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  1. Knoxville will lose a lot of players. Farragut, HV, Webb, Catholic, Maryville lose all of their top tier players. Only Anderson County, of the stronger teams, had no seniors, and they move back to AA. Watch for Heritage to challenge in AAA, Webb, for the first time, will have competition in that several public schools are now private. Should see knew faces next year.
  2. Mom, Brentwood is 1 great team. Last year Webb was better, Baylor might be better this year. Other than Brentwood what does MT have?
  3. What about AA, A and privates? Take Brentwood out of the mix and Knoxville has better volleyball.
  4. I didn't predict a win, just that they will meet in the finals. I will also say this, Knoxville has the best volleyball in the state.
  5. Knoxville volleyball is doing great! This season I would rank the teams as follows: 1)Farragut. Should meet Brentwood in the finals. Tie 2)Webb. State champion lock. Catholic. State champion lock. Tie 3)Anderson County really young but good Hardin Valley injuries slowed them down Oak Ridge great player, tough defensive team 4)Maryville. Most talent in area but way underperformed. 5)Heritage. A lot of talent, dad coaching exposed. 6)CAK. Solid team. Tie 7)Concord Berean King Which teams will be strong next year? I know a lot of teams are senior heavy!
  6. I as at Anderson County to watch my niece who plays at Oak Ridge. AC destroyed Maryville. If they beat CAK and HV earlier they are really playing well. AC really didn't get that emotional they were really solid. They only had two seniors, but they out played a bigger and more athletic Maryville team. I haven't seen Farragut, or anyone else but two or three OR games, but AC looked powerful.
  7. After having much of a club season under his belt all question about the Bearden coach have been answered. He is THE driving force in Knoxville volleyball. He has solidified his position as the best high school coach now, and maybe ever, in the Knoxville area and his club is THE club in town. Thanks coach Dave, for all that you are doing.
  8. orcat

    New Karns Coach

    Vbdad69 PhillyAI gets on this board to do two things. Attack the Bearden coach (and any other coach not working for K2 ) and to promote K2 over KVA.
  9. BBV I was simply responding to Philly comments slamming coach Foster, the Catholic coach AND the CAK coach. I get it, her daughter didn't get to play at Bearden and she's mad. But the attacks on the guy and his club are awful. I was just pointing out that she disrespects ALL coaches, and not just hers.
  10. Philly this is sad. It is a volleyball forum but you use it to attack your coach and his family, who is a great player, and to shamelessly promote one local club over another. You attack EVERYONE. I simply asked you to name three coaches at the high school level that you think are good coaches. Just three. And you couldn't do it. You either know zero about vb or you are so blinded by hate because your daughter didn't get to start that you refuse to admit that there is good out there. I hope it is the first. There are several great coaches out there and Knoxville VB is finally catching up. The Bearden coach and several others are working to help girls like your daughter and my sister get better. I know it's sad when your child doesn't get to play. It hurts. But sports are competitive and that is a life lesson. Maybe if she will work hard in club and over the summer she will get good enough next year to compete for playing time. If not, that's ok too. Until you name three everybody is just going to write you off as a bitter stage mom.
  11. I don't have a daughter. I have a sister that played. My point is you say nothing good about any high school. Name three good ones.
  12. Not my point. I don't know what happened at Bearden. I also have concerns about doing both. You, however, don't like ANY high school coach. I think you have zero objectivity, and are just trying to promote K2.
  13. Laugh if you want, but it's true. I'm sorry your daughter didn't get to play as much as you wanted but you complain about EVERYBODY. The personal attacks on this man and his family aren't funny.
  14. That proves my point. You don't respect ANY high school coach. You get on here just to attack the Bearden coach and belittle the high school coaches just to support K2. That is not right.
  15. The Bearden coach is one of the top three coaches in East Tenn. no question. Along with Coach Foster at Oak Ridge and the Catholic coach no one else is in the discussion. I agree that club can compete for time, but you have an amazing and gifted coach. Be thankful.
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