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  1. Hope Greenback wins but Lake County not going to be easy by any means. Should be a good game!!
  2. This game is over at the end of the 1st qtr! Whatever the weather is. Pirates will be paying Greenback a visit next week!
  3. My gosh!! We have to deal with you another year!! I address you because I know you have no clue about football! It's fine with me if you don't like me because I could care less about you!! I have friends..coach k..coach Moore are good friends..so when you trash me your trashing them too. Heck I even like Mathis but you do have a lot of get back coaches as well..MM your just in the two faced back stabbing group as far as I'm concerned. I hope Jasper does good as well but all the integrity..honesty..is b.s..we won the state sportsmanship award in the early 2000's so don't give me heck when you want to give me down the road..we played hard with great sportsmanship too!! And before you go spewing off again be sure you know the entire story!! Btw..you guys got the L on your head. We had winning records every season??
  4. MM...I know you had you nominated many Jasper players for Mr. Football...sorry they weren't thought of. But hey!! I heard Jasper had 6-7 honorable students/athletes make the ALL INTEGRITY AND COMPASSION team!!! First team!!!!! Awesome!! Keep it up!!
  5. Believe I called this one. Trousdale by 42! But Jasper took it on the chin...again.
  6. I have to laugh at your messages...lol. If you had any clue you may be dangerous! But more power to ya!! I don't care how much integrity and honor you have...your fixing to get lite up ..quickly and hard...!!. This will be your last game to preach your crap..because believe me...im not the only one on here that knows you have know clue!! Hope the boys make it a game for a little while but I don't see...maybe you can have a integrity meeting after the game..lol...lead by MM.
  7. Happens at a lot of places!! People just don't know. Suppose to be illegal..since when does that matter...lol
  8. Trousdale by 42! Marion goes with integrity and honor.!! Maybe they will win the state sportsmanship like they did in the Taylor era...lol..Hope the fight there #### of and make a game of it but I don't see it happening??
  9. They run off people that loved the program!. That would have gave the lives to help there alum mater to keep playing at the top state level. That's jaspers program. For that I could careless if they ever win again...i like Jasper..but my full love..give my heart for the school is gone. If you want to call that bitter so be it...but bitter says it mildly!!!
  10. All Jasper is is good ole buddy politics...a bunch wanting to run the show that have no idea....and idiots that listen....Ken left in '96..Landon Pickett coached 3 and quit....Taylor was head coach 4 seasons..(all winning seasons)..they run him off and Pruitt come for 2 years he flew the coup and they hired Evans for a couple years the Boeck lasted a couple years...etc..etc..etc..
  11. He quit after second year...the so called powers to be offered him under the table money...they didn't produce with the under the table money after year two he told Marion to cram it and left.
  12. Trousdale County by 42! The boys will try no doubt. Won't matter!!
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