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    Nashville HS football history, especially MBA and Cumberland, International Soccer, and Ice Hockey of any sort
  1. KWoodroof

    Ezell Harding moving to eight man football

    Schedule contacts are typically a two year thing. I'm not sure if this is the second season of the contracts, or if everybody is setting schedules for the next two seasons. Either way, it will be much easier for teams on E-H's schedule to find a replacement now, as opposed to in Aug or Sep, which would be the result if E-H tried to play 11 man football, and came out of fall practice, or week 3, with 7 capable players, and had to forfeit at that point.
  2. KWoodroof

    Metro Rankings

    Result when you have it, please Oops, just saw your post above...sorry
  3. KWoodroof

    Metro Rankings

    There was a time when that game was good for a short write-up and a picture in the Tennessean.
  4. KWoodroof

    Metro Rankings

  5. KWoodroof

    The Longest Private School Football Rivalry in TN

    Baylor and McCallie are probably the longest continuous rivalry. MBA and Ryan have played since Ryan opened, but there were a few years in the period where the TSSAA went from 3 classifications to 5 that MBA played AAAAA and Ryan AAAA, and they didn't play.
  6. KWoodroof

    Metro Rankings

    I would have loved to have seen this thread 50 years ago, when the NIL consisted of 2 AAA divisions, as well as a decent sized AA and A division. Combined with the fact that there was a lot more interest in high school football, it would have been fascinating.
  7. KWoodroof

    RIP Antwan

    Prayers for him and his family. I always enjoyed his posts.
  8. KWoodroof

    BA vs MBA...Part 2

    I don't have any inside information, but my understanding is that the new APSU coach is charismatic and is doing a good job of selling what the program can grow into. Beyond that, Carlton Flatt remains a respected figure at BA, and is an Austin Peay alum.
  9. KWoodroof

    Hendersonville vs Siegel

    Was the Hendersonville QB injured?
  10. KWoodroof

    The rematch for state: BA vs MBA

    I was at the Overton-Rhea Co game that Overton won 3-0. It was as tense a game as I've seen in nearly 50 yrs of football. As the game wore on, you knew that a score would end it. Perhaps not as entertaining to some, but exciting in its own way.
  11. KWoodroof

    The rematch for state: BA vs MBA

    For most of us, it just ceased to be enjoyable. I'm perfectly content to argue football with anybody, but typically every thread ends up as a debate on recruiting, financial aid, and our overall inferiority.
  12. KWoodroof

    The rematch for state: BA vs MBA

    BA is a better team. MBA is always very resourceful, and historically is very difficult to beat. They're well-disciplined and well-prepared, and very composed, even when things aren't going well. MBA needed to play a near-flawless game to win. The roughing the punter penalty brought a drive back from the dead: instead of having the ball near midfield, BA keeps the ball and gets a TD. Along the same line, MBA's fumble on the backwards pass was pretty devastating, even though it only led to 3 points. BA is an excellent team. They don't need your help at all. Still, a really great game.
  13. KWoodroof

    The rematch for state: BA vs MBA

    The only penalty in NFHS rules that comes with an automatic first down is roughing (passer, kicker, snapper). The delay was for snapping the ball before the referee signaled read for play.
  14. KWoodroof

    The rematch for state: BA vs MBA

    They simply don't. Pass interference used to, but that was changed 3-4 years ago. Only automatic first down penalties now are the roughing calls: passer, kicker, snapper.