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  1. Please keep us posted. Anxiously awaiting the outcome in White House.
  2. White House is 15-8 against teams from Davidson County since 1999. Did some research and looked it up. Never lost two in a row to Pearl-Cohn, and the Hillsboro teams were loaded against young White House squads. Antioch was one of the 0-3 starts, and Goodpasture was this year. The losses are to Pearl-Cohn (4-4), Hillsboro (0-2), Antioch (1-1) and Goodpasture (0-1). The wins are against Pearl-Cohn (4), Stratford (2), Whites Creek (4), Overton (1), Hillwood (1), Maplewood (2) and Antioch (1).
  3. Of the three remaining eligible teams from District 9-AA in Class 4-A, Greenbrier is in. I'm just using basic math: - If White House beats Sycamore, they are the top 4-A seed from District 9-AA at 6-4 (4-1). Greenbrier would be 7-3 (4-1) with a win over Goodpasture, but White House wins the head to head tiebreaker. If Greenbrier loses, they would be 6-4 (4-2) and get in over Sycamore 4-6 (2-3). - If Sycamore beats White House then Greenbrier is the top seed and Sycamore is second, no matter what happens in the Goodpasture-Greenbrier game. If Sycamore wins, they will be 5-5 (3-2) and if Greenbrier loses they will be 6-4 (3-2). White House will also be 5-5 (3-2). Greenbrier wins the overall record three-way tiebreaker, and Sycamore gets in over White House by head to head. But if Greenbrier wins, 7-3 (4-1), then Greenbrier is the top seed and Sycamore gets in with a win over White House as both would be 5-5 (3-2). I know these things not because I work for the TSSAA, but because my first grade teacher taught me math. You're welcome.
  4. I'm the one that suggested the new thread, and for the reason that the referee in question and the issues in question had nothing to do with the game being discussed in the thread. Someone made a comment about questionable officiating in the game, to which another made an assumption that perhaps the same referee worked his alma mater (and he didn't). This is a fair discussion. It just had nothing to do with the game last Friday.
  5. I am not disputing that TSSAA has an issue with referees officiating games with questionable ties to the schools. But it doesn't just happen at White House. I know of another school in the county that had a member of a crew that officiated them all the time, which also owned a successful and well-respected business in that town: a business which dealt with the public. Did he make poor calls to influence his sales? Of course not! No question he had integrity. But the connection alone is enough to consider the thought, and he was not even a head official. I'm not mentioning the school because it's not fair to blame them. Thus my point. Why are you talking about this on a Macon County thread (and why I am replying for that matter???) when the official in question did not officiate the game? Further, there is no evidence that even if he did the Station Camp game (and I don't officially remember) that his connections to White House had any impact on the game whatsoever. Don't you think Shawn Hollinsworth would balk at it if there were? Maybe this deserves its own thread. But it had NOTHING to do with the Macon County game, and still doesn't.
  6. And Greenbrier, not trying to be harsh at all. No offense meant. I'm just defending Al. From all we know, he is both a good man and a great official and the accusations that he helps White House over the years are both false and unjustified. It's simply not the case.
  7. Once again, no one from White House is complaining about officials. We simply recognize that Friday night, the clock operator did not effectively do his job, and the head official had lots of trouble seeing his card and writing down issues during the game, resulting in long delays between plays. Further, the clock issue hurt Macon County, not us, and it was corrected by the press box. Finally, with all due respect to the Greenbrier fan - he is the one that made the correlation that since there were officiating problems at a White House game, then it must have been Al Pond as the official. We have both established the crew was NOT Al's crew, and that Al's crew is hardly ever at White House to officiate a varsity game. It's kind of a shame we're still having the discussion. It should have been cleared up by now. I appreciate the efforts to clarify the rules, but Greenbrier needs to let it go. When Al calls another White House game, then I would say that's the time to bring it up. Until then, clanking cymbal meet hollow air. It's a lot of noise about nothing.
  8. I don't post much...but can we stop this already? The referee's name is Al Pond and he calls very, very, very, very few White House games. I do not believe that he has called a White House game this year, but if so, it is only one. Al Pond has a very good crew, by the way. They are not a low-rated officiating crew. However, Al Pond and his crew do call the scrimmages for White House every year, and they handle a lot of freshmen games, so you do see them often in White House. But during the regular season? Not so much. In fact, I think it used to be more frequent than it is now. I am not an expert on who the officiating crews are. But at the first game of the season, the White House community honored "Doc", who passed away last year and officiated something like 40 years. His crew is the most frequent, and because of their success, the most popular and well respected crew around this area including at White House. When Doc died, his son took over and the officials locker room at White House is named in Doc's honor. AND FINALLY... The crew at last night's game was brand new. I have never seen them before. The clock operator evidently had all kinds of trouble and it appeared (I'm not being funny) that the head official was blind. Every time he took out his notebook to write a penalty or a timeout down, the game had to be delayed because he couldn't see what he was doing. It was bad for both sides but every second lost was put back on the clock.
  9. I noticed in another thread that the White House new site has been updated. There is a chart under the historical section that compares team stats from the past. Kris would have to give you individual stats, I don't think they have individual stats archived, but if they do I can't find it. Here are the team stat comparisons: WH 1997 Rushing: 2633 Passing: 2110 Total Offense: 4733 WH 1998 Rushing: 3778 Passing: 779 Total Offense: 4557 WH 2004 Rushing: 3476 Passing: 1813 Total Offense: 5289 WH 2007 Rushing: 2661 Passing: 1320 Total Offense: 3981 This team has a long way to go to match offensively the firepower from the 1997 and the 2004 bunch. And don't get clouded in the stats, those teams had a MONSTER offensive line and that's where Coach Porter has indicated in the previews this team needs to find itself. I'm looking forward to watching them try...lot of talent, but those are some high expectations. Let's watch them be themselves. Here's the chart if you want to look at it: Team Stat Chart The new site looks great by the way...lots of great volunteers at White House doing a tremendous job to help the staff behind the scenes.
  10. You have to put last night's call in context because it happens every week. I thought it was a catch, but there's also a lot of time left on the clock at that point (both teams had another drive each and maybe more). ) Plus, it wasn't a touchdown, and Greenbrier had already missed a field goal and failed to score an offensive touchdown. So there are no guarantees. Further, didn't White House throw a pick right after it? They had the ball again and still didn't score. So there are no certainties. Last week against Station Camp, crucial calls by the officials help swing the game. I'm not big on rules about linemen in pass catching situations, but if I understand the rule, a pass caught beyond the line of scrimmage isn't allowed if there are linemen downfield. Well last week, when Dixon fumbled (and looking at the TV replay, I think he was down), the very next play Station Camp throws a fullback screen and has a man downfield at least 8-10 yards. No call. Few plays later, field goal bounces off the post and in and it's 10-3 at the half. Ended up being a difference in the game. I respect Greenbrier and I love the stadium renovations. It was a hard fought game and if all falls right, we may see it again in a couple of weeks at the House.
  11. I was out of town this weekend in Indianapolis and did not get to see the game, but from looking at the box score on defense we must have emptied the benches. But I also noticed something from the Tennessean...DeKalb scored their only two times in the fourth quarter, when someone else said that freshmen were in there...and DeKalb's two scores came from the starting running back and their starting quarterback to the top receiver statistically on their team. Granted, we must have not played well, but if we escaped without someone getting hurt, this isn't the BCS...we don't have to run up the score to impress anyone. So this business about DeKalb emptying the bench also seems to be a little unfounded. I just don't see the stats back that up. We only threw about seven passes, West barely had 50 yards and we punted pitifully it seems. If we can take care of business later, no one is going to care what the score of this game was.
  12. Not very many starting quarterbacks at White House, I can remember, played all the time on defense and special teams, too. If you make a switch, which I do not advocate, then you take one of your three best receivers and put him in another position. There is no evidence that the current quarterback could play receiver and take his place, and although I am not at practice and just see the games on Friday, I have never heard that the current quarterback plays another position besides punter. Further, the backup QB currently is also a starter at defensive back and a returner on special teams. So you want the kid who is your starting quarterback to be on the field for all 48 minutes of the game? I just don't think that's very smart. 1. Chance at injury, which there is a history of, and more chance as a quarterback to be injured. 2. Fatigue affects decision making, the quarterback must be the most aware and alert athlete on the field at all times. He is the offensive leader. And in case no one has noticed about Duty, he's playing pretty well right where he is at and had a huge game last week. Funny after one of our best games of the year we're fighting like cats and dogs. That's not BDP. But what do I know, I'm just a White House transplant for my job and an old man with no kids in the program. I guess someone might say I have no right to say...get over it and support the kids.
  13. I wish Heritage nothing but the best. It's not those kids fault what happened in the political and school arena. That being said, calling yourselves "New Blue" when everyone knows the town's history is a bad idea. Business owners, political people and families all know what it sounds like when you slogan "New Blue" -- it's a blatant taunt at White House High School. What would be wrong with "Go Navy" (get it?) or "We're Seeing Red at WHH"...something corny, but catchy that makes a Heritage Patriot statement and leaves the rest alone? No one may have intended it to be a big at the Blue Devils, but most people see the obvious...and the obvious in this case looks bad. Congrats on a good season and keep it up (and cause a massive playoff mess when both teams need the field on Friday night in week 11)... But leave the New/True Blue slogan alone. As Reggie Bush says in the ESPN Commercial, "that was just dumb."
  14. Macon County currently has the 16th toughest schedule in 3-A. While that may be higher on the list than White House (which I still don't think is realistically accurate, because it's based on winning percentage and doesn't seem to account classification), I still wouldn't have been bragging about it like someone did earlier in the thread. Sixteen in one class is about the upper-middle of the road state wide. If you were top three, then that's a different story. You can't evaluate it based on week two. It's going to get more realistic each week of the seasons as wins and losses mount. Now, let me address the passing situation. You can only evaluate White House based on what they have faced. They have a young secondary, just about all sophomores, so last year's stats don't matter. It's a small sample size, and that's the point. They have not faced a large passing attack yet, but what they have seen, they have been successful against. It's my opinion that the veteran coaching staff schemes well against passing attacks, in 3-A past like the old Livingston Academy and Melrose squads, and in 4-A against Whites Creek, Hillwood, Shelbyville and Tullahoma. But let's look at this year alone. According to the White House website, they have allowed only 12 of 27 passes to be completed and intercepted three of those 27. They have allowed just 124 yards passing and no touchdowns. They struggled in week one against a running quarterback from Page, but did MUCH better in week two against Franklin-Simpson's mobile quarterback and then even better in week three against Colton Williamson at Portland. Macon County will put it in the air for sure Friday night, and we'll see how this young bunch of Blue Devils responds in the defensive backfield.
  15. While there are a lot of crazy predictions, let's look at the reality. Macon County has lost two straight games, but Friday's could be one of the most important games of the year. If they fall into an 0-2 hole in the region, it could be over. And here's why. Macon County would have lost to Pearl-Cohn and White House, with games still left with: Greenbrier (defending champ) Station Camp (maybe the most improved team) DeKalb County Sycamore That means at 0-2, they have to beat two of those teams to even have a shot, but more realistically, they might have to go 3-1 down the stretch against them to get in, if Pearl-Cohn and White House both end up as playoff teams. Macon County beat a weaker Trousdale team and a decent Westmoreland team, but have been embarrassed the last two weeks. Someone mentioned they have the toughest schedule? Is that so...tell me how Macon County would fare against 5-A Beech and 4-A Portland to go with 3-A Page (who is down) and Kentucky traditional Franklin-Simpson? How does a weak Trousdale, Westmoreland and York even come close to compare to that? Look at this thing logically. If White House wins, this is going to be a long year for the Tigers at 2-3 and looking from the bottom up. Further, reading the preview at the White House site, the stats show that Macon likes to throw it. White House has not seen much through the air, but been successful against it. And we played 4-A teams that chucked it all over the field and did just fine, for four years.
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