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  1. ACE out of Anderson County has made a powerful statement hiring long time College and High School coach Lorri Johnson, Paul Brock’s mentor, and Carmen Foster who is in every sports hall of fame TN has to offer. Coach Foster started club volleyball in TN with the Smoky Mountain Athletic Club of Knoxville, trained the Haymes who split off to run a money making club. What is the cost?
  2. Just read the other thread. Thanks for the info, TSSAA still has not updated the brackets btw! Also, do you know why Coach Garland was removed as coach, I had a long talk with him at state a couple three years ago and he was nice, and I thought his team looked great. If I remember he lost to a Christian Academy who had a 6'6" player.
  3. This really surprises me. I saw HV at the Knoxville tournament and knew they would be good, but was this an upset? Do you have any information about Heritage? How did Farragut fall to 4th? Don't they do a double elimination format that takes several days, if so who beat them and scores? How does Heritage stack up against HV? Can Oak Ridge beat Heritage? What about the tri cities teams? This got interesting.
  4. What happened to Farragut? Wow, I did not see that coming. I knew HV was strong after watching them at the Sunsphere tourney, but who is Heritage? I don't know anything about them.
  5. Surprise, TSSAA still hasn't updated the bracket and Regionals are tomorrow. Who won the Knoxville District. I assume it was Farragut and HV. Also, can Morristown or TN high beat either team in Sectionals? In MT we have Wood, Raven and Siegal. Page lost a 5 set classic against Ravenwood, rough on them, and all of us, them moving up to AAA. Ravenwood is getting better and will be a strong opponent in the Regionals, and we are banged up. Siegal won't be challenged, so the 5 teams referenced are it. I thought HV looked great early in the year. Good luck to all.
  6. Do you know who won AAA Knoxville? TSSAA still hasn't updated the bracket? I am going to start a AAA thread. Also, after reading this, why did Coach Garland get dismissed? I remember it happening in the middle of the season but they let him finish out the year and almost won the state championship so I figured it was a parent issue. I always liked him and the former Catholic Coach, Coach Jones. Any info on the Knox winner would be great, I assume it was Farragut and HV. Good luck to all!
  7. I love that Portland is getting some love! They are a really good AA team! Signal Mountain has a strong hitter but is not in Portland's class. I also want to weigh in on Catholic. I saw them at the Knoxville K2 tournament and they were not nearly as strong as they were last year. They had a really strong hitter, mentioned on this board who is young but strong. However, the setting is not good. The setter from last year should set all the way around. They also freeze out number 4 and go to the weaker hitters. I don't think they won a game in Saturday? They miss a lot of serves, and are slow. Portland is better. What happened to the coach that was there before the two K2 guys?
  8. Hames is Knoxvilles best player but I would pick this girl as number 2, just nothing around her!
  9. Just finished a tough Knoxville tournament. I made a point to watch the Knoxville teams. Obviously Webb and the Wood won't resemble what you see now in October with Logan and Hames back. Harden Valley looked better than I thought. Farragut was way down. I saw the big girl from Catholic. She was the best non Webb Knoxville player I saw. Cunningham was the name. She just doesn't have anything around her. She was the entire team. Weak setting and no other hitters. She was the only one that could hit the ball. They got thumped by a weak team because they went away from her. Baylor and siegel looked strong. Good tournament.
  10. I am heading out late. Is the convention center the new one just up Cumberland Avenue, or the old one in the hotel? I am looking forward to see The Knoxville teams.
  11. We are coming to Knoxville this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing her play. Does Catholic have anybody to go with her? Who are the other top teams in Knoxville? I see where St Joseph's from South Carolina is coming, they are an experienced team.
  12. Coach actually pre dates club! When club first hit Nashville it was not the money grab it became. We had an asst "J" and another "J" who made a mess of everything. Much like what I see K2 doing they tirelessly self promoted and then would have parents remove high school coaches to put in their people. Today club and high school work well together, but it took 10 years and some growing pains to get there. We had what I called the "club wars" My problem with this board is that they push K2 tirelessly and if you speak out against them then you get trashed. Logan is the top player end of discussion. Hames is good, but not in Logan's class, no one from Hardin Valley could touch her or Garrett, and would struggle to make our starting 6. If Cunningham is number 4 she is strong, but other than her Catholic has nothing.
  13. In order to get a topic going that isn't started by the K2 folks, with Garrett out Brentwood is vulnerable. I am interested in who you think has the best chance to win AAA, and why.
  14. I went to the schools web page, is she number 4 in the picture?
  15. Logan Eggleton is the state's best player. No question. Brentwood is coming to Knoxville in a few weeks so I want to see these teams. I have watched Nicklin Hames in club and think she is strong. I looked on Catholics web page, is Cunningham number 4? If so she is strong but isn't she a junior?
  16. Logan Eggleston is the top volleyball player in the state. She was Gatorade player of the year as a sophomore. She has led Brentwood to a championship every year and sorry to bust your bubble but the Wood will win again this year. Why do the Knoxville teams get on here and pump themselves? Hardin Valley is not a threat to win a championship, neither is Catholic. HV is too slow and cannot compete in our District. I got on the school web page and if Cunningham is number 4 then yes, she is very good but other than her they don't have anybody. As to Webb, you need to measure your tone. In the last few years they haven't had to play anybody to win a title. This year more teams will be in their division. The Wood is coming to Knoxville in a few weeks to play, after I see these teams I will give you more in depth thoughts. Be aware Logan won't be their she is honoring her USA committee to, and Garrett is out with an injury so you won't be seeing our tournament team. Finally, J Hames and his underlings need to stay off of this board pushing their "elite" players. We had two "J's" in Nashville club 15 years ago and they almost killed high school and club volleyball. It became a huge money grab. Be wary of self promoters, and if they are putting club coaches in as high school coaches you have started down a bad path. They WILL play club kids over non club kids. It took us a decade to calm down.
  17. Bratman, there is no way that they can play as many tournaments as you are saying for that cost. Are you sure that is not a monthly bill? Why do they not simply play for K2?
  18. Here is my thought, as a Ryan grad and Sister of a former Brentwood player and current club coach. There are only two competitive areas for volleyball in the state. Here, and Knoxville. I am close with the K2 coaches and Knoxville volleyball is hot. For years it was Anderson County and sometimes Farragut and not much else. Farragut is now a legit power. Harden Valley, Maryville, Bearden, Webb, CAK and Catholic are now strong. Farragut is still behind Brentwood, but not by much. Webb is as strong as any private. Anderson County back in AA will be back in the state finals and it wouldn't surprise me if they play Catholic unless the TSSAA makes Catholic move to private. The finals should be Wood vs Farragut AC vs Catholic Webb vs Baylor And I know zero about single A. Here in Wilco Knoxville has caught up and some say maybe passed us. The Tri Cities and Chattanooga are dead except for Baylor. This is good. Ravenwood, Indy had great years but you can't say they have great programs, The Gull and Cent have never been that competitive at the top level of AAA. Page is a lot like Anderson County, dominant in AA but will struggle in AAA against the top teams.
  19. I disagree. Teams get hot and peak at different times. You may have a player out in a competitive district game that drops you a seed. You may have a rival that really plays out of their mind to upset you. Volleyball isn't football. We play a lot of games, and we are a tournament sport. Sometimes it's just not your night, or emotion gets in the way. Brentwood should not lose a game on paper, but they will drop some matches next year, but come the tourney they will be locked in, What about the other classifications?
  20. Best District in the State, hands down. I like the addition of Page.
  21. As a Catholic school grad, it is a huge selling point. At Ryan we had part of our tuition paid by our local Parrish. I cannot imagine that Knox Catholic will stop what is a universal practice among Catholic schools. As good as their football team is this sounds like a suspension waiting to happen. Back on topic, what are your too early predictions? Do you think anyone can challenge the Wood? I saw Baylor, Webb, CAK, Anderson County last year. Baylor will be tough the next two years, I thought Anderson County looked great as a AAA team, they will be tough to handle as AA. I also like CAK. What do you Knoxville guys think?
  22. What do you mean? I just put together that Knox Catholic was still in public. All of the middle Tennessee catholic schools had to go private because the church pays part of the tuition. I went to Ryan. How did the Knoxville Catholic school get a waiver?
  23. The Wood will win, we always do!
  24. What a joke thread. Maryville has 4 division one players and can't make it out of district? And why would you trash Anderson of all schools. They may be a small rural school but when they get pumped it's like a knife fight. We hate playing them even in play days. When they have a good team they go insane, when they have a bad team they scream louder. I bet Maryville got an earful. BTW Wood won...again!
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