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  1. There is nothing like Falcon Fever. Great job to the coaches and players for getting the ship turned around and heading the right way.
  2. RebelRon The Matt Cline you said good luck to....Is he a HHS graduate a few years ago? If so, how is he doing and has been hired to coach back at HHS?
  3. I coached at HHS several years ago, and I just wanted to say that I met the new staff at the Glazier Clinic in Nashville. I want to congratulate HHS on a good hire. It looks that the new guys have a lot of energy. It was good to see Coach Jed West, one of my former players. I am excited to see his career take off. He deserves it. It was also good to see Todd and Coach McMahon. I think highly of those guys. Hopefully Todd will be on the staff. He is a fierce competitor and will help HHS on any field or court he coaches. I was very saddened that Coach Nelson will not be helping. He is what Heritage football is all about: tough, hard-nosed, disciplined, and competitive to the edge. Hopefully he will join the sidelines again. Once again, good luck Heritage from one of your old coaches.
  4. I want to wish nothing but good luck to Heritage and their new head coach. I got my coaching start several years ago at HHS, and I love those kids, coaches, and teachers. There are a lot of great people there. Good luck!!!
  5. I coached football at Heritage 6 years, and I just wanted to commit to the person who claimed that the Heritage players were classless and cheap. During the four years that I was there, not once did a player every play cheap or dirty, nor were they coached. Those kids always played hard no matter what the talent level. Remember, '99 and '00 when Heritage upset Maryville. I was on that staff both years, and those kids played hard. I also am good friends with Coach Nelson and I have heard of Coach Rewis. I am positive that those coaches as well as the entire staff teach sportsmanship along with hard play. I also wanted to say to the Maryville fans, congratulations on all the continued success. This is a game that I miss, and good luck to both teams. Hope the game is fun and enjoyable.
  6. I just wanted to wish the Falcons good luck this Friday night. If you guys play like you did against us, you can beat Riverdale. Protect the ball and play to win. Good luck again, and I will see you Friday night.
  7. CoachDG

    11 AA

    Bam24. It is also great to hear from you. How did the girls finish the season? If you or any of the girls need help with colleges, let me know and I will make some telephone calls.
  8. CoachDG

    11 AA

    I coached the softball team at Sycamore about 3 years ago when Cody, CJ, Peanut, Bam, and Chellie were Freshmen. I was wondering how they were doing and if they are going to play at the collegiate level? I wish them luck and want to tell them hello.
  9. I played with both Coach Derrik and Coach Gossett, and I coached with Coach Gossett for a couple of years. To this day I consider them two good friends, and both of them will do a great job at MC. What MC should try to do is get both of them on staff. The program would only excel with pride, hard work, and probably more kids wanting to play.
  10. I have had the pleasure of coaching football against Coach GQ and listening to him speak. He is a very good person/coach in an ideal situation. He expects to win, his staff expects to win, the kids expect to win, and the community expects to win. That is what makes Maryville so dominant. No one expects to loose or wants to lose. It is not accepted. I have spoken to Coach GQ several times, and he has invited me to talk to him if I ever become a head coach. I would want to pattern my program after Maryville's, Lincoln County's, and Cleveland's. Congratulations on another great year MHS.
  11. Coach, How are you doing? Pretty good here. Drop me an email. I would like to talk to you. I have a few questions I'd like to ask you.
  12. Anything Coach Thompson said when I played for him at LC. Danny Wilson, head coach now at Cleveland, once said, "We gotta learn how to block down and kick out before do anything else."
  13. Bam24 I just wanted to wish all the Sycamore girls good luck this year.
  14. Good luck Cait and the whole HHS Lady Mountaineers!!
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