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  1. Red81KPsmash

    Powell @ Campbell County

    Powell exposed as pretenders
  2. Red81KPsmash

    How bad is Seymour

    Beaten badly by Carter and South Doyle. What has happened?
  3. Red81KPsmash

    Jefferson County 2015

    Wishful thinking from an Alcoa fan. I would love to see it happen, but there is no way Jefferson Co. will be able to pay him enough. The county ranks near the bottom in teacher pay and the coaching supplements suck. Why would he leave a place where he makes a lot more money and wins for a place that cannot pay him and rebuild?
  4. Red81KPsmash

    5-2 Carter at 6-2 Gatlinburg Pitttman

    You suck at picking games
  5. Red81KPsmash

    William Blount @ Jefferson County

  6. Red81KPsmash

    William Blount @ Jefferson County

    Any Jefferson County fans lurking around? No. Unfortunately a series of bad hires buy the county administration and a series of bad coaches Jefferson County fans are few and far between anymore. This once stories program has fallen on hard times. Until some drastic changes are made (principal, AD), the program will be stuck. I think Cobble is doing all he can with the support he is getting.
  7. Red81KPsmash

    Big 8 Week 3

    Is it not funny how all these Memphis area kids are ranked in the top 25 yet the Gold Balls always come to East TN. Anyone find this strange, or is it just me?
  8. Red81KPsmash

    Greeneville vs MoWest

    And all of Cain's soldiers and all of Cain's men couldn't put Greenville's defense together again! I don't think West paid much attention to your scoreboard sign.!
  9. Red81KPsmash

    Excessive celebration my hind quarters

    Typical zebra. They all suck.
  10. Red81KPsmash

    2012 IMAC

    Was at the Jamboree last night. It is good to be football time again. Jeff. Co. showed very little and the first team only played the first series against Mo. West. Defense looked solid. Jones kid laid the wood to TE to force a fumble. Back-ups gave up a big play at the end to let West score. Cocke Co. looked good on offense and drove it down for a score against West. They held out their stud back Haney and still looked really good. West looked pretty good on offense. Quarterback was a little off target on a couple of throws. Defense struggled against Cocke Co., but handled Jeff's vanilla offense. Without a doubt the most impressive team to watch was Cherokee. That's right, Mobuck was the best team there last night. The Ryan kid at QB is really good. He can throw any pass needed from the pocket or on the run. East could not stop them at all. They gave up a long pass with the young ones.
  11. Red81KPsmash

    Morristown East- How Do We Look?

    Saw them on the jamboree tonight . Long year for the Canes ahead. They could not stop Cherokee. The Ryans kid is really good
  12. Red81KPsmash

    2012 IMAC

    Sevier Co. will be the top of the conference again. Jefferson Co. will be much improved and will get over the hump to finish second. Morristown West will be down a little but will finish third. Cherokee returns the Ryans kid at QB so they will be dangerous. 5 - 8 will be a toss up between South Doyle, Mo. East, Seymour, and Cocke Co. Overall, I think the conference will be down compared to last year. Offenses just will not be as good.
  13. Red81KPsmash

    Maryville vs. Sevier Co.

    Bearsmom, if SC really believed to be the best you have to play the best, then why do you guys schedule Halls and William Blount as nonconference opponents? The IMAC is not a particulary deep conference. SC, Morristown West, and Jeff. Co.. (not this year) are the only quality teams year in year out. Maryville has tried to strengthen their schedule somewhat by scheduling Oak Ridge and Webb. The region Maryville plays in is better overall now. But when their "rivals" were not in the same league (during the megarun), the schedule was a joke. Sevier does play DB out of conference, but those other games are gimmies!
  14. Red81KPsmash

    Dobyns Bennett off-season thread

    Typical Maryville fan. I never accused Maryville of being scared. I simply stated that you and SC never were willing to schedule each other. Now go away, I am busting DB's chops right now
  15. Hey WackoJacko, let's getting rolling! Bwahahaha