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  1. This is the first time Frostie has gotten to play for a region championship at home. I think Frost will have his boys ready. River Cats 24, Wavo Wonders 20. If any of you Waverly folks can't come over to the swamp fest, you can watch it free on [Facebook live The News Leader] and listen to BigPun Pancho and Lefty Daryl, the best announcers in all of high school football, besides Wes Blankenship.
  2. Turn the subtitles on and see how many words it misses when BigPun Pancho is talking. He will say Brock, Brock (our kicker) and the subtitle will type bra, bra. Hilarious.
  3. Hope the weather is better than last year at Adamsville.
  4. I'm surprised too. That admin at Houston Co. has not been pro-football for at least 20 years - maybe longer. That's why when they get a good coach over there, like they have now, they don't last long. I'm picking WC in a close one, if HC plays.
  5. I wish Riverside had that #28 for the Irish.
  6. You folks have it going on down there. Gibson Co. produces so many good players - and teams. South Gibson has seemed to come out of nowhere and Milan has been good since Lincoln was in office.
  7. We had 450 students at Riverside last year but I think our enrollment could down a little this....Hard to tell. Frostie has a big number of boys out for such a small school, and the frosh class is huge in numbers and size.
  8. Way to go Panthers. Keep moving forward.
  9. I recommend the Mexican Restaurant in Camden or Bella Blak in Waverly - best two places in the area.
  10. Thanks Big Pun. I was wondering..................................
  11. I think it could be the biggest frosh football class in Riverside school history. Somebody from Decatur Co. correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Riverside scored on two consecutive offensive plays.
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