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  1. Huntland coaches will snitch again this year. Lol.
  2. Still puzzling on timing of Randolph leaving. Head and shoulders above any other head coach in this 1A area & Corntown has a stable of studs this year.....that young Tail Back is what makes a wing T go!!!
  3. Huntland is about 20 years too late on an opening for HC.....
  4. I and many others completely disagree. It's child abuse.
  5. That does not matter. Most pitchers are still pitching during bball season coach.....just because they play another sport doesn't mean they are getting a break.....
  6. Kermit Reed, I hope she can play too. She's a difference maker.
  7. Those refs last night were complete garbage . Both games were complete referring disasters. TSSAA must be proud!
  8. Great season huntland. Congrats to MC on advancing.
  9. Predicting a 9A rematch for Region championship. If May, Morris, Riley, McClennan & Danley can be successful is their press, I believe they win. I think MC advances tonight.
  10. Citys' coach has completely turned that program around. I've told her many times how great of a job she is doing. She has passion.
  11. Yes Charlotte played great too. I think this was the first game MC was fully healthy vs huntland. MC will be hard to deal with for the next 3 years at least, I've always said when MC fresh get to be Jr & Sr watch out. They will have all the pieces. Athletic bigs, sharp shooters & defense plus a deep rotation.
  12. MC & Evil Olivia.Richards.
  13. You 2 Crack me up. Why not just talk at work? Lol
  14. Eagleville with big win vs MC last night.
  15. MC with big win last night.
  16. These 2 teams could face each other 2 more times. Those will be exciting games to watch!!
  17. Yes. I thought they would be much better. Pure player effort and hustle can win alot of these games for every team.
  18. Cornersville bball is on the rise. I believe City missed the freshman being out in the MC game but still a gutsy performance by MC.
  19. MC took City to the wire....
  20. Lack of God given talent & lack of effort (in some cases) is the explanation. No coach can fix heart, effort or competitiveness. That's a personal choice by the player. Other than City, this is the weakest I've ever seen District 9A.
  21. Having that amount of talent, the options are limitless.
  22. Him and Isiah would be a dynamic 2 TE set. I've been saying that all year.
  23. Varo speaks no lies here. All are great places to eat!!
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