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  1. Ahhhhhh......this good ole days. Very entertaining reading the replies in this thread.
  2. Mr. Carnes can throw the deep route with the best of them, just not a nickel and dimer.
  3. So what is the solution to the rising cost of participation?
  4. If it were me I wouldn't downplay the hire. He has a pretty solid resume.
  5. Educating yourself is typically a good idea prior to commenting, otherwise you look pretty stupid.
  6. Read the article. Sounds like the writer has been dining on sour grapes.
  7. Hate to see this news. Coach Caldwell did a great job and I witnessed first hand the positive influence he had on those kids.
  8. TCA made 5 errors to one for GB. Appears to me that the GB is a much better defensive team than TCA. Bottom line......GB was the better team! Better prepared, wiser in the rules of baseball, better defensive, and much better coached. The final score tells you all you need to know.
  9. Greenback is not my team so let's say I am neutral. Yes.......you are butt hurt....very butt hurt. It will get better with time.
  10. Dude......that butt is pretty sore isn't it?
  11. I checked the box score and it had Greenback as the winner. Lasik surgery is about $4,500.00, or they also make meds for being butt hurt.
  12. Impressive run by that Senior class. They will be missed by the Greenback community, but I am sure their memories will rest in that new trophy case. Congrats to all and much respect for their accomplishments.
  13. Likely celebrating a championship ring.
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