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  1. Frostie might not win the west, but he is definitely reloaded. I'm saying Riverside and Westview in a rematch for the west.
  2. I shouldn't have posted this and I knew it would ruffle. People were saying Westview would have us down 21-0 or 28-0 by the end of the first quarter - didn't happen. Westview is a good team, especially the skilled players, but they are not unbeatable.
  3. Pulling for Westview against Hampton.
  4. I'll turn this around if they beat Hampton.
  5. Westview is not as good as advertised. Their skilled players are exceptional but their lines aren't that good. I'm glad we're playing them instead of the Mustangs.
  6. I'm picking Riverside 24-21. Game will be won on the line.
  7. Go to FacebookTNLParsons and their livestream begins at 6:45. You'll get BigPun54 and Luke Lewis live.
  8. I would like to see the Westview player's faces when they see our visitor's dressing room. They are going to see how the other half lives, after playing at their UTM manse.
  9. It's usually not open; just for big, big games like tonight. The only other time I saw it open was when Peabody came to the semis in 2019.
  10. Yes, both sides and in one endzone. You might bring lawn chairs if you don't get there early though.
  11. For those who don't know, the stadium is located at the middle school. So if you are a google map person, type in the address of Decatur Co. Middle School. A couple of years ago, I had to run by Riverside High to pick up something before the Waverly game and there was an older couple from Waverly setting in the driveway complaining because they couldn't find the football field. I hope it's a packed house that night. When we played Peabody in the semis in 2019, we had several people from our district there, including Lewis Co. and Hickman.
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