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  1. Riverrats working hard everyday. Getting ready to pay a visit Waverly, again this year.
  2. Yes, the school system needs to ante up and support McConnell and his entire staff. From the outside looking in, I can never remember Waverly being so hard to beat in football. Sometimes school systems don't know what they have until the guys are gone. I made some people over there mad a year ago talking about this, and for that I apologize. But I could see this coming. It is a repeating theme at mid-size public schools.
  3. Congrats to Peabody for representing the west side well. Sounds like it was a great game. Congrats to TC for getting that far. That's no easy feat to be state runner up.
  4. Have heard that about Tiger High also. Hope you guys get back on track and we'll have a rumble in the jungle.
  5. This is a good job, especially with Robertson over there. AND there is a lot of potential for them to increasingly bleed talent off of the Big Red Tigers.
  6. Riverside fans saying "Go Waverly." We're pulling for you, but be sure and carry your lunch boxes. You sure got your work cut out for you.
  7. Yep, prolly the biggest frosh class we've ever had.
  8. Got 24 fine freshmen coming up, just stomping to be part of the high school program. Looks like we should be strong for a few years anyway.
  9. No excuses here. Waverly beat us twice fair and square. Done deal.
  10. Yep, and will be for the Peabody Waverly winner at Cookevegas.
  11. We should be about the same. Few seniors but they have been key in the success this season. Senior quarterback, coaches son, has started four years. one at Moore Co. and three here.
  12. Pulling for Waverly from here on out. Representing Region 6....................And Frostie should have had Region 6 Coach of the Year.
  13. Looks like the season is over for my RiverRats. A good one for sure. Hat's off to Waverly. I hope you guys win it all.
  14. Loading up to go across the river. Go Panthers!
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