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  1. If Trump can be elected President, can Betsy beat Alcoa?
  2. Congratulations to Elizabethton's Kayla Marosites for a well deserved award. Go Lady Cyclones!
  3. That is exactly my suggestion. The student body rushing the court was spontaneous. Had GP just sat for a moment I am sure Coach Dugger and the Cyclones would have lined up for a handshake.
  4. I am about as big of a Cyclone homer as there is, but I would have waited until after the game to read the list of accomplishments, if at all. I think GP used that as motivation, which I would have done as a coach. Elizabethton's post game celebration with the student body was understandable after a close and exciting win. I did not think it was excessive and I did not understand why GP did not wait to shake hands. Hines did all she could until fouling out late to win the game. Pittman is a very good team and is to be commended for their heart and talent. Melenda Perry was huge early for Elizabethton. The Marosite twins came up huge in the final minute and the Lady Cyclones move on to the Boro. Go Cyclones!
  5. I have never seen Haywood or Shutes, but that is a bold prediction. Time will tell how "realistic" of a fan you are.
  6. Betsy, Fulton, McMinn, Upperman, East Nash, CPA, Westview, and Haywood.
  7. I have not seen GP this year, but I believe the Lady Cyclones are on a mission. Betsy by 12.
  8. I believe the Cyclone boys and girls victories over the home standing Grizzlies says it all. The Grainger administration might benefit from a little self reflection.
  9. Elizabethton's Kayla Marosites is the reigning AA Miss Basketball. She has led Elizabethton to a #1 ranking and 20-0 record so far this season. She was on the state champion team as a sophomore. The Lady Cyclones lost in the state semifinals her freshman and junior years and hope to return to Murfreesboro this year. She and twin sister Kelci have signed with ETSU. The Lady Cyclones also have 6'4" center Emily Schubert, super shooting guard Emily Kiser, and floor leader point guard Melenda Perry rounding out the all senior starting five. Despite such balance, Kayla has incredible statistics for the state's second highest scoring team at 74.6 points per game. She is averaging 24 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 3.5 steals, and 0.5 blocks a game. She is shooting 95% from the free throw line, and 43% on three point shots. At 5'10" tall, Kayla is two guard size for college, but plays inside and outside for the Lady Cyclones. She is closing in on the 2,000 point mark for her career and Kelci is closing in on 1,500. Kayla's play speaks for itself as a Miss Basketball nominee. Go Cyclones!
  10. Elizabethton has rolled over Daniel Boone and Knox Webb this week in impressive fashion.
  11. Looks great to me! Go Cyclones!
  12. I am still around. I plan to see as much basketball as I can, but I will no longer be doing the Tri-County Seven Rankings. Maybe someone else can take over.
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