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  1. Sure. Westview played better. So they won. thumb
  2. USJ better have fun with what they can do this year. Next year they will be up there with the big boys of 7-2a.
  3. From what ive heard you can never tell when Milan is going to come out playing best ball. So if "I" were you, I would not guarantee anything but a 2nd round playoff game. fyi:No one even said anything about comparing scores, in fact, no one even said anything about the Trenton games. Just something to think about for your next _ _ _ posts.
  4. If Westview comes out focused and holds on to the ball, the results will be very different from week 2.
  5. Well this thread isnt about Milan! Its about peoples opinions on Westview in the playoffs!
  6. Everybody give a round of applause for westtn2004state. He has just won the smarta$$ post(s) of the day!
  7. Hey buddy, flukes happen. Obviously someone on the "D" thought the same thing thinking that "oh we got this, its over." Like I say..."sh!t happens!"
  8. Reignydayz....your back! Are u going to have to be taken out back to the woodshed again?
  9. So back to the subject...Guy or Weathers?
  10. I think Humboldt will come out playing their best ball. They want to be among the top in 7-2A. I'm goin with the vik's by 4. Humboldt - 20 Milan -16
  11. The Chargers are looking sharp this week. I think it will be a close one, but the Chargers will walk away with the win this time. Westview-35 UC-14
  12. Honestly Digger 85, I dont think you have the slightest clue as to what you are talking about when your saying we made fun of that young lady. We had the upmost respect for her and prayed for her. Now as to "hearsay", im sure some of the players from "Big D" said that just to try and get them pumped up. Also if you didnt know we had a young man last spring who was hit by a semi shortly after school. Now we are in the same boat and i'm almost positve that none of the football players or residents in Martin would say anything about that girl. The young man that was hit is still in very serious condition. And for the last thing..we know about respect. When Dresden beat Westview last year they ran around the feild with their little flag thinking that they won the SuperBowl. Now do you wanna talk about sportsmanship or respect?
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