt I am in the "know" as much as you are. Let's be honest, things are messy right now, you have to get a coaching staff that gets along well ... and is on the same page as the head coach, whether you like him or not. Maybe the coaching departures will allow the head coach to get his guys in there, who really knows. As to who will be coaching, that is tough. Oak Ridge hires teachers ... not coaches, so it's not like someone can go out and hand pick a staff. You have to be lucky, that's for sure, when it comes to a coaching staff. The 'Cats record? Dang, that's too early for me to even venture a guess. I will need to look at the spring practice, see how the academics roll, check out the opponents and what they have coming back and coming in, trying to guess a record now would be like me trying to guess what my wife is thinking from day to day. After spring, I will toss my initial prediction in the ring, but will need to get a mulligan because a lot can happen over the summer ... as we all know.
  21. Oh no, I am a big supporter of coacht.com. What drops my IQ is reading posts from bitter old people that won't be honest about the reason they spend their few remaining days to bash a coach of a program they really have nothing to do with anymore. Other than that, coacht.com is a wonderful resource for true fans of high school sports. As for coach Layton, heck of a nice guy and I wish him the best. Talked with him a couple of days ago, this was indeed a good move for him for many many reasons.
  22. I lose more than that, my wife somehow helps me lose about $200 every time we go in that blasted place!
  23. I tend to agree with others, if Jeff gets the job, Tommy would go as well. In fact, perhaps two others would go, like most have speculated. I wouldn't look for Speas to be back this season. I think he's an amazing coach and could be in the high school ranks, however. All of that is just a feeling, with no fact-based argument behind it.
  24. Talked with Clifford Davis this morning, nice guy by the way. Applications will be taken until the 9th, then the selection committee will pick 10 names. Those 10 will be given interviews and then the list is whittled to three. From those three, the administration will pick the coach. Davis said interest has been incredibly high and the committee (which is made up of five school folks, four parents and one member of the community) has a great crop of names and coaches to choose from. Search committees ... some people from Oak Ridge have "fond" memories of those. Miner told me he has in fact applied, did so last Thursday according to him ... maybe it was Wednesday. As for Gray, I have no idea, but would assume that he has also applied. Mr. Davis wouldn't give me the names, of course.
  25. My ex-wife called me Satan ... and thus being Satan, I am officially offended by all mascots that have my likeness in them. I will be going on a campaign to get all the attention I possibly can, please watch for my pitchfork all across the state.
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