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  1. Congrats Greenback and I hate it for the TCA kid. Tough way to lose, but you have been running to first since t-ball and should have known better.
  2. I have a clue. I have two sons, both of which were offered "opportunities" to transfer to a couple of different private schools in the mid state area before they went D2. I chose to keep them with their friends that they'd played with their entire life, and very glad I did. I have never been a person that thinks everyone should get a trophy but I do advocate for a fairer system. I don't have a problem with Privates, none at all. I hope they win at a high level. I have lots of friends that coach there and friends with parents whose kids attend. I do have a problem with the system, and I always have. And obviously I'm not the only one. A private school has a distinct advantage over a single a public school when it comes to kids attending that school Always has. Most private schools are in more densely populated areas, therefore affording more kids the opportunity to attend their school by proximity. The rise of private schools came because the publics in most of those areas were so bad. They also pull kids from across county lines, which most public schools do not allow because of state funding. I lived and coached in West TN for 30+ years, and know the plight of TCA, JCS, USJ (Old Hickory Academy, yeah I'm that old). The rise of those schools came from the fact that Madison County schools were so awfully ran, and they grew along with the population explosion around Jackson and neighboring counties. It's never been a fair system to single a schools like Huntingdon, Gordonsville, East Robertson, Greenback, Harriman etc because they are in more rural areas and they just don't have the base to be consistently competitive year over year vs a private school that could have any number of great athletes decide to move to their school at any point. Trenton Peabody didn't become a powerhouse really until USJ and JCS left for D2. In the Last 20 years, single a baseball has been dominated by privates, in fact, winning 13 state titles and having 13 runners up. Only in 2012, 2009, and 2006 did a private not make the final two. I agree that you want to play the best, and we always tried to schedule up to play better programs so that we would be tested for a postseason run. But a single a school could have their best group come through in years, make the state tournament only to see two privates that can pick and choose who attends their school dominate the tournament. Single A schools have never gotten a fair shake in the old system and it will be interesting come next year with no Columbia Acad, TCA, Grace, University High, etc. Best of luck to all.
  3. Next season single a will finally have a true state tournament of local kids playing for their local schools as finally all the privates all go D2.
  4. Coaching cost them the game? How do you think that? I'd be interested to know.
  5. Having seen every team in the tournament except Lake County, my predictions are these: MTCS Bracket: Loretto over Grace ( Grace lefty is good, but Loretto is better) TCA over US-JC LB Game 1 Grace over US-JC WB Game Loretto over TCA LB Game 2 TCA over Grace MTCS Bracket Final Loretto over TCA Riverdale Bracket: Greenback over Lake Co Summertown over Eagleville LB Game 1 Eagleville over Lake CO WB Game Summertown over Greenback LB Game 2 Eagleville over Greenback Riverdale Bracket Final Summertown over Eagleville Championship Game Loretto over Summertown
  6. Will be a tough game, both teams are on a roll. Pitching will for sure be key in this matchup. For the most part, unless you draw one of the inner city Memphis schools, there are no easy matchups in the Sectional. Hunter Mann is committed to MTSU.
  7. Because district 7 only has one school that plays Baseball, Franklin Grace. Next year they go D-2 and both teams that come out will get byes, barring a change from the TSSAA.
  8. Region Brackets are Set, who are the Favs?
  9. Region 8 will not have anyone make it past the Sectional in baseball. They do not match up very well in that sport. While anything could happen, it would be the most epic upset of all upsets. Single A baseball in inner city Memphis just historically isn't very strong.
  10. Congrats to Greenback and good luck against Columbia Academy. They are tough.
  11. Trinity got them when it counted most. Congrats on a good season though.
  12. Having seen almost every team on the list, I will say that the Riverdale bracket is the toughest and Loretto has an easier road to the finals. I am biased towards Gordonsville, but am going to try and be objective, then I'll make an overall pick. I will be surprised, unless they get complacent, if Loretto isn't back in the finals in the Middle TN Christian Bracket. TCA appears to be the team that will test Loretto the most. I don't think South Pitt will match up well with TCA, and USJC isn't ready for Weathers. A lot of folks talk about Weathers, but Loretto has more than one good arm. Loretto swings the bats better than last year. On the Riverdale side, this bracket is as balanced as I've seen one. I think Columbia Acad has been playing as well as any team there lately would and probably be the favorite. Gordonsville is here for the third year in a row, has a veteran team, and isn't afraid of the big game. They will be a tough out and has a deep pitching staff. They are team that constantly gets counted out, and finds a way to win. In the last 3 years, Gordonsville is 14-2 in elimination games. Greenback and Union city will be a tough one. I haven't seen Union City, but it appears their schedule is weaker than the rest. Still, no losses to in state teams is impressive. Greenback has played a tough schedule and beaten some good teams. They are scrappy, throw it and field it well, and have speed. I think in the end, CA beats Gordonsville in the second elimination game to face Loretto in the finals, and Loretto makes it back to back baseball championships as Weathers takes up the Atlanta Braves 1st round draft pick offer and goes pro. Ranking the Pools: 1. Loretto, 2. TCA, 3. South Pitt, 4. Univ School JC 1. Columbia Acad, 2. Gordonsville, 3. Greenback, 4. Union City
  13. Was able to get there during the rain delay in time to see Gordonsville go ahead and stay ahead for the rest of the day. Greenback had a good pitcher I felt like, one of the better we have seen this year. The Huntingdon gave was a blowout that got interesting but glad to see the Tigers pull it out in the end. This lower bracket was loaded with great teams!
  14. Are the games on time today, or will there be a delay?
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