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  1. Does anyone know what Waverlys schedule is for 2019?
  2. Well I think it's great to have a young man want to get into coaching..its changed so much through the years..the new generation needs to ease on in and fill us old timers spots..lol. My advice..although I think it's great getting your name on here but I would contact the coaches where you think you might want to coach..that way you may develop a favorite or maybe they would be willing to get you started or know someone that will?? Coaches know everybody in the field. Contrary to belief coaches are pretty good guys for the most part..lol..Good luck young man! Follow your dreams!
  3. I would like to see Coach Clark promoted to HC if he wants it. Good guy! Good coach!
  4. I just like option football. I was just thinking out loud...lol
  5. Randall Boldin if he wants to go home I would say. He of course is well liked at Whitwell. Talent pool will lessen somewhat at Whitwell in the near future. Those kids were a special group. He may decide to go home? I have no idea.
  6. With the hire of Coach Rick Rice how does everyone feel about Rockvale? Seems they will be pulling kids from talented areas..something to discuss?? Let's hear thoughts?
  7. Wonder what Trousdale would be like running the split back veer..I veer...some gun spread option??? With there quickness it would be fun to see..lol
  8. I agree with everyone that Wingo is a all-state player. I am suggesting this may be why he didn't make it...its just a assumption. I believe he missed 4 maybe 5 games and his stats suffered because of lost time compared to players that played more time? I don't believe it was because of his ability as much as it would be that. He is all-state caliber just hurt buy the numbers..i don't know the exact numbers but he probably finished with around 1000 yds rushing on huge avg....but if he played those other games he has 1600-1700 yds?? Just a thought.
  9. I agree! I believe Coach Clark would be an excellent choice to take over Northeast!!
  10. I don't know how this young man fits in Griders plans but I notice a Frame kid to that was a sophomore. He seems to have potential too?
  11. If I can run and beat you that's what id do 85% of the time..but the 15% I threw would count...lol..thats just me though.
  12. I would like to see them promote David Barger from assistant to the head coaching position. He has 10+ successful years of head coaching experience. His wife is the basketball coach so he isn't going anywhere and he has a excellent football and coaching mind. He's a veteran coach that kids gravitate to and given a opportunity will have Stewarts Creek playing a new brand of exciting and winning football. Other coaches will like working for him because he's a team player...and cares!
  13. You make a very good point. Speed can be a devastating factor. I haven't watched Meigs play but to be as good as they are without speed tells me they play very good technique ..which is a must vs speed. You have to play very discipline defense vs SPHS. You also better bring your big boy pants and hit them or your beat. South Pittsburgh could very well win this game. I was just running my mouth giving a opinion...lol
  14. Meigs beats Greenback and South Pittsburgh...IMO. They apparently have a Mr. Football difference maker! I just think next year will be Meigs year..just a feeling?? I think South Pittsburgh will make a run in 1A..but head to head Swafford is the difference.
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