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  1. The TV ads are ridiculous. Its sad that coacht.com has fallen to this. They are the most obnoxious ads ever created, and like he said: theres no way to turn them off. Even websites where every membership is free (like coacht used to be) dont have ads like that. Imagine this scenario: Im sitting at my computer, listening to music, singing along and whatnot, when all of a sudden, theres this obnoxious grating, interfering, unwanted noise in the background. After some investigation, I find that its my coacht browser window. Do I A. mute the cpu? or B. close the window and visit coacht less often than I used to? I think the answer is clearly B.
  2. If only we could all be as cool as Pegasus- Ive always aspired to be a troll..... sigh....
  3. hahaha- nice try, but youre in the spotlight now. Youre kidding yourself if you think youre going to sneak in under the radar like you almost did last year. You did a really good job of staying quiet last year- I only found out about you when you ran the Furman invite and then I followed your amazing progress throughout the year to state, but I think you surprised most people. Are you guys running Furman again this year? Anyway, you couldve easily snuck in and competed at state without a lot of hype, but that chance is gone now.......
  4. Faster every week? Didnt he just run a sub-16?
  5. well, as the returning champion, Id hope you think that you are....
  6. http://boards.coacht.com/index.php?showtopic=79625 http://boards.coacht.com/index.php?showtopic=79961 http://boards.coacht.com/index.php?showtopic=79063 http://boards.coacht.com/index.php?showtopic=76104 http://boards.coacht.com/index.php?showtop...ost&p=825335656 Thats what I mean by not-so-innocent... Im sure there are other individual posts that I have overlooked, but these are the ones that were at the top of the forum...... and while Im on a copy/paste binge, here's my favorite all time thread. Its a great source of entertainment when your only other alternative is studying, so give it a good read next time youre bored.... http://boards.coacht.com/index.php?showtopic=74511
  7. well, it didnt really begin all that innocently... its around the tenth or eleventh thread started by EHS or Sullivan Central supporters.... its getting kinda old. Trash talking is fun and all, but after a while, people just want to hear your times not your lip....
  8. umm... because thats who beat FRA..... which is what we were talking about. as far as celebration goes, I just said they were pretty pleased with themselves, If they weren't, Im sorry you guys aren't happy with success.... its good to hear that you guys held out your numbers 3 and 4 runners, but what in the world does your #1 and #2 holding back have to do with it? They couldve run 3:54 mile pace and still scored the same amount of points.... it doesnt matter in the team scoring. If you think FRA held out runners equivalent to your 3 and 4, youre in for a long season. At this point last year, you guys were beating us solidly every race, but this year, you barely beat our JV guys, so Id stop arguing for Lipscomb now if I were you....
  9. yea, i heard lipscomb won by around 8 and they were pretty pleased with themselves. lol- neither Father Ryan nor FRA ran their top guys
  10. Am I not allowed to read other threads? Thats interesting, because I thought I was....
  11. you know, that was the most intelligent come back Ive ever heard, so great in fact, that I had to put it in my sig
  12. THS won in the results steepler posted too, just by a different score, so whats your point?
  13. those are very fast times indeed, but do take into consideration that Sharp Springs may be the fastest course in the state. Its finish line is literally downhill from the start, and there is only one slight hill which really doesnt even count....
  14. Im not sure you answered the question and like the other guy said, no one is going to hand you the title- you were the favorites last year, but obviously that didnt work out. If you go into the season as cocky as you seem on these boards, youre only going to be in for a let down...
  15. well, no... in track, I would agree that people often run faster paces in practice than they do in races, but in XC, I often run faster in races than what the workouts I run should convert to for a race. However, last year, many different factors which you know nothing about kept me just short of sub-16 for the last month and a half of the season, and Im not about to discuss them here with you because I know I would get no respect and I would only be wasting my time. As far as "childish" and "kindergardenish" goes, TYPING IN ALL CAPS AND TRYING TO PROVOKE AN ARGUMENT ON EVERY THREAD DOESNT SEEM CHILDISH TO YOU?" Have a good day
  16. lol, I dont know who you are, but I just lost all respect for you.... Your post isnt worth discussing, but thanks for the laugh :justwrestle:
  17. Kyle is solid, but FRA always strives to compete as a team, not individuals- this year, they have 3 or 4 guys at the top within 30 seconds, and then another group of four not too far back. It would be nice for a FRAian to win the title, but I wasnt necessarily speaking of FRA. This is looking to be one of the best years in recent history for A-AA. Last year (especially track) was a turning point for the classification, and this year I think it will start to show in XC. Here's a fairly safe prediction- The winning time from last year will not win this year.....
  18. well, um.. I can run under 16..... havent done it on an XC course, but I could easily get it on a track- Ive done plenty of workouts equivalent to it, and I will almost certaintly have a 3 mile split in college under 16.... so thats your first mistake your second mistake is really several mistakes rolled up into one taco -your choice of user name is sad, mainly because you think its funny to try and personify it -your idea of trolling and spamming these message boards is First: not original (see the CPA guy last year who kept talking about "the third") and Second: only annoying, not funny -instead of making some people laugh and irritating others, youre instead making yourself look like a fool and the only reason youre irritating is because youre a troll, not because youre edgy -Finally, the whole strategy backfires on you because now instead of people thinking youre good comic relief, they now think youre an annoying troll......oops I may have said that already....well, it was well worth repeating Have a good day, and try and do something more productive than pretending to be a mythological horse......................
  19. 2 of those 5 will be in the top five, but none of them will win (Id say squeaky has the best chance of those 5 and is definately the favorite since hes the reigning champ, but Im going to hold on to my prediction) Dont ask me who I think will win because right now I have several in mind and even if I had narrowed it down to the #1, I wouldnt disclose a name because you guys obviously arent looking out for him.......
  20. Go Daniel Jones- Creekwood's #1 Star!!!!
  21. o yea, and 3. either take an ESL class or learn to type.............. i cand unberstnf anytgng you say wehen youo tpye lkie thz
  22. 1. NO 2. This first time I ever ran any distance of any kind, I ran a 3 mile race in 23:55, and now Im not even under 16- so, no you probably couldnt- maybe you could, but even if you did, it doesnt mean that everyone should be able to.....
  23. Well, I would hope so- especially since the minimum number of students in a AAA school is nearly FIVE times the enrollment of FRA. I think that taking a squad of about 9 from a student body of 300 and turning 5 of those 9 guys into a state contender against schools in AA with enrollments of over 1100 is something to boast about, and I will continue to boast about it. However, in this case, I was not boasting, necessarily, I was merely showing tribealltheway the error in his statement. O, and, if you are running 100 miles a week, you should be able to break 18 minutes with your eyes closed at the end of a 15 mile run, much less in the first race of the season- hard course or not.....
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