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  1. One more thing. If Huntingdon taking it on themselves to go out and raise money to upgrade the facility is a bad thing then thats crazy. Just because everybody can’t do that does no make it wrong. I’m off my soapbox. Thanks
  2. It’s funny that you have a few Huntingdon posters that are arragant and stupid,you have a few that play alone with the BS,and then you have some not even from Huntingdon making them sound unbeatable and then you get on here and make it sound like it’s just Huntingdon posters. You must be a Democrat
  3. If you’re actually counting it’s 1 gold and 3 silver
  4. Why do you think one of them didn’t play the first quarter and one of them didn’t play the first half last Friday? It wasn’t to rest them
  5. Maybe if some of them aren’t suspended or they don’t quit this week.
  6. Still 20-17 just starting 2nd half
  7. Kevin is not from Huntingdon. That’s the problem is other people are saying these things not Huntingdon fans with any sense. Same as last year it was everybody else saying this stuff.
  8. I heard the score was 10-0 Riverside. Any updates
  9. 45-13 7min to go in the 3rd q
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