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  1. Mt Juliet at Cumberland (Bordeaux section of North Nashville) on 8 Sep 1967. Quite likely the first time a Black athlete had ever been on the field at Cumberland. Rainy night, celebrating my 6th birthday.
  2. I believe they play at the old TPS field.
  3. Tell Andy I said hello. I centered to him when we were 8th and 9th graders. Great guy.
  4. Florida also does not have the "Sit out" rule. You can play for Plantation one Friday, and St Thomas the next. It was the result of a lawsuit in the '70's. I'm a little surprised nobody has filed a similar suit here.
  5. In my view, there are a handful of issues. First, let's look at the schools, especially in areas like Metro-Nashville. The schools have been consolidated into a few large "centers." They're not necessarily representative of the surrounding area. In my younger days, I lived in Goodlettesville, and we went to Cumberland games (my dad's school), Goodlettsville/Madison/Hendersonville (all nearby), or to the top game in the area. Every public school had a decent turnout from the area. People might not have kids at the school, but they knew local boys on the team. It was a form of community entertainment, and that community doesn't really exist anymore. If you close a community's high school, it guts the community. Games outside the Davidson County area seem to draw better, but their crowds are less than they were in the 70's, because... There are a lot more options for one's entertainment money. I think back to '75 when I played 9th grade football at MBA. On a Saturday night, we filled the stadium for a championship game against McMurray. In Gallatin, Ryan and Gallatin drew 8,000 (again, 9th graders). Likewise, Cameron and Apollo drew a decent crowd at Antioch, even though the game was meaningless. But consider the alternatives. Locally, there was no NFL team. ABC showed ONE college game, and that Saturday it kicked off at 1:00 PM. There were a limited number of theaters, and at most they had 2 screens. There were 3 television channels, because I'm not counting the educational channel or channel 17, which was an on again/off again thing. It's not really an exaggeration to say that in that time, you could get excited about football, or you could go shoot squirrels. I try to explain to kids now that in '71, I was one of more than 22,000 people at Vanderbilt to see MBA play Ryan, a game in which the combined enrollments of the 2 schools was below 1,000. It's unfortunate, and not just in an "I'm an old man and I think things were better when I was younger," although I am and they were. But even with the issues that have arisen in high school football, it remains a great game. It's still a lot of young men (and women, if we include very athletic cheerleaders and talented bandmembers) who've worked very hard and put on a great show.
  6. Schedule contacts are typically a two year thing. I'm not sure if this is the second season of the contracts, or if everybody is setting schedules for the next two seasons. Either way, it will be much easier for teams on E-H's schedule to find a replacement now, as opposed to in Aug or Sep, which would be the result if E-H tried to play 11 man football, and came out of fall practice, or week 3, with 7 capable players, and had to forfeit at that point.
  7. Result when you have it, please Oops, just saw your post above...sorry
  8. There was a time when that game was good for a short write-up and a picture in the Tennessean.
  9. Baylor and McCallie are probably the longest continuous rivalry. MBA and Ryan have played since Ryan opened, but there were a few years in the period where the TSSAA went from 3 classifications to 5 that MBA played AAAAA and Ryan AAAA, and they didn't play.
  10. I would have loved to have seen this thread 50 years ago, when the NIL consisted of 2 AAA divisions, as well as a decent sized AA and A division. Combined with the fact that there was a lot more interest in high school football, it would have been fascinating.
  11. Prayers for him and his family. I always enjoyed his posts.
  12. I don't have any inside information, but my understanding is that the new APSU coach is charismatic and is doing a good job of selling what the program can grow into. Beyond that, Carlton Flatt remains a respected figure at BA, and is an Austin Peay alum.
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