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  1. McKenzie has to be the favorite. Savannah Davis is just a fabulous player and the Lady Rebels defensive pressure is quite a weapon as well. With so many players returning, I expect McKenzie to be even better next year. Dresden will be very good also as every member of the team returns including Lucy Curry who is very very good. in talking with Wayne County folks at Murfreesboro, the Lady Cats have some really good young players and their fans expect them to remain a contender for awhile. I don’t know how Gleason and Greenfield can remain as strong with the losses of Anderson and Darby. And I’m sure there will be plenty of other contenders emerge
  2. From what has been posted here, WC is well coached and just solid overall and a strong post game. Maybe some Huntland, Moore County, or Houston County posters could tell us more.
  3. I’m planning to get to Murfreesboro on Wednesday and I have to say I’m most interested in Class A. I’ve always liked the smaller schools, and it seems there are some really compelling matchups this year. I have t seen Dresden play any this year, but I’m looking forward to watching them as I’m somewhat biased to West Tn teams. I know Gleason and especially McKenzie are really good teams. I know the Wayne County teams from the past are good and won both the district and region tournaments and from what I can gather haven’t lost to a Class A team all season. It just comes down to which team plays it’s best down the stretch though. I saw Loretto play earlier in the year and so no way that team wouldn’t be in Murfreesboro, but that’s tournament basketball at its best. I’m going to try to familiarize myself with these teams from the East, and I’m glad that class A doesn’t start until Thursday because even though I’ll arrive on Wednesday I won’t be there for the first two games. I’ll get to see all of the class A tournament though. I really have no predictions to make other than I think McKenzie was quite deserving of the number one ranking and some team will have to play an excellent game to defeat them.
  4. In Linden for a football game a few years back and ate at Hens and Hogs (loaded baked potato was pretty good). I don’t know how young Wayne County is but it does seem that they have made quite a bit of improvement in the last couple of years
  5. Well even though I can watch on NFHS if those games could be as good as you describe then I may have to go to Murfreesboro for the opening round
  6. I feel Wayne County will need that solid defense to win against Houston County. The HC guards really impressed me and from what I’ve heard about WC the strength is in the paint…if that’s the case then it should be quite an intriguing matchup
  7. While I think McKenzie is easily the Class A favorite to win it all. I do think that Gleason could pull the upset in the final four should the two teams meet. Gleason’s PG is legit and would likely not be as affected by the backcourt pressure of McKenzie as other teams have been
  8. I wasn’t expecting this matchup to take place on Saturday night and if it did then I certainly thought it would be in Loretto. I still give Loretto the edge in this one. It’s a similar situation to what Loretto faced last season heading into McKenzie in the region semifinal game. I agree that these could well be the two top two teams in AA. And I like the new four classifications. I realize that some of the top AA teams have ascended from the Class A ranks of last year, but I just like that some of the smaller schools get a better opportunity now. Also it makes AA quite exciting and a state tourney berth well earned.
  9. Since I mainly follow middle and west Tennessee, then I’m going to say that the Wayne County-Houston County looks like it quite a matchup. I watched Houston County play McKenzie close by making several three point attempts. I’ve been following Wayne County scores and it seems there were some close games in that region tournament. So what’s everyone’s thoughts here? What does Wayne County do well? I’m pretty sure the strength of Houston County is its guard play. I see McKenzie winning easily. I think Gleason will win as I’ve seen them play a few times and the point guard there is a spectacular player. But I have no idea in the Dresden-MAHS matchup
  10. I was able to get a look at the article, but I’m just not that familiar with some of the players…it gave the stats and such and I thought it was interesting, but if any of you can add anything to it then that would be great. I’ll be in Murfreesboro for the state tournament so it would make it more interesting to have some insight
  11. A friend of mine lives near Nashville and was telling me about an article in the Tennessean about top players to watch in the area. I’m more familiar with the west middle Tn area than around Nashville, but I was curious if anyone saw that article and could shed some light. Online the Tennessean requires a subscription and I’ve already subscribed to so many online publications I’ve got to draw the line somewhere and since I’m not in the Nashville area then I don’t see it worth the subscription for just an article every month or so.
  12. Thanks for the report with pretty good details. The Wayne County record is impressive but it doesn’t seem like the district is that strong. However I’m sure Collinwood is quite capable as I know the Trojanettes have a senior point guard that can be very effective.
  13. I’ve seen Huntland and Moore County play one time each and I can see how both are capable of advancing out of region play. You say Wayne County is comparable to North Green, but I’m not that familiar with NG so how would you describe Wayne County overall
  14. Great time of the year right here with the postseason set to begin — I’ve seen McKenzie play multiple times and this team is really really good! That being said I’ve been impressed with Houston County as well. Both teams should easily make it to substrate and quite likely to Murfreesboro. The neighboring region is wide open but I give the edge to Greenfield with a player like Darby it’s hard to consider her team the favorites
  15. It’s hard to believe the regular season is almost over. With that being the case, who is the pick to win these regions? I’ll go region 7: Greenfield, Region 6: McKenzie, Region 5: Wayne County. I’ve been following the other thread mainly about AA and it seems Loretto is the standout team in that classification — so I thought I’d start one for these regions in class A
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