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  1. bd4vols

    1A State Tournament

    Congrats to Greenback and good luck against Columbia Academy. They are tough.
  2. bd4vols

    1A State Tournament

    #3 and #33
  3. bd4vols

    1A State Tournament

    Trinity got them when it counted most. Congrats on a good season though.
  4. bd4vols

    1A State Tournament

    Having seen almost every team on the list, I will say that the Riverdale bracket is the toughest and Loretto has an easier road to the finals. I am biased towards Gordonsville, but am going to try and be objective, then I'll make an overall pick. I will be surprised, unless they get complacent, if Loretto isn't back in the finals in the Middle TN Christian Bracket. TCA appears to be the team that will test Loretto the most. I don't think South Pitt will match up well with TCA, and USJC isn't ready for Weathers. A lot of folks talk about Weathers, but Loretto has more than one good arm. Loretto swings the bats better than last year. On the Riverdale side, this bracket is as balanced as I've seen one. I think Columbia Acad has been playing as well as any team there lately would and probably be the favorite. Gordonsville is here for the third year in a row, has a veteran team, and isn't afraid of the big game. They will be a tough out and has a deep pitching staff. They are team that constantly gets counted out, and finds a way to win. In the last 3 years, Gordonsville is 14-2 in elimination games. Greenback and Union city will be a tough one. I haven't seen Union City, but it appears their schedule is weaker than the rest. Still, no losses to in state teams is impressive. Greenback has played a tough schedule and beaten some good teams. They are scrappy, throw it and field it well, and have speed. I think in the end, CA beats Gordonsville in the second elimination game to face Loretto in the finals, and Loretto makes it back to back baseball championships as Weathers takes up the Atlanta Braves 1st round draft pick offer and goes pro. Ranking the Pools: 1. Loretto, 2. TCA, 3. South Pitt, 4. Univ School JC 1. Columbia Acad, 2. Gordonsville, 3. Greenback, 4. Union City
  5. bd4vols

    Spring Fling at WT Jones Field

    Was able to get there during the rain delay in time to see Gordonsville go ahead and stay ahead for the rest of the day. Greenback had a good pitcher I felt like, one of the better we have seen this year. The Huntingdon gave was a blowout that got interesting but glad to see the Tigers pull it out in the end. This lower bracket was loaded with great teams!
  6. bd4vols

    Spring Fling at WT Jones Field

    Are the games on time today, or will there be a delay?
  7. bd4vols

    Spring Fling at WT Jones Field

    They typically announce all the players and coaches before the National Anthem, that's about it.
  8. bd4vols

    My Annual What If TSSAA Changed Baseball Post-Season Post

    Part of the fun in High School baseball is seeing who gets hot at the end of the year. In baseball, the best team doesn't always win, that's what makes the sport so great. The TSSAA used to have a solution to the riding one arm scenario, and that was requiring you to win the Region Championship, instead of it being a seeding game. I would be in favor of this coming back, but the TSSAA would then only have 4 teams in the state assuming the sectional game stayed an elimination game as well, and they'd lose all that precious gate money. The current format is more like the college tournaments and I think that is why it became so popular. The new pitching rule will be very interesting to see how each team attacks or tries to exploit. This year the teams with the biggest stable of arms will likely get far provided they can score enough to keep the lead.
  9. bd4vols

    Pitching strategy in postseason

    Looks like some did but kept them on pitch counts. I'd be willing to bet there will be some high scoring games on Wednesday as people throw off, or throw Johnny All-Staff to get to Friday with most of their good guys ready to go.
  10. bd4vols

    Top 1A teams

    The above post discussing Gordonsville needs to be removed.
  11. bd4vols

    A Regionals

    Smithke, it's easy to play the what if game. One of your "hits" was misplayed by the left fielder and should have been an out but resulted in your first run. Two more runs scored when your hitters rolled over on change ups but hit them in the hole enough to score runs. Another run got into scoring position because of a ball misplayed in center and that run scored on a sac fly. So there's 4 runs you didn't deserve but got any way. One or Two more hitters reached base on swinging bunts. Instead of playing the what if game, just realize Gordonsville won the game because they played better and harder. BBS overlooked Gordonsville and it came back to bite them. Gordonsville smoked several balls as well, right at people. Hats off to BBS, great season. They have some really good players and the game was fun to watch. One suggestion though, teach your fans to not be so personal and stop yelling out kids names during the game. Very bush league there.
  12. bd4vols

    D8-A Tournament

    Congrats to both teams, and especially Gordonsville!
  13. bd4vols

    District Champions/Runner Up

    8AA Murfreesboro Central - Champion Upperman - Runner Up
  14. My sons are looking for spots on teams after the other teams they were playing on disbanded. The 13u DOB 2/9/2000 is a RHP and plays middle IF,3B and can play OF. Has plus arm and hits from the left side. The 10u DOB 5/2/2002 plays middle IF and OF. Has pitched some but needs to develop more. Has plus foot speed. Righthanded. Both have travel ball experience. email bd4vols (the @ symbol) gmail.com if you have something available. We are in the Lebanon TN area and will drive up to 1 hour.
  15. May 13-15, in Cookeville, TN U-9 through U-18 Boys & Girls Age Groups Registration Deadline: April 30, 2011 Please visit www.crsoccerclassic.com for more details.