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  1. I shouldn't have posted this and I knew it would ruffle. People were saying Westview would have us down 21-0 or 28-0 by the end of the first quarter - didn't happen. Westview is a good team, especially the skilled players, but they are not unbeatable.
  2. Pulling for Westview against Hampton.
  3. I'll turn this around if they beat Hampton.
  4. Westview is not as good as advertised. Their skilled players are exceptional but their lines aren't that good. I'm glad we're playing them instead of the Mustangs.
  5. I'm picking Riverside 24-21. Game will be won on the line.
  6. Go to FacebookTNLParsons and their livestream begins at 6:45. You'll get BigPun54 and Luke Lewis live.
  7. I would like to see the Westview player's faces when they see our visitor's dressing room. They are going to see how the other half lives, after playing at their UTM manse.
  8. It's usually not open; just for big, big games like tonight. The only other time I saw it open was when Peabody came to the semis in 2019.
  9. Yes, both sides and in one endzone. You might bring lawn chairs if you don't get there early though.
  10. For those who don't know, the stadium is located at the middle school. So if you are a google map person, type in the address of Decatur Co. Middle School. A couple of years ago, I had to run by Riverside High to pick up something before the Waverly game and there was an older couple from Waverly setting in the driveway complaining because they couldn't find the football field. I hope it's a packed house that night. When we played Peabody in the semis in 2019, we had several people from our district there, including Lewis Co. and Hickman.
  11. Are there some Dresden boys pulling for Westview? That's about like a Huntingdon guy pulling for Mckenzie!
  12. I hope those Huntingdon boys are right....................I'm a little surprised at this thread being so quiet, but it will pick up after Frostie shocks the world.
  13. You, Vandyfan1, are one of the most accurate posters on the T. I always appreciate your knowledge of high school football, not only around here but in other regions of the state. Frostie's boys might fall this week, but if they do they have had a heck of a ride. They are a close bunch of kids. There are 17 sets of brothers on this team, yes 34 of them are playing on a team with their brother. The rest are like brothers too. They have been winning a lot of games since they were in middle school, and really play well together. Before the season started, I picked them to be 6-4 going into the playoffs. I can usually get within one game either way. I overestimated some teams on our schedule, like Lexington (a 4a neighboring school usually beats us 9 out of every 10 years.) Instead of 6-4 our boys were 9-1. They have really surprised me the way they have won, even on off nights (East Hickman and Forrest). I'm not going to be surprised anymore. They might lose by a lot to Westview, but I won't be surprised if Riverside is looking for a couple of charter buses next week to go to Chattanooga either. I guess I'm being a homer, but at this time of the year in the playoffs, either team can show up, and I'm looking for my home team of brothers to show up and put up a fight against, probably the best 2A team in the state. And don't be suprised if a Rudy doesn't throw down his water bucket and run out on the field for a play or two, or if you hear Bobby Boucher's mother yelling over the top of the fans in our packed stadium. We understand we are the underdogs, we get it, but our boys will show up and anything can happen.
  14. Unless you get there early, parking will be hard to find. You can continue south for about two hundred yards, park in the baseball/county recreational building, and walk up the lighted concrete walkway back to the football parking lot. Looking forward to a good gate, and proud to be playing after Thanksgiving. Feel like it's going to be us against the world, and that is usually better than being the favorite imo.
  15. The cards have been dealt. We know the stakes, but at least we will be at home in the swamp and not down at their manse. Hoping to have a lot of people like we did a couple of years ago when we hosted Peabody.
  16. So, what do you think now Trader Man? Westview is playing like a champion.
  17. We know the feeling sir, we surely know the feeling.
  18. Hat's off to a very tough Forrest team. That is one scrappy bunch of boys - hard to beat at the "rock."
  19. Rockets should be up by at least 17 with two interceptions and a fumble recovery. Forrest video coverage is excellent. They even have a replay on most plays. Frostie will make some adjustments at the half.
  20. Well stated Riverside P (a.k.a. General Hatton)
  21. Surely that fool doesn't work for the school!
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