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  1. First of all, on this matter, you are terribly wrong. Alcoa loses 9 seniors. That means that there will be about 13-14 returning starters. 2- D Line starters return. All 3 current starting LB's will return. 3 out of 4 Secondary players will return. On Offense, There will be at least 2-4 very good RB's returning, including Chris Shiverdecker, and Darrell Tate. FB will return, in a very solid blocker, and suprisingly agile runner, in James Stultz. The QB will be Randall Cobb, a dynamic running QB, with a great Arm. 3 O-linemen return. Both Starting Recievers return. I don't quite understand how this is a major drop in talent. PLUS, there are many very good players that are on second team that see significant playing time already! And people are saying that Alcoa is classless. What kind of post is this? How do you think it feels to be a GP player and read that? Is that what High School sports are about? I think not my friend. Tom...it's great to be back my friend! I see your quite a few ahead of me now...don't worry ill catch you!
  2. "Hit with Bad intentions" Mike McClurg AHS/AMS "Hit with Bad intentions" Mike McClurg AHS/AMS
  3. Just ask Chris and Phillip "Boo" who won that game......
  4. How many runningbacks do u know that gains 112yd on just 7 carries againt Maryville's "Black Swarm" defense???Lindsey did!!!! And he spent time playing TE b/c Warren was out that game.
  5. Alcoa will stomp McCallie... no doubt about it
  6. The appeal has been sent in, but we're not expecting much. As much as we would like for BW to play, we will be ready and willing w/o him.
  7. I thought you were done with BW FBE? All you have to do is keep your word...Your finished when you say you are. So let's try to keep this to the game.
  8. Who is this that your talking about?
  9. Out of those two.... Fulton-AE by far.
  10. Unfortunately, I think that it will be on local TV and Radio only.... unless 1470 AM has a webpage...You can check though!
  11. Just what I would expect from the great MLREB. ... Where are you gonna be sittin again? I gotta be able to see that look on your face after the game.
  12. Well first off, let's be glad for Maryville's sake, that you aren't in charge of scheduling. You got to remember, Alcoa has got to travel to McCallie too this year, so even if it wasn't worth going to play a perennial power in KY, then at least the team won't be freaked out by a long road trip. Personally, I would much rather get the first game jitters out, so Alcoa doesn't start really playing until they are down 14-0 in the second quarter of the biggest game in the last couple of years. Secondly, Your saying that Alcoa has never had better atheletes than Maryville? That's preposterous. I've known you to make some silly statements, but that is way out in left field even for you. Third, has Alcoa ever played Melrose? Do you know what would happen? Let's see, if ya'll beat them by one, and you beat us by twelve...hmm seems like to me, that we would still be in the game if we played them. C'mon FBE you complain about people talking w/o knowing what they are saying, but you , my friend, are doing the same thing.
  13. Actually, on the first drive of the Hop Town game, we kicked a field goal, when I believe it was 4 & 6 on the 20. Coach Reid sent Guzzo off to a kicking camp, and he is actually a kicker now. Just the other day he nailed a 45 yarder.
  14. That is a hard one JC. The problem is, Brandon was having a monstrous game at DE up in KY. However, he also had a couple great catches. I know we have enough quality recievers to make up for his absence, but TE is a big ? and DE is a slightly smaller one.
  15. Yes Yes Yes That answer will define the game... Ditto Possibly, hard to say (First game jitters are out however).
  16. Wanted to beat Maryville? Your jumpin out ahead of yourself ain't you?
  17. Trigg County... Alcoa is playing in a bowl game against Hopkinsville.
  18. TnVols23

    Week 0 Games

    Alcoa @ Trigg County, Vs. Hopkinsville.
  19. I thought that the WB fans were really excited about this year? Are they just lowering the expectations, because their high expectations were blown away last year? (That is in no way a diss to the team, or stating that they are not good...I'm just asking.)
  20. Best of luck to ya'll down there.
  21. I know the AD is expecting a record crowd for Goddard Field this year, and that's just based on the pre-season tickets that have been sold. It should be crazy, and it should be one heck of a game.
  22. Hoptown is tricky. The scouting report shows that they like to be very physical and play with the opponent's mind. I know their new coach likes to run special teams plays out of wacky formations, just to get the other team to line up against it. Basically a hassle, but it has to reckoned with. They have great atheletes, and it should be a heck of a game.
  23. Is there really a QB competition over there, or is the job basically Hunt's to lose?
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