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  1. Not Daddy Wrestling that is for Coaches. State Chairman or Leader needs be person who has a reason to be in the position to make things better. And willbe around for the longrun.
  2. Needs to a person that has a young child. That way will be around for a while and wants to see things done to benefit kids.
  3. Congrats to Isabella Badon Tn And Southeast Regional Tricia Saunders Excellence winner hope n good luck for overall.
  4. All that needs to be presented is an Actual breakdown of Cost. Expense for trip. Entry fee,team gear(what they get) travel, lodging dorm which covers meals or hotel which requires meals to be purchased. If not dorms then more gas is Required to eat and going back n forth daily.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/WrestlersOnlyGroup/permalink/2298947586869057/?sfnsn=mo
  6. Not sure but possibly a guess HS kida have buy a AAU card for one day usage?????
  7. Its not just about funds. True Booster Clubs do the Financial Support but there are things not seen by public.
  8. It has been postponed due loss of venue. Should have never scheduled duals anyway as first event.
  9. You have to be crazy you think all sports are treated the same. Especially if a AD is also a coach of a Sport. That is just ridiculous.
  10. I will agree with the Principle but AD has been in place too long. Need new blue blood and ideas to liven things up.
  11. Get new AD. Dont let sumone play favorite with the Athletics. Treat all kids n teams the same.
  12. Yes you would think. But when they are only there half time, it appears thinds definitely are not that way. Just clean house at top dowb. New AD, NEW COACHES.
  13. Need to get a Full time AD. One who supports the Coaches.
  14. I thought the Savior had come back to rule the world.
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