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  1. Thanks. I figured Cary and Glover but didn't really follow AA that well.
  2. Can't locate this info. Anybody know any of them?
  3. No upsets first round. 1st and 2nd seeds held serve.
  4. How bad is the injury?
  5. Looking at team records, it would indicates that Region 6 is very likely to have 2 teams at state. In Region 5, expect Houston County to win and the winner of East Robertson/Richland. Houston County is clearly the more challenging of the 3. Perry played Houston County first game of the season at home and lost a close game. Hard to tell much about first games relative to improvement. Didn't see any standout players for Houston County in that game. But as everyone knows, at tournament time there will be upsets and improbable teams at the 'Boro based on season records. Perry last year is a good example with 2 huge upsets at the right time to get there.
  6. Glad Summertown got the win but it feels like a hollow victory. Hate it when injury is such a significant factor in the outcome of a game.
  7. Does anyone have the players named to the all district team?
  8. What about tickets? Can you get tickets at the gate? Perry County wants to see this game.
  9. Community will be playing with a chip after last years loss at the buzzer. But South Greene looked very good playing a good Pickett County team so I'll take the Rebels in this one (but I wouldn't bet the farm). If they meet again next year I'd definitely take the ​Rebels. Community will be rebuilding while the Rebels will be getting stronger. I've already got South Green the favorite for state Champs next year, the year after and maybe this year. Haven't seen this much young talent at one school since I've been in Tennessee.
  10. congrats Community. Good luck the rest of the tournament.
  11. Well, we promise to show up in large numbers anyway.
  12. The PC boys have never shot well at MTSU. Something about the visibility difference I think. I hope the PC girls figure it out because they must score from the 3pt line. They will probably be the shortest team up there. Good athletes that can defend the shot but will give up some points on offensive boards. PC shoots the 8-12 foot jumper well and have had to do that this year when they couldn't drive the basketball inside and the 3's weren't falling well. They still were able to win but the level of competition is high at this level. The fact that PC beat Houston County twice this year and Houston County took Community to 2 OTs says this could be a very competitive game. If PC gets the 3 figured out, they have more than 1 shooter that could light up the scoreboard and make them hard to beat. Community will not be an easy out. Community beat PC last year when PC couldn't keep no 40 off the offensive boards. Too many put backs to over come. This could be the key to the game again this year. I went to the D9 championship game between Community and Middle Tenn and no 40 is still going strong. ​I'll be there!! Go, fight, win Lady Vikings.
  13. You were right on. PC made very few inside 8 feet but the Houston Co Zone gave Pc too many 3 pt chances and they lost. PC is on to the 'boro!!!
  14. PC beat Houston County by 20 the very first game of the season way back in Nov. I agree Houston Co is much improved since that game but 10+ at PC seems a little much. I got PC in a competitive game unless PC gets outrageous at the 3 point line which they have done more than once. If that happens, it will be PC by 10+.
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