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  1. What time is the Cosby vs. Pigeon Forge game supposed to start today? Does anyone know?
  2. Isn't Blakely's dad now the head coach? I'm not sure if that's true or not, but that's what I've heard. Also, isn't Eric Coggins the assistant coach?
  3. I hope that Cosby will win this one! This is a pretty big game, and they need the win!!
  4. I hope that Cosby will win this one! This is a pretty big game, and they need the win!!
  5. That's actually kind of funny!
  6. I highly doubt it, but I think if girls can play football, then guys should play volleyball. I think if someone wanted to start a guy's volleyball team, you'd probably have to go through with TSSAA, and there would have to be enough teams in the state to be able to compete with each other and stuff like that. I'm not exactly sure that that's what needs to happen in order for a guy's volleyball team to be established, but I'm pretty sure. Good thinking booya23!
  7. Over the years that I've went to Cosby, I think we had maybe 2 girls that played football. I would love to play, but I think I would break in half if I got tackled... I'm sure tackling someone else is really fun though!
  8. Yeah, Jody picked up 2 interceptions during the King's Academy game, making it 14 interceptions for his career.
  9. Good job on your win guys! I'm proud of y'all! Fourth straight win- keep it up!
  10. Haha, yeah, I remember that game! It was great watching the looks on all the Cloudland players' faces when we scored that touchdown! Good call cosby7... We need a little more respect-we've come a long way!
  11. The Cosby Eagles are really looking good this year! I don't think I have ever seen such an excited crowd at a game at another place other than Cosby. (I'm talking about the Chuckey-Doak game.) They're really on fire this year, and yeah, I agree- hopefully, they can keep this up all season! The uniforms really rock too! There's nothing more intimidating than black and blue!
  12. Read the signature, Coach Shelton. Good luck Friday against Unaka. I really do believe we can take another win! Keep up your great coaching! Go Cosby!
  13. ??? just a little confused there, shelton... what's that supposed to mean?
  14. Cosby is back in black and fired up after three straight wins! Hopefully, Cosby will pull this one off! These past three games, they have been doing absolutely awesome on their defense. I've noticed a number of interceptions, too. Hopefully, they can keep it up and take a win against Unaka. A lot of fans will be looking on and cheering, so that will definently help boost the Eagles' playing! Go EAGLES!
  15. See what I mean? A lot of guys are interested in playing! But, in my personal opinion, men's volleyball will happen- it will just take a lot of time for it to come through. thumb
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