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  1. Who has the easiest/hardest path to Saturday? Based on the rankings by Pioneer, is it fairly even on both sides of the bracket??
  2. www.wlct.com and yes you can listen tonight and on web
  3. Calamity Coley * To Date over 1500 pts scored and over 1000 rebounds in career that saw her in limited playing time because 1) her team was up by 20-40 points or 2) she was injured much of junior season. * District Freshman MVP of season in old district with Livingston, Upperman, York, Smith Co and DeKalb in 08-09 * All-District Soph season and All-State Tournament Team Junior Season * Averaged Double-Double 3 of four seasons in high school (Junior season 9.1 pts/gm 9.6 rebounds/gm) * Led Team to State Runner-Up finish in Class AA in Junior Season Great young woman, good student, nice family, and well deserving.
  4. Calamity Jane Coley, Macon County High School Check out video on unapproved website and see for yourself. http://unapproved website/high-schools/macon-county-tigers-(lafayette,tn)/home.htm
  5. Is a frog's butt water tight???
  6. Make sure you bring NO BALLS and his beard
  7. NO BALLS!!! Your use of the English language is astounding. Bring yo brotha and yo beard up for the stanky frankie Little-yellow-Hankie memorial tailgate. This one will be a good ern.
  8. binns, I do radio for MC. The guys at Trousdale are trying to establish a mid state pre-game show. Would you be available for interviews on your area teams, district? Would your station be interested in picking up show? Email me at [email protected]

  9. Rumor has it there was a "noBalls" sighting on the ridge??? Sometimes I guess that people would rather see their agenda play out rather than get the win. I will never understand that thinking. Tigers played a complete game. Congrats to the coaches and the players. For the first time in a long time I'm seeing a team come together. Lets get in there Monday morning and go to work!!!
  10. Need to make sure you tell your father-in-law that one
  11. NoBalls.......You are well... you know............ I'm gonna try and get your motha-in-law to cut off your internet for the sanity of us all. I'm just lookin for a good competitive game, no injuries, and marked improvement. Go Tigers!!
  12. I concur with this statement. I too would like to wish Coach Goolsby the best of luck and give him my full support!
  13. 1buck2


    Watch out! I know first hand that MaHoney can pong!
  14. What teams have responded to come thus far?
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