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  1. Good choice but I’m a little partial. I’m going with Daniel Spradlin as 1A and Jason Whitten as 1B.
  2. LOL at coaches on coachT. I am aware of one coach with a program a few years ago that was dismissed for being on the T.
  3. Rest assured there had to be a reason they were following you. Coulter is as accommodating as they come as long as you follow the rules. When you walk in like you own the place don't expect them to give you the key to the school and free run on the facilities. BTW.....Oakland by a bunch and no doubt they are the team to beat in 6A again this year. Creasy keeps it rolling.
  4. This is comical......The SEC of Tennessee football.
  5. Lol.....ok. Your’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Hang in there, though. I’m sure somebody will pay your way.
  6. Just a suggestion.....you should do some research before tossing out accusations and name calling someone that has been around the game for 40 plus years and knows what he is talking about. Again....just a suggestion because it’s not a good look for you
  7. The last arguments have the look of old Maryville threads
  8. Tournament sport.:...doesn’t matter who is ranked where anytime during the season. You will have the chance to prove your team’s actual ranking in the playoffs.
  9. Maryville has played Catholic a few times. Alcoa has played McCallie as well.
  10. Momma would have ate all of hers and half of yours.
  11. What are the dial location and call letters of the Maryville radio station that will carry the game? Also....has it been confirmed that chslive.com will not carry the internet feed? Thanks
  12. Blackman is down after losing several nice players from last season. Alcoa is not. Alcoa by a bunch.
  13. I would rather have “quick” versus speed always in a football player.
  14. Pal's is to the NE Tennesseans like Skyline Chili is to the Cincinnati area
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