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  1. I predict they make it with this scenario. Govs in a rout Friday night.
  2. April 2020 McMinn County HS has an enrollment of 1,557 9th - 12th. Maryville lists 1,287 10th - 12th so assuming 400 plus for 9th that would put Maryville around 1,700 students. Someone else may have a more accurate list.
  3. DB O-line is dominating Farragut’s front 7 so far. Farragut looks beaten already.
  4. Just barely missed my prediction. Good lord WB, that is just bad.
  5. Post number 3. Thank you for your participation.
  6. I'm taking the Govs in this one. Depth and an improving WB team leaves UET with the W.
  7. Question for you STARPOWER....what about the 3 change of possessions that were called, or no calls that went against Maryville? One was in the first half and two in the second half. All three should have went Maryville's way after review of the film, and they didn't. Did that effect the players mindset?
  8. So why are you embarrassed? Other than the call at the end of the first half, what else embarrassed you? Everyone of the calls on Maryville’s first drive were accurate. Maryville had 3 change of possession calls go against them. Two ball strips that were out before the whistle, both times Farragut was allowed to keep the ball. The Jones fumble in the second half when he was down. Go watch the film then let me know if you are still embarrassed. Farragut needs to coach their DB’s how to cover without interfering IMO. Maryville dominated the second half and Farragut scored 3 points in 4 quarters. That pretty much says it all.
  9. This is the correct answer. Alnwick will forever be undefeated.....and the curse will continue until the powers to be wise up.
  10. Sorry...no reason to bring "my boy" into the conversation. That has nothing to do with anything I was commenting on. Perhaps you are assuming some intent for my post? Rest assured that there was no intent outside of what was said. Btw....WB will never play 1A Greenback so the game will remain in the IFL.
  11. Sorry....can't go with that based on all the smack the GB faithful have talked the last few years. I think the discussion was how bad GB would beat up on a larger school named William Blount?
  12. Rankin is in the area of 450 plus wins. Old Rebel well over 500 wins. I think he knows a little about football. Nix is a fantastic D coordinator and I doubt either school would even consider a trade, theoretically. What I do know is the line would be very very long with schools that would like to have either running their defense. Now that is a FACT!
  13. You said “learn football”. I just stated that he is likely the winningest coach in the state. The point I was making is that he “ knows football. Just because he doesn’t agree with you doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t.
  14. FYI........old Rebel has likely won more football games than anyone in the state of Tennessee
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