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    QUOTE - TheGreatLineJudge @ Sep 28 2004 - 08:18 PM
    Wow. I would have ate this line judge for dinner. And then removed them from their post. *burp*
    "This is why we call him..'The Great Line Judge' lol."
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  1. TSSAA's handling of the state tournament is at an all-time low. I remember when it was held exclusively at MTSU with assistance from Siegel and Blackman. These teams deserve to play in facilities with a high ceiling and generous open areas. They used to tell us that volleyball lost money for the home office every year... Many moons ago, hospitality for those working degraded down to ham sandwiches in a bag that someone made. Literally. If MTSU can't handle it, why not utilize another college in the Nashville area with good facilities? Last I checked, Lipscomb and Belmont had OUTSTANDING facilities to play and watch volleyball. And if they weren't available.... why not A-Game on a full basketball court, instead of a normal volleyball court there? Where is the concern for the student-athlete's experience? You would not see basketball or king football downgraded to a middle school facility.
  2. Every kid is a college prospect. If you think college is only Division I or "your" idea of what college should be, that's a mistake. Can't allow elitism to creep into our collective mindset and become infested in us. It's dangerous. Can't think of a single player I've encountered over time who skipped high school ball. I can think of many, many, many kids who gave up another high school sport to focus on volleyball, but not one who skipped entirely. I agree with the selfish comment 100%. Yes, there can be inconsistences between what is taught at club vs high school... and plenty of them at that... but who really benefits from not competitively playing their sport of choice for 6+ months straight?
  3. I'm terribly late to this, but I regret to hear the news. Phil was a good man - it was always a pleasure to see him in the hallway. Late condolences to his family.
  4. Post season: Two REFEREES required. The host school is (as always) required to provide line judges. Most Nashville area schools request that the local association provide line judges for a multitude of reasons. Personally speaking, give me two folks who really know what they're doing, no matter what color the shirt is!
  5. I had heard this was the case. Nice to see it in print.
  6. Not directed at you, sir. Directed at the "discussion" earlier in the thread. I never mind folks helping one another /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />
  7. Folks, just a reminder to air out your laundry in places other than public forums. If you have a direct issue, take it up privately.
  8. Harding can hang with all the other state champions from this season - indeed, a worthy 4 teams. How they stack for next year is an unknown to me.. don't know enough about their senior class and underclassmen. All I know is that when I saw them in the regular season, they were playing exceptional volleyball. Should be a (the?) major DII-A power for years.
  9. Harp, There's a fine line between what's acceptable and what's not. Without seeing it for myself, I couldn't give you my judgment on what's ok and what's not. I saw the Page stuff myself. One man's lift is another's "play on". This topic is a critical subject, in my opinion, because it is at the heart of what we all want to see more of - avid spectators in the crowd. You are entitled to your opinion, harp, and some referees may see it the way you do. In my professional opinion, it's a judgment call and it's entirely situational. Indeed it is about the kids. However, if things go too far, someone must protect the player's rights/interests - that responsibility rests solely with the referee. Harp, would you stomp on the bleachers - intending to distract the server - when your own team is serving?
  10. Folks, I'm not discouraging loudness. Indeed, the more the merrier. I AM discouraging the use of disconcerting tactics - in this case, stomping on the bleachers (from the top level) right before serve.
  11. In principle, if the players can't do it, the crowd can't do it. One of the only offensive behaviors I observed from "The Firm" was stomping on the bleachers AS A GIRL WAS TRYING TO SERVE. THAT is disruptive and over the line. The official on that match put a stop to it and rightfully so.
  12. Shockingly correct. Where the logic is in this, especially considering a Memphis to Chattanooga possibility, beats me. I may "represent" TSSAA on the court, but I sure don't understand many of their moves. I can appreciate the "sectional" style of lineup here, but the potential drive is outrageous. I suppose this is why it's being held on a Saturday (at 7 pm, even, if my information is correct).
  13. Huge difference in clapping and chanting vs. kicking the bleachers with your heels. The latter will quite possibly get you in trouble, as it's an artificial noisemaker. The former is just good fan involvement.Huge difference in clapping and chanting vs. kicking the bleachers with your heels. The latter will quite possibly get you in trouble, as it's an artificial noisemaker. The former is just good fan involvement.
  14. Thanks for telling us it starts today. Why don't you call the school or call someone about it? They'll know better than most people here, as fans from that area don't really post much about volleyball on CoachT. You can't just take, take, take information. To be respected here, you must give as good as you get. You're a newspaper man, right? Go out to the matches and get the results! Don't rely on an internet message board to make reports!
  15. Guidelines for spectators: 1. It can never be personal. In HS, if you say a name or number and say something really off-hand, that's a problem. However, after a shank, if someone yells "Nice hit there, #16!" and you think that's bad, get real. 2. It can't be over-the-top during the serve. You can't be stomping or kicking the bleachers in an effort to distract a server. Yelling in unison is just a bunch of white noise. Especially if done the entire time the server is in process. If someone screams right before contact, you may have a case. Do you really expect a volleyball gym so quiet you can hear a pin drop? 3. No intentional physical contact. Ever. 4. No stepping out on the court and attempting to interfere with play. IMMEDIATE ejection from my court - no questions asked. 5. No artificial noisemakers. 6. And most importantly, CHEER FOR YOUR OWN TEAM first and foremost. Nothing wrong with a little attention for the opponent, but give your efforts to your own team. Other items to consider: - If a crowd does it to their own team, you can't complain about them doing it to yours. - Loud, proud fans are a commodity in short supply in this sport. Appreciate them. - Be realistic. A serious player/coach can't tell me they can't play or win simply because of a few people in the stands. The best way to make them quiet? Play harder and show them they can't shake you. Is this license to be nasty and obscene and intervene in the match? Of course not. But use some common sense. If you'd be proud to have them on your side of the court, don't wish them away for the opponent. Finally, I witnessed the group of male fans in question. While they may unsettle some folks because they're not accustomed to that type of enthusiasm, they were properly behaved most of the time. There were a couple of things that weren't kosher, but those were stopped. I've witnessed more outrageous behavior from groups of parents than a small group of high school students.
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