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  1. I'd like to see an new region with Riverside, Waverly, and Camden, Houston Co., Scotts Hill, Lewis Co., and the Hickman twins. By the way, Frostie is reloading right now. The Semi final last year just wasn't enough.
  2. Contrats to Beal; A great school for a quality education. He will love NOLA as a bonus.
  3. I was wondering if someone of the Lewis Co. tree would go over there. Would be interesting.
  4. Sounds like good news for Bulldog High. I wish them nothing but the best.
  5. Sad for the players. What is it up there? Is it a basketball school? Do the parents support the school?
  6. Since we're all being honest here, let's discuss how much smoother Camden's recent coaching change has been than Milan's. Milan is the last place in the state I ever thought would have a dumpster fire like that over a coaching change. How long will it take them to get over that so they are back in the mix?
  7. Camden newspaper quotes from McConnell's introduction assembly last Friday McConnell: "What it comes down to is the guys (the football team) sitting in this room. When you put them first, everything else takes care of itself. You have an opportunity to be successful as long as you take care of the guys." McConnell: "I have always wanted to coach at Camden. When you get the opportunity to coach where you grew up at. There is nothing that means more than that in our profession." "McConnell, a 1997 graduate of CHS: 'It has been a long time. A lot has changed the more than 20 years I have been gone. Left home and went to college at UT Martin. Started coaching at Lewis County, Dyersburg, Brighton, Waverly, Martin and finally this road has brought to me where I wanted to be the whole time....it has brought me home.' " Shawn McDowell, CHS Principal: "We have a hometown boy who is going to lead our football team and the last time that happened was 1980." Mark Florence, Director of Schools: "We had 17 applicants, but it was a pretty easy decision folks. We are blessed with one of the best coaches in the state of Tennessee." Camden businessman and huge supporter Camden Central High, Brent Smith: "I have only one question for you coach....who do you think we will play in the state championship?"
  8. Very good chance C-town will drop to 2A next re-classification. That could put them in a region with Riverside and Waverly and that would be interesting.
  9. Yep, there is exactly what I was talking about. All towns in the state should look up to Huntingdon.
  10. And Huntingdon is no better. They have always just thought so. Kind of like Ole Miss, very proud and haughty for nothing really.
  11. That would fire Camden up - and Waverly too.
  12. Congrats to Mr. Cooper Baugus, Peabody High School, and Region 7 on the 2A Mr. Football award. If you gotta get beat, you want to get beat by the best.
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