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  1. Here is a "novel' idea. OBEY the rules in place Team c fans , coaches , etc only worried about who told on them (Team C) Not the fact they had 5 rule infractions during 2 years of Team C Coach tenure . Try doing the right thing (00ps , i forgot who Team C is) You cheated ' you got caught ,,/when you cheat again you will get turned in again and maybe the "sheep" will take Serious action on Team C ... The "official score of 1st 8 Team C games is LOST 1-0 ... congratulations Team C for taking heat off private schools and Brentwood Academy as most disliked team , coaches, administration in the State !!!!!!!
  2. Honorable thing to do would also to award "Cowbell ' to LCHS .. You broke rules , given a loss and no playoffs .. Easy to avoid situation like this... follow rules,,, Do what's right ...
  3. IrRegardless of past .. These 2 Coaches are 2 of the BEST ... Good luck to both teams .. It will be a great game
  4. One thing both teams have in common .... they lost to Summit
  5. Give LCHS credit , They gave you credit in the years they lost. So big boyh up and quit looking for somebody to blame.. You Got Beat Bobcats..... Great Job Purple Cats !!
  6. He's a grade A Jerk.... He must be from pulaski
  7. YEAH but we beat shelbyville and you are still a JERK ...
  8. i like this discussion much better. The playoffs are a one-week season each week you win.. as far as Millington goes , you can throw out The MBA score because MBA can recruit. The Liberty score looks like the low point of the season and all teams have some. The trojans are a well coached, well disciplined team that has had some tough breaks. most of the teams they play seem to be spread , zone read, quick pass teams that try to get their athletes one on one in space. (As does Millington) I would like to ask if the Trojans have competed against a wing-t power , misdirection team ? It looks simple, but is hard when you haven't faced it.. The wildcats play a bend , but don't break defense that has served them well this season.. 2 of Lchs keys this year has been few turnovers and few serious injuries. The Wildcats are a Sr. laden group who traveled to Mem. Ridgeway as sophomores and Gallatin as jrs. for 1st round games. they feel the Millington pain of the long drive, and know the key to winning is to have fun.. Nobody who knows the slightest thing about H.s football in lawrenceburg believes this game will be anything but a tough , hard fought contest between 2 teams who have alot of pride and good communities behind them. There is no next week, This is it... Hope the fans from Millington ,players and staff have a safe trip here and home , and no one on either team gets hurt no matter what the game score,, See yall friday
  9. who are both in playoffs playing not very good teams... especially giles co
  10. Lawrence county wins district and gets a 3 seed in Q4 while runner up Shelbyville gets a 2 in Quad 3 ????? T$$$$$AAA SUCKS
  11. I was blessed to coach Jake his Senior year. He was runner-up for Mr.Football, 1a , Walked on at Memphis State,, earned a scholarship his Sophomore year./// During that time "Walkouts" were the rage .. olayers walking out of practice because of issues with the coaches,, There was one at Memphis state in 1992... All but 12 players walked out... Jake Called me and Said" I told the guys walking out that I respect their decisions, but please respect mine.. coach stobart gave me a scholarship. and Coach Doty would kick my *** ...lol" one of my favorite phone calls ever.. Jake went on to coach at Covington as asst,. coach . soon was elevated to head coach where he had a 43-10 record with a state runner -up to Fulton.. Jake want from Covington to Russellville alabama where David Ward (his coach for 2 years at collinwood) was baseball coach.. The last time i saw him was at the Lawrenceburg Fair in the Fall of 05 or 06,, I had my son with me who was 10 at the time .. Jake talked to him like he was a 5 star prospect and told him a couple of stories about the time he played for me..Later Jake coached at Wilson alabama,,Tipton Rosemark ,but finally settled in as asst. At perennial power Deshler in Tuscumbia alabama for 4 years. Last spring, he was named head coach under very difficult circumstances in the firing of the head coach that had hired him.. He refused to take position without the ok from coach mothershed.. He was well on his way this season and in years coming to be in the Alabama Hall of fame just like hid hero and idle Bill doty who coached him all 4 years at Collinwood... How do I know all this ? I was there for much of it and always checked scores friday nights and Saturdays to see "how Jake.s team did" ... Jake had an influence on so many people and was such a good man from a wonderful family and community that will ALWAYS love Jake,, I read the papers, heard all the rumors about Jakes Death , and honestly , Idk whay to think, believe..etc.. I know in my heart about all the good that was in Jake and all the people he took to places they would have never gone without him because I wasone of them. I just thjank God i was blessed to know him and somewhere Coach Doty looking at Jake , shaking his head, and saying,, "You're here way too early Jake , But come on in and let's see what the boss man has in mind for you here" :'( Jake was like a son to me , and this is still and always will be tearing me up inside..I will continue to read , continue to look at coachT daily. but I am done posting .. Thanks to all the people who went to funeral home offered prayers or shed a tear on behalf of Jake's mom and Dad , his wife and his 2 precious daughters ages 13 and 11 whom Jake adored... Thanks . May the god of your understanding be with you and guide you ,,, Goodbye :'( :'(
  12. guess it ain't a "dream job" no more .. Easy one next week ...
  13. LOL... Thought loretto might make a better game of it .. Congratulations to the Wildcats !
  14. It don't matter who wins.., Ijust hope the 5 players are ok ,,
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