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  1. Sounds like can only check what ya can see. So no tights can be worn for weigh-ins. Just Singlet or 2 piece. Which does not make since for a female to wear an undershirt if she is wearing a 2 piece uniform. Females are gonna be required to be under weight. Uniform the Singlet or 2 piece, Sports bra and full under shirt plus suitable undergarment covering buttocks.
  2. No one bashed it. Just stated that Folkstyle should be Illegal after the State Tourny. Have kids open up to a different type of Wrestling. Makes it much more fun and is exciting especially compared to Folkstyle.
  3. Yuk soon as State is over Folk should be over. Get all wrestlers to enhance there skills and weapons.
  4. The next step should get the Tourny back on a Campus that actually has College Wrestling. Let the Tournament show case what Wrestling leads to not a Rodeo Barn..
  5. Absolutely. Folkstyle should be ILLEGAL after the state tourney until next season Oct. Change things up rules n styles to prevent burnout and get opportunity to face different competitors in state, Regions and Nationally.
  6. I think should be odd number weight classes like 13 harder for thing end in ties. Team Scoring would put more emphasis on wrestling and winning if points were: Pin--6 Tech w/NF--5 Tech no NF--4 Major--3 Decision--2 FF--1 Point No big point swing for not wrestling. If team weighs a wrestler in for a weight but chooses to FF not wrestle. They have to ff that weight and next dual after. Penalty for making weight but coach hold out. Have this all way thru state duals. Require alot more coach strategy if they choose to forfeit weight classes. Fan friendly they pay to see competition not hands raised for just walking onto the mat.
  7. The real need and push is for ALL schools to push get approved for TMSAA Teams. The teams regulated by the schools and have parents to push for this to happen. Then you have youth programs feeding into feeder schools Middle Schools to the High Schools.
  8. Can anyone post Tournaments that are available for Dec 6/7, Dec 20/21, Dec 27/28, Jan 4, Jan 10/11, Jan 25. One or two day events. I am looking for Boys tournaments and Girls, would be great if it had both in same place. Thanks for any info.
  9. So these Quality Coaches are going to deprive their kids the opportunities to become All-Americans at the Worlds Largest and Toughest Tournament?????? They do not wrestle and support Tn then the Coaches are the ones who are not supporting the system and state not the Kids.
  10. Not Daddy Wrestling that is for Coaches. State Chairman or Leader needs be person who has a reason to be in the position to make things better. And willbe around for the longrun.
  11. Needs to a person that has a young child. That way will be around for a while and wants to see things done to benefit kids.
  12. Congrats to Isabella Badon Tn And Southeast Regional Tricia Saunders Excellence winner hope n good luck for overall.
  13. All that needs to be presented is an Actual breakdown of Cost. Expense for trip. Entry fee,team gear(what they get) travel, lodging dorm which covers meals or hotel which requires meals to be purchased. If not dorms then more gas is Required to eat and going back n forth daily.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/groups/WrestlersOnlyGroup/permalink/2298947586869057/?sfnsn=mo
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