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  1. Here's an analysis- 0-9. Or is it 10? Just trying to liven up the board a bit buddy.... Of course, it is kinda like beating a dead horse isn't it?
  2. Hahahahahahaha! I apologize that my first post on here in over a year has to be to laugh in a person's face, but that was funny! Thanks for making my night! *And as a sidenote, I truly hope that CHS eventually wins one, 'cause it's truly not a rivalry. "Battle of Franklin?" It's as lopsided as Pickett's Charge...
  3. I agree with Faninthestand, the Centennial rivalry just isn't much of one. I barely remember playing Centennial throughout high school except for the amount of fans in the stands, but I can remember every Brentwood game vividly. Especially considering it was the last high school team I ever played.
  4. Woah, no need to get all riled up my friend. All I'm trying to say is don't use absolutes because it gives people a false impression on your information. When you say he is most definitely inquiring, it makes the rest of us think he's actually put an application in, when in reality, you're just speculating. And Faninthestands, yeah, real big game this weekend. We're up at Northern Iowa at the UNI-Dome with first place in conference on the line. Basically, if we win the next two, we're conference champs. If we lose just one, we're out of the playoffs. I'm just glad we're finally moving to 1A next year...
  5. That, or because it had better pay, benefits, and no classes for him to teach... All I'm saying is that it's kinda ignorant to make absolute statements such as "he will most definitely at least inquire about the CHS position," without actually knowing the man...
  6. Again, Shrader probably will have the final say, but it will be Lifsey and Gregory(Still the AD) that does most of the legwork. About Johnson, Centennial has way more potential than BGA. Centennial has a lot better talent and if I know Johnson, he will be attracted more to a program on the rise.
  7. One point I will make is that it seems like a lot of Independence players are too worried about what is being said on Coacht. As great a site as this is, if you get caught up in what is being said, you'll lose concentration on what is going to happen on the field. Also, it's good to see you posting on here sportsguy! I doubt I'll catch a football game this year, but I'm sure I'll see you at a basketball game or two. Hope all is well with the paper.
  8. Naw, no bickering from this end. Just trying to get factual information about what's going on down in Franklin. It's hard to keep up when you're in college. I agree with you that Campbell will make a difference, but that's only IF he gets the ball thrown to him where he can make the play. Once he gets it, I think he can do great things, but the ball has to get there first. What about Father Ryan's defense though? I know D2AAA is more traditionally run-oriented so I'm assuming they have a good run defense, but what about the secondary?
  9. And what about spring practice Bunda? My only point is that you shouldn't start insulting another person simply because you do not agree with what was said. Hitorbehit did not originally say anything derogatory. And even if he had, there's no need in name-calling. All that being said, I'm tired of hearing Franklin fans bicker amongst each other on here when we should really all be supporting the team. After all, this thread is about the Father Ryan-Franklin game, not who should be the QB. If you want to talk about that, start a new thread.
  10. Why so defensive self-destruct? Hitorbehit said nothing bad against Campbell. He just stated that Campbell was smart enough to commit early before coming into the quarterback situation. As for not having any experience with the QBs of this year...they were on the team last year weren't they? So obviously he had an idea of what was going to happen. In my opinion, that simply makes him smart to commit early. Either way, chill out.
  11. So what exactly is the situation with the quarterbacks at Franklin? Being away at school, the last I saw Franklin play was at the scrimmage at Western where none of the QBs looked very good. If you have a player like Todd Campbell on the team, you have to have the ability to get him the ball!
  12. I think he was talking about Clarksville Northeast.
  13. I believe this topic started up rather congenially, so let's not all jump to conclusions about what everybody else is going to say. Besides, it is a very relevant topic that should be discussed. Gregory has been there since Centennial opened in '96 and his record there hasn't exactly been stellar. Does this mean he's a bad coach? Not necessarily. However, given the amount of talent that has come through that school, it's not terrible to ask if it's time for him to step down.
  14. Not to speak for CBG, but he said "community support," not parental. Sure, it helps to have a good booster club made up of the parents, and to have those same parents in the stands, but even if a team of 100 players had both parents and a pair of siblings come, that's still only 400 people at the game...and that's a best-case scenario! Having an entire community behind you bringing over a thousand fans truly does make all the difference in the world. Especially to a player who can look up in the stands and see them filled!
  15. Experimental medical tests=spring practice! So yeah, I've been locked away trying to survive for the better part of the past few months. It's nice to see an intelligent, relevant response though so I appreciate it. Even if it is from a Bwood fan... By the way, sorry to hear about your brother. I know I'm way behind the times, but like I said, I've been locked away for quite some time. Also, is your other brother planning on goin back to Appy? I'll never forgive him for that pick he had my last game senior year... Anyways, back to topic: I met a couple of the Ravenwood coaches the other day that came up for a clinic and I was very impressed. Nice guys that seemed very knowledgeable about the game, as well as football in the Mid-Tn area. Seems like Williamson Co. is loaded with good coaches...well, for the most part! *cough* c-c-chs *cough*
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