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  1. Danielle Moen, Tullahoma has committed to Wallace State in Hanceville, Alabama for volleyball
  2. Results, Scores and Pictures as well as all District team on www.tullahomasports.com[/url]
  3. Sorry, Region 4 not region 6
  4. Lincoln County beat Columbia in 3 Tullahoma beat Lawrence County in 3 Tullahoma beat Lincoln County in 4 Tullahoma District Championship Region 6 Championship Monday 4:00 with District 7 first and second at Tullahoma
  5. Semi finals for District 8AAA were held at Lincoln County on Tuesday results are as follows: Tullahoma got a bye Columbia Central over Franklin County 3-0 (I think) Lawrence County over Coffee County 3-1 or 3-2 Lincoln County Over Ninth Grade Academy 3-0 Why a Junior High team was allowed to play in the district championship is beyond me. I am wondering if this was sanctioned by TSSAA? Finals will be Thursday night in Tullahoma Tullahoma vs Lawrence County @ 4:00 Columbia Central vs Lincoln County Winner Game 1 vs Winner Game 2 Championship
  6. Well if the truth be known and my roots being from Wisconsin, give me a Brat and adult beverage any day. And sorry to say Pageman, Bratman, you have met your match when it comes to Bratology.
  7. The Regional championship should be at the district 8AAA champion. Not necessarily at Tullahoma. But I have my diet coke riding on Tullahoma.
  8. Yes, Most of the girls are made up of RCVC and NASA Clubs players. Lost last year to Grissom in Quarter finals of Large school state tourney. Played Tough at Huntsville High Tourney last week.
  9. Majority of the team is made up of underclasswomen. Their Big Hitter i believe is soph or junior.
  10. Like my coach in High school used to say..."point up at the score board and say, "LOOK AT THE SCORE"
  11. Just a little correction on Lauren Britton, she signed with Central Arkansas not Arkansas State.
  12. Watching the play day at Columbia, I saw Tullahoma as the dominate team but Culleoka had a good team with some height and agressiveness. If they work some on passing and setting they will have much potential. They have a middle who is good and some good serving.
  13. They are scheduled to be in Columbia on Saturday along with Lincoln County, Tullahoma and Spring Hill. This is a varsity and JV play day
  14. I refer to my last post. These team camps/play days may be an adequate barometer of talent but they sure are not good at long range forcasting. Siegel has the talent and the desire to be outstanding.
  15. Good Post Sir PageMan. Church ain't over til the fat lady sings and the fat lady is still strapping on her old feed bag.
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