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  1. I know that we are in Area 4 of the TMSAA.... that is for basketball and track... This is going to be started for next season and i need to know how much money we need to raise in order to get a mat and all other items needed. we are in a conference with the roane county schools and monroe co as well as loudon county. Thanks for everything.
  2. My middle school is looking into starting a middle school wrestling program and in hopes filtering over to the high school ranks. Where do i start? I know the mat is very expensive and the biggest cost to start up. The rest can be maintained for a few years, ie singlets, etc. I know that wrestling is just starting to take off in my area (east tennessee, knoxville area), but didnt know if the season was carried on during basketball season or if it was at another time. Also, what local area school have teams? Thanks for all your help. If you want to contact me directly, my email is [email protected] Thanks for all the help.
  3. these numbers were much higher than i thought. The mat costing 10k is expected, however, in your original post, you mentioned that it would be about 15k per year. Either that, or i am reading it wrong. i couldnt imagine that it would cost that much each year if the mat is good for up to 10 or so years. This is a program that is a couple years away and i must make sure i have the budget presented. Thanks for all your helps guys.
  4. Good Evening folks. I was curious if anyone could give me a ballpark of start up costs for a high school wrestling team. I am talking mats, uniforms, etc. I know mats can cost upwards of 10 grand, however that is a figure that i would like to avoid if at all possible. Are there refurbished mats available until a program could get off the ground? Thanks alot for your help.
  5. should be a dandy either way. White being out will hurt AC, but this game is always as how of guts and heart. Would love to watch this one.
  6. Oh yeah stepped up in a big way. Just ran out of gas. Lc's tempo is always up with high pressure defense. They are used to playing about 12 players a night. When 4 of those are out, that leaves you with 7 or 8 guys that gave their all. I feel like they stepped up in a big way. Very good effort in a hostile environment last night. The panthers also defeated South Doyle tonight in a big district matchup with hood and powers playing at about 70 percent. They should be up to speed and back to good health by the time they travel to William Blount next week.
  7. this thread is a joke. it needs to be erased. this site should be used to talk football in a positive way instead of using the computer to blast players, coaches and administration. i hope coacht will clean this stuff up.
  8. I agree that i think Loudon will probably win this one by a couple touchdowns, but i have a hard time reading some of these posts. It is very difficult when you are playing all these upper level school with mediocre 2a talent. Anyone that keeps there eyes on football and gets to watch the Loudon's, Maryville's, and Alcoa's play will realize that LC just doesnt have that type of talent. That isnt coaching thats the lack of talent. Coach White is a good Coach and has a few guys that could measure up to the competition, but in no way can the whole team. It is very easy to criticize from up above with what you would have done different in certain situations, but good night, its obvious. I think when the kids quit hearing constantly that their coaches are inadequate and cannot win, the kids may respond. But this is an ongoing arguement. Good luck to both teams and i hope that the panthers and skins both have great years. Oh and by the way, the excitement will pick up, its the battle of the bridge.
  9. Hello folks, im looking for a local knoxville trainer that trained harrison smith. I have a son that i would like to get involved in his training program. However, i cant find any information on him or even if the name is correct. I am just going from random memory. Any information would be great. Thanks.
  10. No doubt that had an affect on the outcome of the game last night for Athens. I hate to see those 2 girls and that team end their season on a game like that. They had the potential to beat CH and just had some bad luck with the flu bug. As far as Cherokee and #40, she is a great player as well and will most definately contribute as a freshman next season wherever she chooses to go.
  11. To answer your question as to whether or not Athens was as weak as they appeared.... Absolutely not. I dont know if you noticed it or not but their two best players were battling the flu or some sort of stomach virus as they rushed off the floor each time out to get sick. #33, and #21 are their main scorers and both were probably not even at 30% last night. I hate that for those kids. As far as strong teams that are left, you have to think that the 3 others that are there belong there. #34 from CH was amazing, where will she goto high school, also, i dont think she missed a shot last night (literally) and had 28. is that a norm for her? or was it the fact that no one was guarding her? She is a tremendous player.
  12. no worries 33viking. you are in the right spot for your post. I just sometimes get confused about the sevier and sevierville thing. As far as cherokee goes, they are a good team that has started peeking at the right time. They will be tough competition.
  13. ok is sevier the same as sevierville? sorry not from the area. Also i know for fact that vance is a large school division school and if sevier is not sevierville then there is a mixup somewhere. Im not sure if coloniel heights is a large school either. Can you double check your numbers. I also know that you are asking about a school (cherokee) that is the #1 seed in the area 4 east tournament. So if you dont mind, check and make sure.
  14. i appreciate it. I have heard that sevierville is the area 3 number 1, is this true?
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