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  1. why can i not log in on the home page?
  2. Why can i not sign in on the home page ?
  3. Thanks for the info i sure miss his reports on baseball.
  4. Where is Pageman i have missed his reports on games this year?
  5. The team that hurts itself the least by errors will win.
  6. Look forward to seeing you Pageman should be a great game.
  7. Giles Co. Beat Ezell Harding 10 to 0 To advance to Wednesdays game against Marshall Co., Congrats Giles Co.!!
  8. I was just wondering how long has Loretto had baseball and who are some of the other coaches over the years? I go to ballgames to watch the games if i go and a coach, parent or fan make a fool out of themselves it takes away from what i was there for. When you have a coach that argues everytime a call goes against them soon the players feel like they are getting a raw deal everygame and soon after that the parents feel like all calls against them are umpires just trying to cheat their kid. A coach questioning a call from time to time is part of the game i know that but when it turns into 3 or 4 times a game thats more than most fans want.
  9. Was it the same umpires as Monday in Pulaski? Maybe the district needs to use another association next year at tournament time.
  10. You must be Gary Lamm himself or you have never watched Loretto play a game when they are behind. I have heard him tell a umpire not to bring his problems from home to the ballpark. How that umpire did not throw him out of the game i will never know. If this is what you mean by how it should be done you need to think again. I watched his son Mark come all the way from centerfield to homeplate and argue with the umpire during a game last year.
  11. If a parent goes onto the field after a coach it don't matter which coach he should banned from the games the rest of the season. If you have a problem with the coach off the field and in private is where it should be handled not out in front of fans and players. Then you don't risk having it blown out of proportion.
  12. your right supersport Miles don't like Giles very well. Homecooking is why teams want home field advantage your right. If it were not for umpires Loretto would be undefeated every year to hear those people tell it.
  13. Plate umpire was Miles from Pulaski.
  14. I think Loretto and Page advance to next week. Good luck to all teams.
  15. I can see a 3 way tie for first. What is the tie breaker?
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