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  1. prich01

    Used Tarps

    Also try checking with area minor league teams. We purchased ours that way from a team that was replacing theirs.
  2. Cumberland County is looking for a scrimmage on Saturday 3/3 and will travel. Contact Head Coach Dave Prichard at 931-337-9721 or [email protected]
  3. All politics. Coach Childs has done nothing but a phenomenal job at Warren County leading them to multiple regional appearances and I believe one sub-state appearance during his tenure. He is a quality baseball guy and a fine man as well. Very disappointing that Warren County High School would do such a thing. I think they will look back and regret this day. Baseball was one of the few sports that saw success at the high school in recent years. Best of luck to Coach Childs.
  4. Cumberland County High School has an Iron Mike MP5 pitching machine for sale. We also have a Jugs M1000 for sale. Both are In good condition and not being used. Make an offer. Contact head coach Dave Prichard at [email protected] or 931-337-9721 if interested.
  5. Cumberland County is looking for a possible scrimmage on Wednesday 3-5. Will travel within 1hr-1 1/2. If interested contact Head Coach Dave Prichard at 931-337-9721 or [email protected]
  6. Cumberland County High School is looking for a scrimmage on Thursday 3/7 or Friday 3/8 and will travel within an 1hr 30 distance. We have been rained out of a few scrimmages and need to play. If interested, please call head Coach Dave Prichard at 931-337-9721 or email at [email protected]
  7. If you are throwing Stone in the mix then you have to consider Cumberland County. Nicer facilities than Stone in my opinion. Catholic is nicer than either so must be higher on list than #5
  8. I am not from Warren County and have no affiliation with them. Simply put "spillthebeans" has no class. Ooltewah is the better team but they did not win. The coach can think what he wants and can be correct (they most likely did give the game away) but you don't print what was printed, that is a total lack of class as well. At the end of the day, Warren is still playing and Ooltewah is not. In my opinion, losing on friday (substate), even if it is a blowout, is better than not playing on friday.
  9. Highly doubt that was allowed, and if discovered that it took place will be dealt with by Coach Jones. Lots of things going through the mind of a coach during the latter innings and end of a close game. Pretty sure no coach inspects the shake hands line. Maybe that's a situation that needs taken up with the parents of the alleged kid who wouldn't shake. That's probably a better place to direct your frustration.
  10. Coach Jones is quality! Hopefully the Coffee County School Board doesnt make a huge mistake.
  11. Coach Hart does a great job with his guys and anyone who thinks its time for a change is out of their mind. He is playing young kids and losses come with that. The tough schedule that you are complaining about will only make them better down the road. From the outside looking in it appears to be a bad cyle in talent in McMinn County overall. I promise you that Coach Hart is working and will have this group of guys very competitive not only in the district but in the region by the time they are seniors.
  12. prich01


    Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Coffee can finish 2/3, Warren can finish 2/3/4, and Cumberland can finish 3/4/5. Still alot to be decided. Cookeville is the best team. Coffee, Warren, and Cumberland are all very similar. Will be an interesting last week.
  13. Cumberland County is looking for a game on April 26th. Can host or travel. Please contact Coach Prichard at 931-337-9721 or [email protected]
  14. Cumberland County High School is looking for a game this saturday april 23, preferably semi-local. Can play at home or travel. We are also looking for a game on May 3rd. Please call/text Coach Prichard at 931-337-9721 or email at [email protected]
  15. You should feel lucky that you have a quality coach like Coach Hart at a small school like central. If you think he does a bad job with those kids then you don't know what a good coach is.
  16. No information here. All I know is that Coach Caldwell was Rhea County Baseball. He completely turned that program around and poured his heart and soul into it for 15 yrs. He always got the most out of his talent and regularly managed to beat much more talented teams. He will be near impossible to replace. Not a wise move on the administration's part in my opinion. They definitely were not thinking about the kids on this one. Coach Caldwell will be missed and I wish him the best in the future. Smells strictly political to me. Who removes a coach in July???
  17. Cumberland County High School is looking for a game on april 23 or 24 due to previous rainouts that were unable to be rescheduled. Willing to travel either day. Call Coach Prichard @ 931-337-9721 if interested or email @ [email protected]
  18. ditto to the above post. The coaching staff at Clinton does a great job with average talent. I have seen the shortstop play first hand and he is an exceptional athelete. Coach Taylor will have his team playing well above their talent level by tournament time. Remember, its always easy to second guess but many of the people who complain are not willing to invest 20+ hours a week practicaly raising young men for a couple thousand bucks. Oh yeah, and thats on top of another full time job. Let the coaches coach.
  19. Cumberland County is looking for a scrimmage on Sat. Feb. 27 or March 1 or 2. Willing to travel. Anyone interested contact Head Coach Dave Prichard at 931-337-9721 or [email protected]
  20. Don't know the situation and don't know the kids but I do know the Oak Ridge coach very well and he is a first class coach and man. I fully support his decision. Student athletes need to be held to a higher standard. They represent our schools and communities.
  21. Its nothing but a money racket. TSSAA doesnt care about putting a good product on the field early in the playoffs. All they are interested in is their cut$$$ Same goes for basketball. Why are we putting 4 teams in the regional? There is no reason for more than half the teams in a classification making the playoffs other than it's a money maker plain and simple. Other sports that are not so called "revenue" sports only have two teams represent their district in the playoffs.
  22. We are putting together a small freshman schedule and need to schedule a few more freshman/jv games. If you are interested please call Coach Prichard at Cumberland County High School or email at [email protected] Possible Dates: March 15, 18, 19, 27 April 1, 2, 23, 30
  23. I am a high school coach and summer baseball is very important for my program. It really is the only time to work with younger players (especially those who will see an increase in playing time the next season). Without summer baseball it would be hard to get a look at some kids. Especially with our hands being tied the way they are with fall baseball. I also am not a big fan of a kid abandoning his hs team in the summer to travel exclusively. I think it kinda sends a wrong message to his teammates (the i am too good to play with you message). Its tough to build a "team" that way. If a kid travels a lot I still want him to be present with the hs program some in the summer. Now trust me, I understand the value of some travel baseball and my kids seeing better competition. I have kids on my team that play on travel teams as well. The way I like to set it up is for our high school team to play Mon-Thurs and let the kids who travel go with their teams on the weekend. That way we kind of get the best of both worlds. If a kid has a week long tourney somewhere with his travel team we can work around that.
  24. prich01

    3 sport players

    For schools that must share players, the smart coaches are the ones that get together and work it out. Otherwise some of the best athletes play one sport while other good athletes play another. The result is no program is as good as it can be. Baskeball and Baseball can easily share guys. I agree with some above posts that football begins in July.
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