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  1. Brentwood will win its 5th in a row. Nobody close in AAA. I am surprised that Harden Valley got mentioned. I don't think they will even make the State Tournament. I have never heard of Heritage. Brentwood will beat another Nashville team in the finals. Anderson County will win AA. The last two AA seasons had CAK and Catholic out of Knoxville win. Anderson was in AAA. I know the Webb coaches who run K2. AC returns 7 seniors from an injury prone team. I think they beat Fogg in the finals. When AC was in AA they were Page's main rival for the state title every year. We loved them moving up. Now we move up, they move down. People trash Anderson on here, but you do not want to play them in a tournament games, especially now that they formed their own club. Greene wins A, no question. I'm sticking with Baylor. Webb is my question mark, More privates mean they actually have to win a game to make state, I think they repeat.
  2. Saw Bearden play in a tournament, I thought the setter looked great but she had zero support from her teammates. She had good hands but was run all over the court by the bad passes the back row was spraying around, and got frustrated by the hitters inefficiency. I am surprised they beat Farragut, not because Farragut was that good, but because Bearden didn't have anything BUT the setter. Farragut was slow, and ran way too much of the offense thru the outside. Still, I don't see Bearden beating them again, they should just be happy to have made the regional.
  3. Congratulations to SS and HF. They played great and deserved to be in the finals. I read a lot of chatter on here and was expecting much more from CAK. They were talented, and BIG, but were uninspired. Their coach looked like he was scared, and was extremely unemotional. SS and HF were exciting and competitive. Playing the tall player on the right was odd. We just went away from her. 9 from South was amazing. I watched the 5 game match with CAK and SS out coached CAK, and she got the team fired up and made changes that helped her team, in contrast the CAK bench was quiet and made no adjustments. We should be good next year, and so should HF. Great job SS!
  4. I have been enjoying the state tournament. But where is Greenbrier? How can a state power not make the playoffs this year, the weakest year in memory for AA? All of the power this year was in AAA. If they didn't do it this year, they are a 1 hit wonder. Also, where was Father Ryan?
  5. Page defeats Greenbriar in 2. Not close, no real surprise. Thus, this question is answered, and this thread can be closed
  6. You reference the Bible. Do you believe? If so how can you justify making fun of Coach Neely and the people from East Ridge. Do you think you are being a good father teaching you children to make fun of people because of how they look?
  7. Your daughter must be proud! You force her to play 5 sports; several of which she quits because of "drama" probably caused by you. Years later you still spend your time on a high school sports board making fun of everybody, including Coach Neely who has done more for the young women, and volleyball, in this state than anyone I know. Seriously, you are a parent. Do you teach your daughter to make fun of people for no reason? When did this become ok? 5-sport, you must be a sad and lonely man.
  8. I think the 25 year old club coach is much calmer than a 50+ year old man getting on high school boards to talk girls volleyball. Little creepy. I re read these posts and nothing negative about Greenbrier was said by me. What else were you doing in the 70's? Wasn't disco big! Tell me you don't have a bushy stache and wear a warm-up suit! Were you a good underhand server? Hey, what offense did you run in the 70's, the 6-0 where whoever is in the middle set? Did you vote for Nixon?
  9. Are you high! I didn't start this thread, nor do I "rant." You and 5 sport live on these boards. Dads, get a life. You don't even have kids in high school any more. This is sad. There is more to life than high school sports. I am sure you are making your daughters proud! The question was a great question, and I responded. Is UNLV a traditional power? I say no. Winning a title is not enough? I think PH is right, it is a multitude of factors: 1)How many state play-offs; 2)How many all-state or college players come from the program; 3)What is the win %; 4)Is the schools success linked to (1) group of players; 5)Do they have a complete program, ie. booster support, middle school programs ect.; Under your analogy all it takes is to win a state championship. You are wrong, that was a great TEAM, not a great PROGRAM. Honestly, do you think Greenbrier is a better volleyball program than Ooltewah or Seigal neither of which has won a state championship. Come on. You guys are probably in your 50's. Had you even watched volleyball before your kids played? At Page it took us years to establish our program, as in about 12 of them! We started with a great group of players, then when they left we kept it going through multiple coaching changes. We have alot of interest. You guys had 2 years in the history of your school, and that was caused because you had 2 big time players come through together. No Arnold twins, and there is no discussion.
  10. 5 sport, you and stbulldog are 2 of the biggest haters on here. Maybe the "drama" was caused by you trying to live through your kid? Or was it you having her play 5 sports? One hit wonder, because the Arnold girls had 2 good years. Keep ranting, just proves the point even more!
  11. Greenbrier is a 1 hit wonder. Without the Arnold twins Greenbrier is not even discussed. End of story. The only reason they are even mentioned now is 5 sport dad (obviously related to the twins) wants to relive the "glory days." Page used to get the "You only win with Perilli" then, when we kept winnin, we only win with coach Berry; guess what, still winning. That is the most telling stat about a team: Can they be competitive with 1)different players or a different coach? If not, then I say 1 hit wonder. Before Bruin Babe starts screaming "But Brentwood has only had 1 coach" there are exceptions. Wood is a power. So is Ryan. East Ridge would be there and so would Anderson County. I think Ooltewah, GPS, Baylor, and Sullivan South can be counted on to have a competitive team each year. Greenbriar is the most recent David Lipscomb, Sullivan East, or Knoxville Catholic. Teams that had a couple of great players, who made a good run, and we all like quirky songs, but its 2010!
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