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  1. I do know Lake Co. Had Michael Swift who spent time in NFL with Chargers and Panthers. Also Greg Ross spent some time mostly Pre-season I believe with Falcons and Dolphins. Ronald Lee Hopkins had a long career in CFL. LC also home to Jerry Reese former NFL super bowl winning GM of the Giants.
  2. Alright shockernation, Bigster, Guidance1812,what is the move Friday. Me and the boy gonna be in Huntingdon to watch the Falcons do work and ready to link up with some if our closest LC friends! Can't wait
  3. No players from Stewarts Creek will be rezoned to Rockvale only to Blackman. However any players who are rezoned to the new school Rockvale will be immediately eligible and do not fall under the direct link rule because they did not move to follow a coach they were moved by the school system. Now if a player from Stewarts Creek moved to Rockvale zone they would not be eligible via direct link rule.
  4. Was a heck of a game to watch. Could have went either way. Cornersville earned the win. They executed and got the score and LC missed on their opportunities. The sweep pass was wide open for 6 and RB overthrew him and then the TE screen that Cornersville interception was a TD if QB has gotten it over the DL-man. Ifs and buts though great game to watch and awesome crowd for both as well. Future is also bright for both teams so could have been a preview of the next couple years.
  5. Vandychris we bringing up girls basketball to make a point? If you want to talk basketball I think a few years ago Lake Co boys basketball faired pretty well vs. those juggernaut middle TN teams. A state title and runner up to show for it
  6. What up Shocker,Bigster and Lakecounty1968! I am looking for a big LC win Friday night so I can make the trip to Huntingdon or Cornersville the day after Thanksgiving to see the green machine in action. Hope they get that pep bus going down to M-town Friday night to support the guys. You got some great leaders in the right spots in LC now that love LC athletics. Proud of the job the coaches and players are doing and wish them nothing but the best!
  7. A great honor for a first class individual and true LC Legend. State Champion QB and he has done so much for athletes and students in LC. No matter how successful he has become always has had time to take care of and help out his hometown!! Congrats and appropriate games are now played on Bill Wray Memorial Field in Jerry Reese Stadium!!
  8. Criticize all you want but this is the best move Chad has ever made by leaving the dumpster fire in Grundy. Better to just teach and watch games on Friday than work in that situation right now. Hate it for the kids but it is what it is. Chad is dang good coach and well respected in the profession. Has not had the record of Many by putting himself in some tuff coaching gigs. Did a great job at Cannon before having several good years at Sequatchie. Noone gonna win at Cohulla Creek and no real say on day to day stuff at Grundy. Hate to say it but personally glad he is out of that situation.
  9. Ok I will take the bait who is your favorite candidate? Especially with the following situation, 1. This late in year, 2. The pay and suppliment in BC. And 3. The potential ceiling as a coach in BC? Been on this business a long time and if he had listened to me would be in the Boro as well. He is his own man and is in a good situation now but whatever happens I wish nothing but the best for BCHS because I would not be the husband, father,teacher and coach I am today if it was not for my family, teacher's and Coaches I had in my hometown growing up.
  10. PikeVegas you talking bout a no win situation at Cohulla Creek. As I told him there was a reason Vic Grider took the job and then resigned a week later!! How did he fair as HC at Sequatchie Co? Pretty good and think he faired pretty well vs. Bledsoe during that time especially in the playoffs.
  11. Won't get the job cause you have to apply first! Boro money and schools too good to me and my family. I wish my alma mater well in the hire. Ambassador I know couldn't​ have been talking bout me anyway cause if so wouldn't have brought up coaching record!😀
  12. How was your coach that just left? Record not that impressive either just sayin
  13. 4thq, saw a big difference in the energy and enthusiasm of Lebanon in the scrimmage. Seemed to have out some new kids as well. Coach Gentry and staff are doing a good job. Should be improved this year.
  14. I have sat back and read the comments and will only say this. I have been a part of a staff that played against Antioch the last 2 years. When Hall was in charge we spent very little time in game prep for them. The team was terrible, lacked organization and scheme. I wondered if the players even knew what they were running offensively or defensively. Woodward comes in, gives them structure and improved the program tremendously. Had to actually prep for them this year and it was a much more competitive game than the year before. I actually hope they give the job back to Hall because it will at least make my job easier preparing for the Bears!!
  15. I will still say it right now Riverdale is on another level. It is Riverdale and then every other girls basketball team in the state. They are not ranked #1 in the nation for nothing. They have beaten Stewarts Creek 4 times. Does the Creek have a shot of upsetting them absolutely but it will take a great effort by SC and a night where Riverdale is not quite in sync. Almost happened in the district title game a 2 point loss by SC. That night Riverdale made zero 3-pointers that night and still snuck out a win. Maybe the 5th time is the charm for the Lady Red Hawks. Who knows??
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